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  1. Sorry for redundant question. I still don't get it. Let's say I have a margin account. When I keep my long position (within my equity, not taking margin) overnight, do I still have to pay interest ? If yes, that means swing trading is very expensive. When I have open order, what happens if I switch my computer off.
  2. Hi, I am currently using the BBT DAS Pro simulator. The News tool is not enabled. Can somebody confirm it ? How to get it enabled ? Does the live version have the news tool that can be anchored to the montage ? Thanks, Saoer
  3. Let's say I have 1000 shares of shortable stocks. I sell 2000 shares. 1000 will be sold, and other 1000 is shorted, right ? Thanks.
  4. Is it fair to say that in swing trading we act in the same manner as day trading for the entry and exit ? thanks.
  5. Hi, newbie here. When you carry stocks (short or long) overnight or even perhaps 1-2 weeks, isn't the fee big ? Is it wise to use day trading account for swing trading ? Thanks.
  6. Abiel, Just to clarify. It shows IB short inventory without having an account at IB ? Thanks
  7. Abiel, So... there is no way to know it from DAS Simulator, right ? I really have to have an account at a broker ? Thanks.
  8. Abiel, Thank you for the response. I don't have any trading platform e.g. DAS installed yet, nor am I registered to any Broker. I am still in early phase of learning. Is there a cost-free way to see if a certain stock is available for short ? Thanks, Saoer
  9. Guys, Another silly questions. What does "daily level" mean ? What is the significance of it ? Why previous day close is often used as support indicator ? Why not previous day's lowest ? Thanks
  10. Hello, I am a newbie. I have a few questions regarding short selling. 1. How can we know that a stock is available for short sell. In other words, how do we know if the broker has the stock, and we can borrow it for short sell. 2. Is there a limit for the volume we can borrow, and what is the price ? Is this information always available on the associated platform ? 3. When we borrow stocks from a broker, how fast can this be executed ? 4. What is the time frame given to a trader to return the stocks back to the broker ? Is it always the same for every stock ? Thanks
  11. Thanks mhileman. In TI scanner, one could list the Relative Volume ? What is the default formula ? Can a user change the formula ? Is a scanner part of the trading platform ? or are they two different software ? Thanks.
  12. Thanks Justin. In the pre-market information e.g. GappersWatchlist, there is a column called "Vol today". What does it mean and where does the number come from ? Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am new and still learning about Day Trading. Can we monitor pre-market and after-hour trades in real time ? Thanks.
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