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  1. Hi, I'm looking to either join or create a group of Momentum Day Traders, Specifically scalpers. I have 2 years in the market and recently took a break because of the stress of work, but currently unemployed so I'm looking to see if I can improve my skills.
  2. hey otto. yeah i'll send you a link for the room
  3. Hey everyone Wow i didn't realize how much this blew up this weekend. I have the discord server up and will be sending all of ya'll an invite and we can continue.
  4. very true. I'll have something up this weekend and hopefully we can start something.
  5. Hey Jimmy, I'm gonna make a discord in the meantime so we can get started, any ideas on the group name?
  6. Thanks, I'll speak with him and see what he says.
  7. well your the second one. all we need is one more to start
  8. sounds good. I'm looking for something more, lets see if i can explain. something about where we can trade and after everyone is done just look over what we did right or wrong or see someone's else opinion about why the trade was taken and what was right or wrong or what we missed or what we got right. something like a review. not so much hear someone go long or short or anything cause that is just gonna mess up my focus
  9. It’s very true. But im looking for a group to see if I can improve or get advice on what I need to do. And it hurts that it was going very well on February and then all of a sudden it’s like if I just started learning again.
  10. Usually I’m there only on premarket. I’m mostly in the background but many times in the last 2 minutes before the market opens, I will close it or mute it cause otherwise I get distracted and I won’t focus in the stock market.
  11. Hi, I'm looking to join a group of day traders. Momentum Traders specifically. I'm looking to join because I feel like I lost how to trade stock. Now a little bit about how I'm trading. I started getting into the stock market and being interested since Jan 2019. I didn't start practicing DAS until May Last year so i would have a year using DAS simulator. Now i started going live in January when i started with a nice trend of successful day trading between October and December. So i felt ready. Now comes January of this year and it was a negative month and i passed it off thinking that it was just starting new. Then February comes and i have a lot of positive trades with most days hitting 1R and even one day where i hit 4R. March comes and i do well the first half and then after that everything changes. I start getting big loss and eventually what started as a positive month ends negative in one week. after that i went maybe 3 days in April and i couldn't continue on because it was nothing but negatives. and i don't know how to recover. i feel like i can't figure out what i'm doing wrong and would like to figure out what is i'm doing wrong. So my trading begins like this. I work fulltime in an office between 845 to 4pm. but between 9 and 10, i have some free time which i use only for trading.I begin the stocks at 9am adding trendlines and choosing the stocks.then trading begins and i originally began 5 min after market opens, but i have worked on going on on as early as a min. but my time limit is 10am latest. I would like to get some ideas. and i know that the time is ridiculous short, but its the best time i can do this.
  12. Ok so i have been looking into practicing previous stocks and was informed that TradingSim was pretty well into practicing. But now i heard that DAS Replay is coming and since i'm already using DAS, it would be great into practicing in the weekend to get that trading finetuned. Now my question is should i wait for DAS Replay to be fully available first or should i get TradingSim for the year. I'm currently using CMEG DAS version so i can't use the Replay currently available. but i'm also afraid of waiting for it to come out and not being 100% ready with Level 2 and be waiting on updates to have it ready, where as tradingsim is pretty much ready to practice and i could wait til next year for DAS to be optimized. What is the current progress with the one on BBT?
  13. Thanks for the idea. I thought i had one of those moments in august when i had 4 days in a row green days. but then it seem like it was just a lucky 4 days because i haven't been able to be that consistent since then.
  14. So I've been practice simulation trading for 9 months now, 5 months TOS and 4 months DAS. and from what it seems is that it seems that the less I knew back then, the better I was doing. I can honestly say that I worked hard and thought I was doing good on trading, I then created a Journal in August so I can keep track on how i'm doing and it turns out that I only had 7 out of 18 days positive, and 4 of those 7 green days I had a green on the net P/L. now the question I have is that when did you finally realized how it works and how to have positive turn outs. I've been trying for months to figure it out what i been doing wrong. I don't know what to look for and would like your input to see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  15. Hey Traders, My name is Bryan Naranjo, I am 30 years Old and from Winder, GA. I am a very new trader with only 8 months of practice. I was first introduce to stocks over 15 years ago but never had the capacity nor the time to get into trading. It took until this year and the Day Trading Book by Andrew to get me interested in learning from day trading. I done everything from practicing think or swim, using RobinHood, to moving to using DAS for support. I made the same beginner mentallity to think i was able to trade live in june and that failed miserably. Now i spend all my time now learning on simulator before I go live again. I'm looking forward to talking to other traders so we can continue to succeed and build a career.
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