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  1. Week 3 going live day trading Futures (ES). Again I was lucky enough to get a trade in with my limited morning trading time. We had good momentum from PM into the open. Got the pull back I was hoping for and an opportunity to enter the trade. Price quickly dropped to my target. Hope everyone had a solid day trading. Rob C
  2. Week 3 going live day trading Futures (ES). I knew I only had 30 minutes to trade today so I do feel lucky to get a trade in. PM momentum was strong. It weakened into the open but still remained upward. We got a healthy pull back and even though reward/risk was a little below two I went long in hopes that the price would move beyond the HOTD. But after entering the trade I was pulled away from my screen so I left a limit order at a conservative target. Thus, I missed the big run. But really happy I got a trade in today at all. I hope everyone did well today. I had a really choppy open with equities this morning. Luckily I was trading demo this morning since I hit max loss. Rob C
  3. Hi Yardley, its been awhile. I hope you are doing well. Yes I am sort of the same situation with a day job. I didn't think at first it would be an issue since I live in California so I could trade for 30 to 60 minutes after the market has open. I saw Andrew and Brian usually finish by then so I thought that was the way to go. I soon realized ORBs do not fit my personality. I didn't give up but it took about 18 months until I stopped being really stressed during trades. I am not the type to get stopped out in 3 seconds after entering and be OK about it. But I suffer along and finally became profitable. But the profit is increasing very slowly. It just doesn't fit me. I won't give up but I wanted to try a different instrument. I have been told Forex works out best if you want to control your time schedule. I also had an interest in commodities. Yes there are ETFs for commodities and some have good volume but not the same. Especially in pre and post markets. Even the ES futures move surprisingly well with volume well after the market closes. It seems it is traded in foreign markets. Last year when I looked to learn Futures trading I looked around because I wanted to learn by mentorship. I found the Day Trading Academy and bought a years worth. They are a bit pricey. 6 weeks of doing their course work, 2 months of practicing "bar by bar" (stepping through the chart and trading not in real time). Then 7 months of SIM. Now I just started trading live. They will only teach you on the ES futures (SP 500) at first. Once you have learned it you move to other instruments. If you want to investigate it the book that most recommend is Zack Zarr's book (its in the BBT's book section). I haven't read it yet. Also Ninjatrader has a free SIM account for Futures. Its a really good platform. I like it more than DAS. They give you 2 weeks free SIM and data. Once it expires I hear people just give another email and get another two weeks. I started an account with the min $400 to get the "free" SIM. Its not quite free since the broker will charge you $25/month. But still cheap. I hope I answered your question. If not please let me know what specifics I can add.
  4. Week 3 going live day trading Futures (ES). I had a schedule change so I may only have 1 hour after the open to trade for all of 2021. So I am glad I was able to get a trade in. We chopped around in PM and at the open then the momentum headed down and pulled back. My entry had to be a little aggressive on the short entry because price was dropping fast. I placed an order at a conservative target and only took 1 contract. It was filled soon afterwards. The price chopped around for awhile then a nice reversal setup occurred. I set my buy order in and it was touched but not filled. Then I had to step away from the screen soon afterwards.
  5. Second week day trading futures live. My first one and done day! We had no momentum from 11pm to 7am then a sudden drop and a beautiful pull back with a nice entry opportunity. I couldn't ask for better so I shorted with 2 contracts. I covered my first contract at a conservative one point above the "area" and placed my second limit order at what the Day Trading Academy recommends as "double the range". The price dropped and missed my order by a tick then started to aggressively pull back. So I exited and called it a week. It has been great ending both live weeks on a solid trade. Everyone have a good weekend! Rob C
  6. Hi HC2, I took that exactly same BABA trade with the same result A powerful hammer on a million shares volume. A good trade that just didn't work out this time. That double bottom NIO trade was awesome. I just took a screen cap of it to add to my playbook examples. Rob C
  7. Second week going live Futures day trading. Not an easy day to trade. Low volume and momentum, but surprisingly I found 4 setups to trade today. There was low downward momentum for the first 5 hours of trading. The price made a new low around 9am EST and a small pull back but the reward/risk was too small so I didn't trade. Sadly it was a winner. The price dropped to a new low but failed to break out. There was no entry to that trade (also a winner). The price broke through the other side of the range and a break out trade did setup but the midband was just inside the range and the price made a lower high so I didn't take it. But then the price changed direction and I went short on a failed break out trade that did make it to my target, though small. Then for 2 hours the price tried to to make a new low but could not. After the 6 failed attempt and a new high (compared the previous pivot) I went long and was immediately stopped out. Finally a real break out near noon. The price retraced and tested the backside of the area (which is a good thing) and I shorted. I placed a very conservative exit 1 tick above the LOTD. At that point there had been no real momentum all day so I didn't expect much. So I missed out on the only decent run of the day. After the run we had a nice pull back so I shorted for a continuation. Missed my target by 2 ticks and retraced back and I was out at B/E. The price pulled back more for a better reward to risk but gave no entry. That felt like a long day trading. Hope everyone did well today, Rob C
  8. Second week going live Futures day trading. Finally a decent day trading. The momentum was running down over night but before the open flipped to strong upward momentum. I did take a test trade (long) but the risk/reward was too high since the HOTD was so close. So I only took 1 contract. The price did go and test the level so I moved my stop up and then was stopped out a few minutes later. The price really broke down through the bottom of the range and then came back up to meet the mid band (white line). Though I have a rule not to take Break Out trades if the price has already moved 5 points beyond my planned entrance (thus the move is over), the downward movement was so strong I entered the trade anyway (short) with 1 contract. I was stopped out soon after. I then entered long with a FOBO trade. The first really good looking trade of the day so I went long with two contracts. The coach from the Day trading Academy will probably say something about my first partial and wonder why I sold just after it made a new high. My first exit was was originally placed 5 ticks higher. But I have had 6 losing trades in a row now so my FOBR was really high. So I moved my limit order down some and was about to place it more exactly and then 2 bars printed really fast and filled my order. I then waited if the price would break HOTD. It did but about 20 minutes later suddenly 3 foreboding bars were printed and I exited the trade. I hope everyone is having a good day, Rob C
  9. Second week going live Futures day trading. I incorrectly thought that two years of equity trading I would be fine making the transition to live Futures trading, but there is some psychology I need to figure out. The first week of live trading I found myself too aggressive taking the trades. This week I am compensating too much and I am being too timid and missing some great trades. The Day Trading Academy said it usually takes 2 months to make the transition from SIM to live. So I have no need to rush this. I will fine my zone. The morning had a setup with momentum down and a nice pullback. But equities had a turbulent open so I mistakenly thought so would Futures. So when there was a bit of erratic behavior just before the entry I decided not to take the trade missing a really nice trade. A bit later there was a great Test-Retest trade (double bottom trade) but I happen to be away from my computer for 5 minutes to help the kids with breakfast. So I missed it. Then I took a break out trade which looked promising breaking the top of the range with a higher high, but got stopped out. Then I took a test trade on a pull back and got stopped out. So I missed the two winners and took the two losers. That took some psychological toll so I stopped trading. With in the next 30 minutes there were two really big winners with easy setups that I missed. That didn't help the situation. But I will take my time transition.
  10. Second week going live Futures day trading. An interesting day. With more live trading I will be able to determine if it was bad luck today or have I change my trading enough from SIM that days like today will be more common. Due to using ticks instead of dollars, it is be much more common in Futures trading to not get filled even though the price is at your order and to get stopped out at exactly a tick. But today was the first time this happen 3 times in one trading session. I thought I traded well except I took too many contracts on the first trade. Momentum was down heading into the open. We got a nice pullback and I shorted seconds before the open. Since it was so close to the open I should have only took 1 contract. But I took my normal 2 and got stopped out. I won't make that mistake again. The price pulled back more making a larger reward to risk. I shorted again and was able to cover one contract before stopped at B/E. The price moved higher breaking a marked level. The level was tested twice giving credence to it. When the price made a new high and pulled back I place a long order. The price touched it but it did not fill. Too bad because it did move higher to reach my target. Three hours later there was finally another setup. Good downward momentum and a nice pull back. I placed a limit order and again the price touched it but it was not filled. Too bad that was a big trade. The price bounced off the low 3 times then made a new local high. I went long with what The Day Trading Academy calls a Test-Retest trade. Essentially a head and shoulders set up. I was immediately stopped out. Soon after the price tried to break out and failed so I took a failed break out trade to the long. The price dropped to just touch my stop limit order. Of course this time it was filled stopping me out. Then the price shot up higher to reach my target.
  11. Day 4 going live trading Futures (ES). I had platform issues yesterday so unable to trade effectively. I took 4 trades today which again is a lot for me. I seem to be much more aggressive when trading live over SIM. I had to wait a bit until market choose a momentum direction. My first trade was a pull back trade or test trade which immediately failed. I tried a second test trade or as Day Trading Academy refers to as a "2nd Times the Charm" trade. It's the test trade again except there needs to be a new advantage. Here the price bounced a 3rd time from a level. I went long and did get a partial but then S/O at B/E. After the price respected the level in red 5 times I took that failed break out of the level seriously and took an aggressive failed breakout trade (FOBO). Though I should wait for separation above the mid-band (in white) the BBs (black dots on the bottom plot) did show momentum up. Plus my stop was below the level in red. The trade failed immediately but I still think it was an OK trade. We then got serious momentum down and I tried a test trade again. This one worked out well. I took a partial near the outer band and then waited for a slow down to exit. Then I called it a week. Have a good weekend. Rob C
  12. I use TechSmith Capture. I am quite happy with it. You can save it as an image, link or video.
  13. Day 3 going live trading Futures (ES). I took 4 trades today, which is a lot. I usually take 1 or 2 Futures trades a day. Lots of upward momentum for almost two hours. Finally, a pullback around 11am EST and I tried to go long, but I had issues with my platform. Actually this was first time this has happen on Ninjatrader. It took almost 5 minutes to reset so I was a little late with my entry. I exited the trade on the early side for +3.25 points. The price made a new high and back tracked quickly. I went long with a break out trade that didn't move much so I exited at break even. Later I tried a what The Day Trading Academy refers to as a Test-Retest trade. This is essentially a double top trade. I was immediately stopped out. After the stop I noticed there was a foreboding repeating pattern that I missed about 30 minutes before. Then another break out trade. Essentially, it was a HOTD trade but entry on the pull back. This one worked but was way too early on the exit as each bar was making new highs. My nerves were definitely high today. I hope everyone had a good day. Thanks for looking. Rob C
  14. Day 2 going live trading Futures (ES). It's funny I watched the market from open to close and only made one trade (a loser). There were 3 other really good setups but they never gave me the entry I wanted. There was good upward momentum at the open. I went long at the first pull back in hope the price will test the high of the day. Day trading Academy calls this a "Test Trade" and is the simplest setup to learn. After 5 minutes I pulled my stop up and was stopped out by a tick. But that is OK if I didn't pull my stop up I would have been stopped out 3 minutes later before the price shot up to my target. I hope everyone had a solid trading day. Rob C
  15. I took my first live Futures day trade today (ES). Since there is no Futures section in the forums I thought I would post it here. I studied Futures for 6 weeks then started "bar by bar" sim trading (stepping through time manually) for two months. Then I traded sim for 7 months. My first 3 months being terrible. Then went live today. I have been learning through the Day Trading Academy. So the setups you see me take were created by them. There was no setup for about 20 minutes after the open so I was able to finish with my equities trading and focus on Futures. There was great momentum down from PM and I tried to short on a pull back but did not get filled. Then there was a failed break out where I got to excited and took the trade long before a HH confirmation. Luckily the market was kind enough to teach me a lesson by stopping me out to the tick. Then I took a break out trade that worked OK but I did exit a bit early. I hope everyone had a solid day trading. Rob C
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