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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if the L2 video is available online? Thank You
  2. Hello, Does anyone routinely trade pre-market or after-market successfully? What should one look for when attempting to do so? Thank You!!
  3. BrandonB

    DAS Mobile

    Hello, Just curious if anyone's managed a trade on the DAS mobile platform? Once a market Buy order has been place how can one enter a stop? Thank You!
  4. I'd imagine all the webinars are recorded? I might have trouble hitting some of them live?
  5. That's how I feel now, literally consuming as much as I can. TY!
  6. @Alastair Are there any other services you could suggest? I started journaling on a daily using the free version of Chartlog. I'm currently a monthly member since July but I think it's time to upgrade to a LTM w/ BBT. I'd like the access some of the webinars. Thank You!!
  7. Hello, I've only been in SIM for a few months now. Would it be worth while to sign up for a Trade Ideas subscription now or is it too early? Typically I'm online for the opening bell & am in BBT Chat which gives me the ability to see the shared scanners. At what point would you say someone should have their own sub? Thanks guys!
  8. Hello, Does anyone know if DAS works in SIM on a Mobile platform? I've tried logging in with my BBT sub however it keeps giving me server errors. Thank You
  9. @abiel I really like the open for ORB's / Scalps, I would assume this would be best suited for hotkeys/buttons? Would it still make sense when trading multiple stocks? Is there any other time intra-day that a set stop & exit position setting would work besides the open? Thank You
  10. Hello,, Just curious when using hotkeys/buttons do users typically set a stop & exit position, or is it best to partial out manually? Thank you.
  11. I am currently running a 14 day trial of DAS & would like to continue for 3 months. Should I sign up through BBT or continue through DAS? This is the email they sent me -- I believe I have NASDAQ w/ advanced charting currently. Thank You You can subscribe for one of our paid packages either monthly, quarterly and transfer your settings associated with your trial username ~username~ to the new subscription. You can also request to keep your old ~username~. To subscribe please click this link http://www.dastrader.com/form-sub-das.html.
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