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  1. Ok so i have been looking into practicing previous stocks and was informed that TradingSim was pretty well into practicing. But now i heard that DAS Replay is coming and since i'm already using DAS, it would be great into practicing in the weekend to get that trading finetuned. Now my question is should i wait for DAS Replay to be fully available first or should i get TradingSim for the year. I'm currently using CMEG DAS version so i can't use the Replay currently available. but i'm also afraid of waiting for it to come out and not being 100% ready with Level 2 and be waiting on updates to have it ready, where as tradingsim is pretty much ready to practice and i could wait til next year for DAS to be optimized. What is the current progress with the one on BBT?
  2. Thanks for the idea. I thought i had one of those moments in august when i had 4 days in a row green days. but then it seem like it was just a lucky 4 days because i haven't been able to be that consistent since then.
  3. So I've been practice simulation trading for 9 months now, 5 months TOS and 4 months DAS. and from what it seems is that it seems that the less I knew back then, the better I was doing. I can honestly say that I worked hard and thought I was doing good on trading, I then created a Journal in August so I can keep track on how i'm doing and it turns out that I only had 7 out of 18 days positive, and 4 of those 7 green days I had a green on the net P/L. now the question I have is that when did you finally realized how it works and how to have positive turn outs. I've been trying for months to figure it out what i been doing wrong. I don't know what to look for and would like your input to see if I can figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Hey Traders, My name is Bryan Naranjo, I am 30 years Old and from Winder, GA. I am a very new trader with only 8 months of practice. I was first introduce to stocks over 15 years ago but never had the capacity nor the time to get into trading. It took until this year and the Day Trading Book by Andrew to get me interested in learning from day trading. I done everything from practicing think or swim, using RobinHood, to moving to using DAS for support. I made the same beginner mentallity to think i was able to trade live in june and that failed miserably. Now i spend all my time now learning on simulator before I go live again. I'm looking forward to talking to other traders so we can continue to succeed and build a career.
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