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  1. Because even that takes too long for what I want to do: A snap entry of fixed share quantity triggering a defined stop range order. Anyhow, I found some syntax I can edit to my needs in https://dastrader.com/docs/how-do-i-use-hotkeys/
  2. I'm apparently too dense at learning the DAS hot key script syntax to get a single script to do what I want. Please help! Specs follow below (on an example). Note: I do NOT want to dynamically calculate the number of shares to long/short based on risk. Enter long/short for a specific number of shares (long 100 shares) Trigger a range order that will Fix my risk based on set price movement against me (e.g., set stop $0.25 below my entry price for R of $25) Exit at 2R profit (e.g., sell when price moves up $0.50 for profit of $50) Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks, Abiel. That does work to correct the Hot Key window, but now I don't like how the other DAS windows look. I may need to re-build my desktop with that new DPI setting. (First, probably, I should get a better understanding of what the setting means.) I appreciate your pointing me in a good direction.
  4. Hi. Newb here in 3-month BBT SIM. When I open the hot key list (Setup->Hot Key): (1) the body of the list is cut off so only the bottom approximately 15 entries are shown, and (2) the list is kinda center-justified whereas the entry fields/buttons portion of the window is left-justified. I can't scroll or do anything else to correct this. Suggestions? Thanks!
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