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  1. Thanks for this idea, I actually took everything off before Powell speech yesterday, took it long for opening drive today. Glad you held and made bank!
  2. I have some great books on technical analysis tailored to position trading off daily and weekly charts, like William O'Neil's “How to make money in stocks” and several books by Mark Minervini, but can anyone recommend anything which is expressly aimed at intra-day equity trading? Something similar to Bellafiore’s Playbook or One good trade? Thanks
  3. I started having trouble creating stop market orders and wasn't sure what was wrong. DAS live chat support helped me and fixed the problem. If you are getting the "stop price is invalid" error, try: setup > trading setting > uncheck the box "enable fast stop limit order" Chat log is below: I thought I'd post if anyone else starts having this problem and searches the forum I'm not sure if this box gets checked automatically if you enable double click to trade. This might of been what happened.
  4. And then link that to your platform, got it thanks Kasper
  5. I assume that if you take an overnight position you are charged interest on the margin, the amount being broker dependent. Is there a DAS setting to switch to using cash only on longs, and not margin as buying power? Thanks
  6. Yup that'll do it. Thanks for the a'ha moment!
  7. I just watched a trade recap (not from BBT) where the trader was using TWO VWAPs. The standard VWAP, but also a second which excluded premarket data. He was using it as just another significant level/partial point. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? Thoughts?
  8. I played SLDB today long, which was on SSR. When trying to exit and sell, I got the error message of "short marketable limit order disabled due to SSR". This was using the Sell All @bid-5c script. But even when I selected a market order from the drop down menu and clicked the red short button on the montage I recevied the same message. I had to Shift+ESC to close the position. Is there a way to simpy sell @ the ask when the stock is on SSR? What order did I end up making when I had to SHIFT+ESC to close the position? Thanks everyone
  9. I can't seem to be able to find the hotkey to quickly add new rows in the market viewer windows. How do you do that, insteaed of 'right click, new row'? Thanks!
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