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  1. Hi Kyle, I have a new challenge for you (if it's not already existing) Is it possible to trigger a new order or automatic adjust a existing order, when a order is hit? Here are a couple examples of what I mean by that. For example - When a target is hit (limit order) I want the share size of my existing stop market automatically adjusted for that symbol. - When my stop market order is hit, I want it to cancel automatically all my existing limit orders for that symbol. - When my first target is hit (limit order) I want it to automatically remove my stop market order and set a new stop market order at break even (or adjust the price and share size of the old one).
  2. Hello Benjamin, I have joined the group, I saw you also did join it. Since we are the same timezone and probably talk the same language it could be a good advantage help eachother. Maybe it is easier to communicate on discord from now on.
  3. Hey guys, I am also a lifetime member and interested to join a small group, since I'm struggling with consistency. I am based in the Netherlands and have been trading for about 2 years now but not profitable yet. Maybe we can help each other out. Has the group already been made? I would love to hear.
  4. 8 October 2019 ASUR ASUR was forming a descending wedge on the 1 minute chart. After the 3rd touch on the flat bottom I took it short for a break to the downside. It didn’t break the wedge to the downside, but it got above the wedge and got me stopped out. This stock was pretty much chop and shouldn’t have trade it. SPY Because everything seems to follow the spy I decided to trade the spy itself. It was a ascending wedge. It was not a very clear setup since it was only forming a wedge on the 1 minute. There must be also bullish signs visible on other charts. AAPL Saw a wedge forming on the 1 minute chart. Took it on the 3rd touch. There was also a bullish hammer forming on the 15 minute chart. But sadly enough, after I got in the spy dumped and apple dropped with it. After reviewing I also realized it was all chop fest today. Another bad day in the books. Today was a very hard day to trade. It was pretty much all chop and no clear charts and patterns were forming.
  5. 7 October 2019 UBER UBER was gapping up on the daily chart. I was seeing multiple support levels. In the first minute it bounced off those levels and I entered a long position around VWAP. I had set my stop below those support levels. In third time it bounced 1 more time, but in the 4th minute it stopped me out. Not too happy with this trade because there was no clear setup forming. ROKU played a ascending wedge on ROKU. Notice my entry was very late. Was having fomo on it. It looked pretty good on all the charts. A kind of ascending wedge was also forming on the daily chart and it was above all the moving averages. This was a good setup, but had a very bad entry. SDC This was a small descending wedge on the 1 minute chart. it was stalling out on the previous day close. I took it short when it broke that level. Entry a little late again, It did drop a little bit, but I saw that the 50 SMA on the 15 minute chart was acting as support and the 20 EMA on the daily chart was coming up. Managed to get out at break even. AVYA AVYA was forming a clear flat top at the 14 dollar mark. I entered long when it touched the wedge for the 4th time. Shortly after that it did a small pop, but it never really broke the 14 dollar mark. My target here was 14.15, the 200 SMA on the daily chart. AAPL My last trade was on AAPL. I was already down 3R on the day, so shouldn’t even have taken this trade. Despite that it was a good setup. It was trending up on all the charts and took it long when it broke above the previous day high. It moved in my direction, but because I was already down 3R I decided to get out at break even. If I would have held to my original stop it wouldn’t have stopped out and it was a good winner. Hit max loss today. Not really a good trading day. did not take the right setups and didn't manage my trades well
  6. 4 October 2019 AAPL Traded this stock two times today. The first play was meant to be a harmonious chart play. After I got in because it held VWAP I realized it was a huge drop and not a pullback. Shortly after the entry I got stopped out. The second setup was a descending wedge play. On the 1 minute it made a triple bottom and I got in when it touched that the 3rd time. After I got in I saw there the 50 SMA on the 5 minute and the 9 EMA coming up on the 15 minute chart, so it was not a really a great short setup. I managed to get out at break even before it squeezed up. SRPT SRPT was gapping up on the daily chart and bullish on all the charts. Took a long position at the 3rd touch on the wedge with a stop below the previous candles. It did move in my direction, but not enough for me to take a partial. Eventually got stopped out on a big squeeze. HPQ Descending wedge on this one. Again, down trending on all the time frames and below all the moving averages. Unfortunately didn’t work out and stpped me out. Later this day it made the move I was looking for. Not really a good day. Not happy with my trades on AAPL. It messed my psychology a little bit up. The other two trades were okay but also not the best setups. Had 3 losers in a row so had to stop trading for the day.
  7. 2 October 2019 ETFC After the market was open for 30 minutes I was seeing a ascending wedge pattern on the 1 minute chart. Another bullish signs for me were: A hammer on the 15 minute chart and a false VWAP breakout. I took the first partial around HOD and the second partial at the previous day close. At that point I had around 15% left of my total position. The rest I got stopped out at break even. Had a really nice one and done trade today on EFTC. With this trade I made just under 3R. Because 3R is my daily goal I decided to stop trading for the day.
  8. 1 October 2019 AAPL AAPL was on a big gap up today. All the charts looked very bullish and when I saw it was holding the VWAP and all the moving averages in the first two minutes. It bounced I decided to take it long with a stoploss below VWAP and the previous candle. Turned out to be a very good trade with a decent profit. X My second trade was on X. Again a harmonious chart, up trending on all the time frames and no resistance ahead. I entered it long when it broke out of the 10 minute range and the break of the flat wedge. Worked out well, so took partials along the way up. Stopped the rest out at B/E Ended this day green with a profit of 3,5R. I wish I have days like these more often.
  9. 30 September 2019 MU in the late morning I saw MU had started a downtrend. On all time frames it was trending down and bottoming out on a descending wedge. I took it short after it touches 3 times the flat bottom for a ride to LOD. It squeezed u and got stopped out above the 20 EMA on the 1 minute ROKU I took a 5 minte opening range breakdown on ROKU after it engulfed on the 5 minute. I placed my stop above VWAP. The daily chart was looking good for this short. It was a harmonious chart below all the moving averages. Unfortunately the trade didn’t work out and stopped me out. WFC Trade 1 Took a descending wedge on this one. Very clear triangle patter with a bottom on a daily level. Took it on the right on the breakdown and partialed at a daily level. It dropped some more but then quickly got bought back up and got out at break even WFC Trade 2 Very nice ascending wedge on this one. It formed a bullish hammer on the 15 minute chart and entered on a new 5 min and 15 min high. In this trade something went wrong with my hotkey. After I got in I saw I had very little size, so I didn’t take any partials since it was too little profit. If had I normal size it would have been at least a 3:1. JD Another descending wedge on JD. Harmonious chart and down trending on all the time frames. I stayed a while in this one since it chopping around my entry. Eventually I got stopped out above the 9 EMA on the 5 minute chart. It was a vey choppy day today. My position sizing was at some trades not on point. Ended the day with -1.5R
  10. 27 September 2019 MU trade 1 Mu had today a bad earnings report so I was short bias on it. On the forst minute it opened very weak. On the second minute it pulled back to VWAP and saw it was holding that. On the way down I took it short for a 1 minute opening range breakdown. It did drop, I locked some profits in at 1:1 and got the rest out at B/E. LVS Trade 1 This was on V opening range breakout. On the 1 minute I was seeing a V pattern. I got in on the 5 minute opening range breakout. My first target was the moving average on the daily chart. It almost touched that, but then dropped below VWAP and got out of the trade. LVS Trade 2 This was a unnecessary trade. Not a clear setup visible. Not really clear triangle shape and not touches to the penny. Shouldn’t have taken this trade. MU trade 2 I made another trade on MU. Everything on the charts was telling me to go short. All the timeframes were in a downtrend, the price action was on all time frames below the moving averages, It was forming a descending wedge on the 1 minute chart with 3 touches to the penny and was also a 15 minute opening range breakdown. I really liked this one. WFC trade 1 This a good setup. All kinds of bullish signs were visible on the charts: All charts trending up, Wedge forming on the 1 and 5 minute chart, bullish hammer on the 5 minute chart, price action above all the moving averages (harmonious chart). These were enough reasons for me to go long on the 10 minute opening range breakout. Don’t really know anymore where I’ve put my stoploss. WFC Trade 2 Was really long bias on WFC after it touched VWAP 2 times. I went long on a not so clear ascending wedge pattern. After reviewing it I realized it was more like a chop area and consolidation period. Took 1 unneccesary trade on LVS and a chop trade on WFC today. Still ended the +2R
  11. 26 September 2019 SQ SQ opened strong in the first 5 minutes. After that it dropped quick below VWAP. It was consolidating on the 1 minute below all the moving averages to a descending wedge. Other signals for me to go short were a engulfing candle on the 5 minute chart and a 10 minute opening range breakdown. I got in under the whole dollar of 60. After that it popped above the moving average, where my stop was. After that pop it dropped again and re entered with a stop above VWAP. Unfortunately it did stop me out. I think the reason this trade didn’t work out because there were to many moving averages on the charts, which acted as support (On the 5, 14 and daily chart). ROKU My other trade was on ROKU. It was down trending on all the charts with no support to the downside. At a point it was forming a small descending wedge and took it short on the 3rd touch of the flat bottom. It did drop a little bit, but then popped back up to VWAP and stopped me out. At this point I’ve had three losing trades in a row, so I had to stop trading.
  12. Good to hear some good feedback on these trades, thanks for that! I watched Thor/Aiman's too. I know that I am most of the times not taking the best triangles. Often those are not wedges flat to the penny or they don't have enough touches to the flat side. So that is a point I have to work on. Happy to hear that the first two trades were good setups, but not the best execution.
  13. 25 September 2019 PM The stock was gapping up on the daily chart. It popped up in the first minute and looked really strong. On a pullback in the second minute I saw it holding the moving averages and decided to take it long for a break of high of the day. It consolidated for a couple minutes and dropped below VWAP and stopped me out. NKE I played a V pattern opening range breakdown on Nike. It was strong in the first minutes but then dropped hard. It engulfed on the 5 minute and entered on the breakdown of the previous 5 minute candle. After I got in I realized I was shorting into a lot of support. On all the time frames there were moving averages in the way and Nike was also on a strong gap up on the daily chart. 2 minutes after I got in it popped above VWAP and stopped me out. MDCO Did two trades on this ticker. The first one was a descending wedge. It dropped fast below VWAP. After that is was consolidating to the downside below VWAP. I Took it short for a bearish continuation but it didn’t do what I hoped for. The second setup was an ascending wedge. This was like the opposite of the first play on MDCO. A strong pop above VWAP, and bullish consolidating after that. It made also a hammer on the 15 minute chart by then. I do not regret taking this trade. After I stopped out it did the move I was looking for. Currently in a really bad period now. I keep taking bad setups. At the time of taking the trade I think it is a good idea, but when I look at after I got in and it goes against me I realize the setup is not that great. Ended today with -4R. this means I also broke a rule today. My rule is that when I have 3 losing trades in a row, or down -3R I have to quit trading for the day. So another bad day in the books. I’ll keep working hard and will figure this thing out. Right now I am losing pretty consistent If you guys have any tips for me let me know! Tomorrow I am not going to trade in the first 10 minutes. It seems I always lose in that first couple of minutes.
  14. Thanks Mike. I don't have problems with respecting my rules. My problem is that I'm suffering from FOMO. Often I take setups that haven't developed the clear charts I want to take. Most of the the I enter the trade too early or sometimes too late. My entries are the thing I'm really struggling with. I need to work on waiting for the A setups and not having FOMO
  15. 24 September 2019 SNAP SNAP was forming a ascending wedge at VWAP. Once it broke this wedge I took it look. My stoploss on this setup was a new 5 minute low. It formed a 15 minute hammer, which is a bullish sign. WYNN After the first 5 minutes WYNN had formed a ascending wedge. When it roke out the wedge and the 5 minute opening range I entered a long position. It did pop up, but not enough to hit my profit target. It stopped me out below VWAP. NFLX I saw Netflix was on a bearish harmonious chart. The first enter was not too great. It hadn’t formed a clear wedge with a flat bottom. I was having fomo that it would drop without me. 3 minutes later it made a better triangle pattern and add to my position. It did break the wedge, but then got bought back up and stopped me out. I’ve had 3 losers in a row, which led to hit my max loss. I quit trading for the rest of the day.
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