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  1. Thursday 11/14/2019 I had a well-being score of 3.5/10 this morning. I have a reaction form an immunization shot I received yesterday. So definitely SIM only. Since I was on SIM I tried practicing scaling into positions today. I took 3 SIM trades this morning with BABA and AAPL My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, ROKU, DIS and WMT BABA headed into the open quite strong. HH/HLs for 30min on the 5min chart. I waited, as usual, for the really big print, which took a full minute today. It was a 201k print so there was a good chance for the stock to move at the open. So I waited for the next big prints to help determine direction. None arrived, but the price action looked strong so I went long when the price broke the HOPM and the 200MA-5min with a nice hammer on the 5min chart. I went half shares since I still had no T/S or L2 signal. The price instantly reversed and touched my stop (PDC). When the price bounced at PDC there was a L2 long signal so I added to my position. I was still risking less than 1R. The L2 signal disappeared and the price hit my stop. Only a -0.5R loss. The 1min chart now looks bearish and there were two 5k bearish prints so I flipped my position and shorted at half shares since I was not trusting BABA today. My target was the $182 with a stop of the 182.68 PM level. I placed a limit order to take profits. The limit order price was reached but my order was not filled. If I was firing on all cylinders today I would have manually taken a partial profit when my order didn’t fill. But I had a fever and quite a headache so I was not on my toes today. The price then retraced and I got out at B/E. My final trade was with AAPL. There was an ABCD formation with the PM candles. The previous 1min candle was a nice hammer that found support near VWAP. I took a small entry long and waited for a pop or a better entry to use the rest of my shares. The price dropped back to VWAP and I went long with the rest of my shares. My target was PDC with a tight stop of the 200MA-1min. I thought I took partial profits well. First partial was at the HOTD, the second was at PDC and the final at the 264.80 level. Then exited the trade on a new 5min low. What I did good today: Good use of scaling in. Didn’t break any rules today. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for having a win rate today of 33% and still up +2R for the day. What do I need to improve on: I need to get my health back to normal as soon as possible.
  2. Wednesday 11/13/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Back on SIM due to breaking rules again yesterday. Today it was all about sticking to the rules. I am not concerned with scorecard at the moment. I took 2 SIM trades this morning with BABA and ROKU My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, ROKU, LK and VIPS BABA gapped down and I was short biased. I had BABA on my main screen at the open. After the open I waited for the big print. I only had to wait 9 seconds and a 239k print hit the T/S. I large print (>150k) usually means there will be a move at the open, so I waited for the next prints which are critical to determine direction. Then 20 seconds later some large bearish prints hit at the same time the price broke down through three tech levels. So I went short, half shares since it was <1min from open. When I took the trade: The price dropped but found support at the 184.88 daily level and retraced. Then found resistance at the 185.22 level. As it hovered around VWAP for a few seconds there struck the L2 signal, with a reasonable size ask about 8 cents lower than current price. I shorted with the other half of the shares so now at full size. My target was the 184.24 daily level with 50MA-1min as my stop. I placed an order at 1.5R (to cover 50%) of my shares and waited. Two minutes later it was filled. I waited a few minutes to determine if there was any more down side then I noticed a bullish wedge was being formed. So I exited the trade well before B/E was reached. My second trade was on a engulfing on the 5min chart with ROKU. I also liked it had an ABCD pattern on the 1min chart and it could go red to green. Price was finding resistance with the 200MA-1min and the HOPM. I never seem to get a good entry on ROKU so I decided not to wait. So I took an OK entry with a big stop all the way to VWAP. When I take trades with stops less than VWAP on ROKU I tend to get stopped out. My target was the 135.80 level which only gave a R/R~1.5. But I really liked the setup and the possible red to green. I took a partial at PDC in case it bounced hard. It didn’t and punched through easily. I definitely took too many partials, but ROKU usually burns me so I was a bit quick to take profit. I did hold onto a few shares to see if the price bounce back, but sold at PDC. What I did good today: I didn’t break any of my trading rules. That is all I am focusing on right now. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for having a winning trade with ROKU. I usually get chopped up. What do I need to improve on: I am just focusing on complying with my trading rules.
  3. Tuesday 11/12/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. A big rule breaking day today, will be back on SIM tomorrow. I took 2 live trade this morning. Broke rules on both and was stopped out on both for a -2R day. The last time I had a rule breaking day I was down -15R in under a minute, so I guess I survived today with less damage. After my two trades I had to quickly shut off my platform and walk away. Rules broken today: 1) I did not complete PM checklist. I did not perform my morning reading through my list of rules and trading plan before the open. 2) Do not trade AAPL with a 1min ORB. I did and was stopped out. 3) Do not trade full share size when taking a trade <1min. I went full share size on AAPL. 4) When a bad fill makes your R/R<1 then exit the trade. I got a bad fill on BABA (which is not uncommon). I stayed in the trade. 5) After any partial profit, bring stop back to B/E. I had my mouse on the B/E stop hot key but couldn’t get myself to press it so I was stopped out at -0.8R instead. Plan for the rest of the week: SIM on Wednesday Break no rules. This needs to be completely flawless. My rule breaking has been poor in November and certain rules have always been bad. It is time to correct that. I will not move on until breaking a rule feels completely foreign to me. Score card and P/L are now meaningless. Making a good trade is now completely based on following rules. If I take B minus setup and partial too much, but followed my rules, then it is a good trade. I have no discretionary rules. Like only take A setups. That is too subjective. My rules are very clear cut. So I can still have a rule following but sloppy trade. Until I get this following rules issue fixed, that will be a satisfactory trade. If I am down -100R by the end of the month, but followed my rules, it was a good month. If I instinctively follow my rules it will be easy to adjust my trading for better profits later. I need to finish my training plan for the the next 12 months. After my big rule breaking day last week I have stopped working on it and tried to deal with the tactical planning instead of strategic. I will post the plan soon. I realize now I need to simplify it. If I have a solid rule following day on SIM I can trade live the next day. Break any rule, back on SIM the next day.
  4. Monday 11/11/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. First day back live after my rule breaking day last Monday. I took 1 live trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, ROKU, WBA and TSLA BABA gapped down and I was short biased. I had BABA on my main screen at the open. After the open I waited for the big print. On most days BABA has a really big print on T/S. It is not like AAPL where it is a small part of its volume and occurs right at the open. For BABA it tends to be at least 20 seconds from the open. I do not know if this is a live trade or a print from PM or yesterday that is reported now. But it gives some nice info. Usually the print itself gives no direction. Even if it is at the Bid or Ask it still gives no direction. What I have noticed, is if it is big enough (>150k) it means the stock may move at the open. Usually the next prints is what hint at the direction. After a big print you almost instantly get some smaller (but still sizeable prints). The secondary prints is what I see giving hints of the direction. Usually you have a signal from them or no secondary prints and no signal. Today was unusual is we got a lot of prints but they were conflicting. First a really big print, so good we may move today. Then you see three bullish prints, then three bearish prints with the last one selling below the bid which is really uncommon. So this left me without a signal. So I waited. The price was dropping and at 40 seconds after the open I got my signal. Four large bearish prints, a L2 signal and all of T/S went red. This occurred the same time as the price just broke through its daily level at 184.24. So I went short with half shares. Yikes! I instantly lost over 50 cents on the fill. At least I was half shares so I wasn’t too stressed. The price retraced and I took the rest of my shares short as a standard 1min ORB as the price dropped below $184 with 5 more large bearish prints. My stop was the 184.36 PM level and I really didn’t have a good target. The next level was too far at 180.41, so I used 182 as my target. It felt like I partialed too much but I caught a 5R move and I made 2.7R. If I make at least half of the move that is good for me. I exited the trade when it made two HH/HLs on the 1min chart. Of course the price then reversed at went lower I first felt good about my one and done trade then I took 4 SIM trades and got stopped out on each one Score card (live trade). BABA 88% What I did good today: I focused on reading the tape. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for having a good day back live. What do I need to improve on: I need to still work on those trades >15min from open.
  5. Friday 11/08/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day on Monday I am only trading SIM until my mind is back on track. I took lots of SIM trade this morning with BABA and DIS. I was stopped out on my first trade then I lost discipline immediately. Looks like I am not ready to go back live yet. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, ROKU, MU, DIS and GPS. BABA gapped up but was weak going into the open. I had to wait 49 seconds before the volume came in. Volume was good and an 1min reversed hammer was created. Also, 4.5k was sold at the bid and I shorted when the price dropped below a PM level. My stop was the 188.07 level and my target was PDC. The price did fall about 20 cents, not enough to take a partial, then spiked back. I was able to stop out at the right spot for -1R. So this trade was OK. But I guess my discipline is still not back to normal because I immediately lost discipline and took 5 more undisciplined trades. Yes, there were some winners, but they were undisciplined. My discipline is better when I trade live, but after today I am not sure if I will be trading live on Monday. I still maybe in SIM. What I did good today: At least I started with an OK trade. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for that I am still on SIM this week. What do I need to improve on: I need to get my mind straight and discipline back. Unsure how long it will take. Post Mortem. I decided not to edit my journal entry from this morning and instead I will add to it. After seeing my video of the trade and some reflection I realize this was not a very good trade. Since the trade was entered before 9:31am, I have a rule the stop needs to be 50% farther away than optimal or go half shares. The next stop was the high of PM, which was a 50 cent stop instead of the 35 cent stop (full shares) that I took. If I followed my rules I would not have been stopped out and the price did drop one dollar and thus I would have gotten my 2 to 1 reward/risk. I remember making the decision not to follow my rule. I thought its almost 1 minute from the open....
  6. Thursday 11/07/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day on Monday I am only trading SIM until my mind is back on track. Also, it is day 3 of quitting my five can a day soda habit. I took 1 SIM trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, ROKU, MU, NVDA and BIDU. BABA gapped up and was strong going into the open. With SPY being strong at the open I was long bias. Then BABA dropped a dollar at the open on high volume. So much for my long bias. The price found support at a PM level 186.1 and pulled back. I waited for the pull back and then waited for a movement down again. Then the price ticked down and T/S went read and I shorted with 186.81 (PM level and 50MA-1min) as my stop and 185.65 daily level as my target. The price retraced a bit near my stop but after about 90 seconds the price started to drop. I set a limit order at 1.5R (50% shares) and it was filled. Then a few seconds later it reached my target, but it seemed so weak I didn’t cover and waited. Then I covered another 25% at 3R. Then started the 10 minute wait as the price tested $185 several times. When it finally broke $185 it bounced off the 184.88 level. Then I gave up on a big run and took another partial. Then all out when it made a new 5min high. What I did good today: I was happy with my patience today. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for my +2.5R today. I showed patience on the entry and exit. What do I need to improve on: Though my discipline was OK, I was surprised my nerves were a bit strong for SIM. I need to keep an eye on that to determine when to return to live trading.
  7. Wednesday 11/06/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day on Monday I am only trading SIM until my mind is back on track. I also quit soda as a punishment. That is a 5 can a day habit so it ain’t easy. Today is when the withdrawal headache started. I replaced the caffeine with coffee, but I guess there are other chemicals in the soda I am now withdrawing from. I guess it is good I am quitting. I took 3 live trades this morning with MTCH and BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, HAS, UBER, MTCH and HPQ. BABA still looks in play with good PM volume and a daily chart looking to break out. BABA was on my main chart and at the open it did its usual no volume sit. But this morning it was really just sat with no volume and a big spread. While I was waiting I saw MTCH setting up and I placed it on my main screen. MTCH gapped down this morning but the last 15 min of PM it worked its way up passed all the MAs. Then created a nice opening 1min hammer. The problem was I had no good target or stop. So when in doubt I gave it a large stop to the bottom of the candle, which was a level respected in PM. It was odd taking so few shares on a $60 stock. Then the stock moved past a daily level and I bought more shares. This buying into a winner is something I want to practice this week while I am on SIM. But, now I am a bit confused of my stop. The 62.80 level is too close. So I chose the avgcost as my stop. I already have a hotkey for that anyway. The first partial I took quickly because of nerves (even in SIM) of the adding in. I also got a bad fill. Then took two more partials on the way up. The price then dropped hard and I took another partial so I could stay in to my B/E stop. Then the price just touched my B/E and stopped me out. Then it went on to a 5% run in 3 minutes without me. But that is OK I was up 1.7R and if I was trading live would have called it a day. I took two more trades, but that would not have been live on a normal day. Both were with BABA. It was good it was SIM since I guess I needed another lesson about stopping at B/E with BABA. I have had a winning trades that I have a stop order at B/E where it flies through and turns a winning trade into a loser. Same thing today. I had a small winner and I was going to let the stop order exit the trade for me. Then the last instant a huge squeeze in about ¼ of a second and blew through my stop and I was now at flat for the day. Wow. Another good lesson about BABA. I did take another trade with BABA (long when it crossed VWAP) so I finished the day at +1.4R. What I did good today: Traded a new stock I normally would not. I also tried adding in, which worked out OK. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for seeing an improved discipline from yesterday. What do I need to improve on: Watch the B/E auto stops on BABA to close to the open. Stock is too volatile recently.
  8. Tuesday 11/05/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. Due to my rule breaking day yesterday I am on SIM until further notice. And I quit drinking soda as a punitive action (ah, dying for a soda). Undisciplined trading today. Took 6 trades, 3 winners and 3 losers and I am red for the day. That really shows lack of discipline. When the discipline kicks in on SIM I will know it is time to return live. Did a lot of tape watching today and learned a bit. I even rewatched my trading video twice to watch the tape again.
  9. Worse day in 9 months. A bit ironic I wrote in my monthly summary last night that I hadn’t hit max loss in 9 months. I am not trying to place a blame, though it will sound like it. I had an incident on Friday morning, after the trading session, which completely threw me mentally. I couldn’t focus on Friday and Saturday. But on Sunday I thought I recovered and then traded live this morning. Wow, I wasn’t myself from the moment the opening bell rang. I was breaking rules without any second thought. Finally, when I was down 1.5Xmax loss I was just waiting for the platform to auto liquidate my position as I requested through my broker. But it didn’t happen. I finally hit the panic point and exited my position at 2.5XMax Loss. Of course the stock instantly reversed the moment after I exited my position and went for a big run where I would have made a killing. I then immediately turned off my platform and walked away. Looking back on it now the reversal was a good thing. I shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking my rules. Maximum pain is what should happen. I checked my emails with my broker and I see the request for the liquidation of my position and no new trades when I reached unrealized+realized loss of 1.5Xmax loss. Then I saw the broker saying they can’t do that. Not sure why I missed that I thought I had that risk control for months. I requested it again today and hopefully they are able to comply. I have a reasonably sophisticated way of determining if I am physically able to trade. If what is preventing you is completely in your head it is a bit vague to set limits. I guess if you are not sure if you are ready, you are not. I will be on SIM only until I know I am ready to go back. Hopefully, everyone else fared better today.
  10. Live trading summary of the month of October. An interesting month. I made 34 trades, which is about average. I am flat again for the month (as usual) but I think positively of this month. I was down -8R by the halfway point. I made a few adjustments and I ended up the month up +0.5R. The adjustments I made: First, I switched so I only have one montage. I started taking two trades at once and I was doing well, but I knew that was a bad habit and I needed to stop. Once I did I was better at reading the tape, because I could focus completely on it. Second, was I moved my B/E stop outs by 4 cents (not in my favor). I missed two HUGE runs early in October by the stock dropping down and stopping me out at B/E by 1 or 2 cents and going on for 10R runs. Third, I lowered my R from $30 to $10. I always used a R that was the maximum I could handle mentally. But that is not correct. I need to place it in a sweet spot. High enough I feel I am trading live but not stressed about the money. Actually I am increasing now from $10 to $15 next week. Finally, I set up buttons that automatically setup a limit order at 1.5R for a 50% selling of shares. I take partial profits way to early. With that limit order in and on my screen I have more patience waiting for it. A lot of members of my chatroom set a limit order at 2R, but my data shows that very few of my trades make it to 2R. But 1.5R is common enough to make it worth while. Though I create a score card for each trade, I don’t track it any more on a monthly level. I am glad to say I did not hit the max daily loss on any day this month (and the last 9 months). Goals for November: 1) Don’t go hulk. 2) Learn to control your emotions after a loss. 3) Keep using the limit order on 1.5R 4) Increase risk per trade $15. 5) Keep improving health. 6) Keep making SIM trades on 5/10/15 min ORBs 7) Start taking small live 5/10/15 min ORBs. At least once a week. 8] Take a break with the Van Tharp course for traders. There was one recent chapter actually took a month, working almost every day, to finish. It burned me out for the course and I need a break from it. At least a week, but I am OK restarting in December. 9) Work on being able to manage a trade with a bad entry. Either exit or take shares off the trade to renormalize the risk. 10) Allow a third trade if a previous trade was exited well early for a tactical trade management purpose. 11) Stop out at B/E if price reached 1R and retraced. 12) I can look at P/L window again once the trading session is over. 13) The goal is to make money. Stop caring if you are right or wrong about a trade. If it was a good setup and well managed, you will always be right. Plan for next week. BABA is in play at the open (1min ORBs) but not showing much for the 2/5/15min ORBs. AAPL is only in play for the 5min ORB. MU choppier than usual and only should be a focus if gapping big or unusually high volume.
  11. Friday 11/01/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. Due to my wife having car troubles I was unable to trade yesterday. Today was the last day of my trading month (I always end the month on a Friday). I took 2 live trades this morning with BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, AMD, ANET and PINS. I didn’t take PINS that seriously because I did not have shares to short. My game plan was brief, no trading before 1min except for BABA. BABA had a good quarter, popped in premarket than dropped and slowly moved back to the positive all in PM. Thus, the daily showed a nice hammer for the day. I had a strong bias that the price will pop at the open and if I could get in when it broke the 179.30 tech level I would go long. 15 seconds before the open I saw a L2 signal and went long. This was a bit too aggressive and not well disciplined. The 180.41 daily level was my target with 178.70 as my stop. Though in normal trading that stop would have been OK but for premarket that was a bit tight and should have at least went half shares. But I went full shares I was so confident. But, looking back that was too reckless. I placed a limit order to sell half my shares just below the 179.80 level which was both a daily and PM level and is at ~1.5R. Luckily the price did pop at the open and my order was filled. Then the price dropped really fast and I should have exited the trade, but thought to set an order at B/E. Wow so much for the stop order, the price flew through my B/E with such a big slide I gave almost all of my profit back in the bad fill. Then the trade looked like a short with this high volume reverse hammer and two very large sells at the bid. I hope that was the reason and not revenge for the bad exit, but I flipped the position and went short. It was a tight stop at 179.02 daily with a target of 177.94. I did place a limit order at the 1.5R to help me be more patient, but the bad exit on the previous trade had me a little jittery. So I sold 50% at 1R. But after that I partialled better, with 25% at 2R (VWAP) and 1/8 shares at 4R (200MA-5min). Then sold the last 1/8 at a new 1min high. I also took a trade with AAPL in SIM for +1R. Score cards (live trades). BABA BABA 81% 87% What I did good today: I can say that both my trade ideas were correct. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for ending the month on a +2R day. I know I didn’t execute well today, so the profit helps take the sting away. What do I need to improve on: Too aggressive on the first trade on the entry and not aggressive enough on the exit. Essentially, I need a lot of work on trade management. But, at least I feel like I am making progress this month.
  12. Wednesday 10/30/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. Nerves were a bit high due to running a little late in the morning so I wasn’t finished with my PM checklist until moments before the open. I was also nervous by my end of the month self-destructive behaviors were going to kick in. I took 2 live trades this morning with MAT and AMD. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, AMD, GE and MAT. My game plan was brief, no trading before 1min except for MAT and only if it breaks all through all the tech levels. MAT gapped heavily up. And it open with a ton of daily levels below and all the MAs above it. So if it could punch through all the MAs above it I was planning to go long with hopes of the price breaking the PM high then there are no levels to hold it back. The price action on MAT at the open was way too wild with 20-30 cent swings every few seconds which is huge for a $13 stock. The price swings started calming down and I was looking for an entry then I saw 18K shares buy hit the ask and I went long. My fill was bad, but expected. I only took a small share size because my stop was all the way down to the 200MA-1min due to the huge price swings. My target was the 13.45 daily level. After about 90 seconds of wild price action the price calm down a bit and I moved my stop up to the 12.80 level which allowed me to increase my share size. Under one second after my fill someone dropped 19k shares at the bid and tanked the price through my stop. But I watched the price being bought up and dropped and bought up over and over. Looks like there was strong support under 12.75 so I held. Was this good discretionary thinking or was this a drop in discipline? Difficult to tell. I think it was a bit of both. The price moved up but I was nervous so I sold 25% at HOPM. But the price moved right through it to my 1.5R target and the limit order was filled. The price was so wild again that I placed a stop order at B/E. B/E was reached soon and there was an expected slide with the fill. Once the trade was over the 5min chart looked very bearish but there were a ton of daily levels below that I was not willing to take another trade on it. Now usually on my last week of the month, due to very high self sabotage behaviors I usually switch to SIM after I make any profit. So my first instinct was to switch to SIM but I held myself back because I like the setup I saw on AMD. AMD had huge volume in PM and I really like that it open the premarket at the PDC then dropped 50 cents then for the last PM hour the price worked its way back to PDC. The first 1min cadle was a doji then it really sold off. Then 3 white 1min candles with HLs. I went long when the price broke all the MAs. My target was the 33.16 level and my stop was the bottom of the candle wick. R/R was only a little over 1 but I liked the look of it. And the T/S was really flying so I was hoping it would keep moving in the same direction. There were huge green buys flying in but the price did not move much. I placed a 1.5R limit order and waited. The price suddenly dropped and that is when I noticed my share size was wrong by 50% (too large). I wish I realized that when I was in the profit I could have shed some shares off, now in the negative find it more difficult. But now my stop out trigger finger was twitchier knowing my incorrect share size and I stopped out at the break of the 32.7 level and not the bottom of the wick as planned. The price instantly reversed on the penny of my stop. I had to walk away from the platform after that because I knew it was going to go back up and reach my target. And I really wish I stopped trading live after my first winning trade. When I came back to the platform I switched my platform to SIM and then took a look at AMD and yep the price had punch through my target. That is when I noticed I forgot to remove my limit order which was triggered as a short. So I had to switch the platform back to live and cover. I did take a nice reversal with AAPL in SIM. I usually don’t try reversals since it always goes bad. So it was nice to have a reversal winner. Score cards (live trades). MAT AMD 86% 76% What I did good today: I can say that both my trade ideas were correct and if properly executed it would have been a profitable day. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for only being -0.7R down today. My self destructive behaviors were in full gear today so I was lucky to get out with not too much damage. What do I need to improve on: Watch the share size this week. Though I usually am quite solid at it, the wrong share size is my most common self sabotage weapon I use against myself.
  13. Tuesday 10/29/2019 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. PG&E (ticker PCG) turned our power back on yesterday afternoon. I took 2 live trades this morning with AAPL. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, ROKU, AMD and GRUB. I actually had a small game plan this morning. Don’t trade AAPL <1min since the last two days it gave false setups <1min. Make sure you wait for the volume to arrive on BABA before you determine direction. And don’t take GRUB on a trade <5min since I have no idea how it trades. Of course I broke the first part of the plan. L I had BABA on my main chart, but I couldn’t help to see AAPL making a perfect setup. It open higher and bounced hard off of a tech level at 249.25 and dropped and made a nice hammer finishing breaking the PCD and going green to red. I couldn’t help it and moved it to my montage but still resisted entering the trade. But, on the montage I saw that all of its >400K volume was small size trades which I really liked. Then finally the last straw, someone hit the bids with a 10K share sale and the whole T/S tape went red. So I shorted with the LOPM as my target and with the 249.25 level as my stop. Luckily the market was good enough to teach me a lesson not to break my trading plan by instantly reversing and getting stopped out quickly for a full –R. I am even upset that I didn’t exit the trade as soon as it went against me since that is what happens when AAPL is no longer in play. It creates a nice 1min hammer than reverses. But no, I apparently prefer trying to be right than making money and held on until my stop. What the chart and T/S looked like when I took the trade: As soon as I exited and thought to myself it looks like a good long now some big buys hit the ask and I went long. I actually got a good fill with $250 as my target and 200MA-1min as my stop. Soon after I entered I created a limit order for 1.5R. The price missed my order twice by 5 cents so I was feeling some anxiety. The price finally filled my order (barely, so I felt lucky). Two minutes later I was feeling shaky about the trade and sold some more shares, then all out at B/E. Thus, I made +1R and finished the day flat. I really liked GRUB as a 5min ORB since it was making an ABCD pattern as well. Since I stopped out for a full –R and broke my trading plan today I was not allowed to take a third trade. Thus, I took the trade in SIM which turned out to be a +3R win. Score cards (live trades). AAPL AAPL 85% 95% What I did good today: Waited for my 1.5R limit order to fill. Sold some shares when I lost faith in the trade instead of waiting for B/E to sell. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for being flat today. It should have been worse since I didn’t follow my trading plan. What do I need to improve on: Follow my morning trading plan! Must control the FOMO.
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