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  1. Swing trade journal 1/27/2020 Very busy but profitable day. . Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Finished the day weak, but happy it was only down -0.35% when SPY was down -1.6% Long and stopped out D today. Took this near the open when it was showing strength. I thought it may be wise to take a safe play (Utilities) today. I only went half shares and a reasonably tight stop. After entering, D was weak the rest of the day and I was stopped out for a -0.3R loss. Long and exited LK today. Entered at 37.16 and partialled twice and all out at 39.18. Long and exited SDC today. Entered at 12.51 and partialled three times and all out at 13.44. Long KWEB today at 47.83. First partial profit at 48.58. Stop at B/E. Only have 1/3 shares left. I didn’t want to hold a Chinese stock over night. So I kept the risk low. Long GMRE today at 14.76. Price bounced off of the 14.60-14.65 support level again and I went long per plan. The price slowly drifted upward the rest of the day but not high enough to take a partial profit. Finished very weak. Makes me nervous. But I stayed in since it is nice to hold a position in a stock that was down -0.27% on a day SPY was down -1.6%. Also I am worried the daily now looks bearish with a dome created. This is my most worrisome position. Stop at 14.55.
  2. Monday 01/27/2020 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with BYND and ROKU. My watchlist: AAPL, BYND, MU, ROKU and AMD. Almost everything in the red today. Though I don’t like trading BYND I like that it looks strong, bucking the general sentiment. And ROKU finally breaking below the support levels. I had AAPL on my main screen, But after 20 seconds I saw BYND strong on my side monitor and moved it to my montage. The plan for BYND was to go long on the break of HOPM at 122.40. But L2 looked bullish so I entered the trade early. My target was 126.74 and my stop was 121. My R/R was very large which usually doesn’t work but BYND went well above my target today. Note L2 when I took the trade: I actually got 3 partials in. Then I set my auto stop at B/E as a precaution. But honestly I was so far above B/E I thought I was safe. And then a few seconds later price spiked down hard and just caught my B/E order. So I missed the rest of the run. ROKU has been making a descending wedge on the daily chart for awhile. Today it finally broke below support. I shorted on the low of the day. My stop was very tight at 124.74 support. I quickly took a partial and then set my auto stop to cover at B/E. But I wasn’t on my usual DAS laptop desktop. I was on my swing trade search desktop, which apparently doesn’t have all my hotkeys set right and the hot key immediately covered. I didn’t feel like getting back in so I walked away for the day. Actually, since my stop was so tight I still made a bit from the trade. What did I do good today? Entered a trade from L2 signal. What I am grateful from today? Traded BYND live for the first time. What I should improve on: I need to check all my hot keys on all my desktops.
  3. Watchlist for week of 1/27/2020 D – Looking for utilities that haven’t already run yet. Plus with the Corona virus, the run to safety may be stronger. The price is hovering at the yearly high and getting close to an all time high. Bouncing off the 9MA-D 4 out of 5 days. RSI not overbought with 63. Will go long with a starter position at 84.50 and more at 85.40. ROKU still has that descending triangle. Looks like a short if it drops below 127. Very scary going short on ROKU. Will need a large stop or protective call. BBIO is forming an ascending triangle. RSI=49. MACD may cross with one or two green days. Volume has been strong the past month. Long >35.70 ORCC holding at $16 with lots of volume. I don’t know which way it will pop. But it looks like it will very soon. RSI=29 and MACD will go bullish with a couple of green days so I will probably take it long if it breaks 16.25. But honestly it looks like it may break down more. OLLI has gone bullish. Feels like Friday would have been the entry so I may be chasing it. RSI=46. MACD will cross to the bullish with one more green day. Will go long if I can get a good entry. Short% is high with 22%. GLIBA seems to be forming a cup and handle. Will go long at 74.40 with a starter position if it breaks 73.50. MACD just crossed to the bearish. That will need to flip before I take a full position. RSI=53 STML is over sold but holding the bottom well. RSI=23. Price fell last week on a Q4 preannouncement of lowering guidance. Big drop for the quarter not so big for the year. Dropping 30% in price for a 7% yearly shortfall seems overdone. Short%=10%. May go long >7.15 GRME is consolidating after reaching an all time high. Great support at 14.65. RSI=69. Good div of 5.4%. Would go long off of a bounce from 14.65 or a break of 15. ALLY is showing good volume and is right at a resistance line then has a nice size gap to fill. MACD has been bullish. RSI=62. There was a death cross 5 days ago but that could easily reverse with one or two green days. The 20MA will cross 50/200MA with one more green day. Long >32.80 Secondary list: KNL CENT (if it ever gets volume) GRMN EXC DIS LK SDC TD APD
  4. I like your trading on Friday. It shows planned trading and executing on the plan. Shows lots of discipline. Your first trade was a classic 5min ORB going long at the break of the candle body. You were close enough to VWAP that R/R was good (to the high of the day). I usually don't like taking those ORBs with large wicks like that. I do see other traders take them but I am usually not very successful unless the 5min candle has small wicks. The second trade was a nice false break out. It looks like you might have reached 2R so most traders would have taken a partial. But I am not sure where your stop was. Third trade was a classic 15min ORB. Yes it could be said the 15min candle was also wicky, but it had a really nice R/R. Again it was a good day. Impressive for someone just starting out.
  5. Yes you do get the DAS simulator with thw CMEG account. Now that BBT DAS simulator has a replay feature, the 3 month SIM with lifetime package is not redundant. You will be able to practice trading anytime of the day. The BBT website still lists the discounted rate codes. I haven't heard anyone mention they are unavailable. I don't see Alliance mentioned anymore so I assume that broker has fallen out of favor. Since I left CMEG they have improved their rates substantially and I hear the customer service has gotten better.
  6. Swing trade journal 1/24/2020 Lots of stop outs today, though none for a loss. It is nice going into the weekend with only one position. Stopped out KNL today at 25.24. Entered at 24.46 and 25.03. First partial at 25.15. Second partial at 25.42. Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Finished the day with lots of strength. Finished a little in the red but better than the broad markets. Stopped out WBA at B/E today. First partial at 53.45. I should have exited yesterday at the close when it was weak. Stopped out GILD at B/E today. First partial at 63.63. Second partial at 63.97. A bit surprised by the weakness since it finished with strength yesterday, probably just the broader markets. Entered and exited ADNT today. The price dropped hard today and reached the bottom of the channel. Also, it looked like a good reversal on the 5min chart. Went long at 19.74 and when it reached VWAP I thought I don’t really want to hold this position over the weekend. So I exited at VWAP ($20.19). Everyone have a good weekend!
  7. Great trade. Great adding back. You added in when I bailed
  8. When I used eSignal (which I think does have the best charting SW) they connect with brokers through their platform. So you could trade with their platform. At the time I used it they just offered Futures. I think they offer Equities now through a broker on their list and the platforms connect. So you trade through the eSignal platform using one of their brokers they have a partnership with. At least that was how it worked when I was using it. Though I found I really didn't need that good charting. But if you want the best, especially with time frames less than 1 minute, then I recommend them.
  9. Friday 01/24/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 2 live trades this morning with INTC. My watchlist: INTC, SYF, AXP, TSLA, SNAP and AMD. I liked INTC and thought it had room to run. I was planning to take a 1min ORB or when the price breaks $67, which ever comes first. Then my DAS platform crashes at the open. I quickly restart it. I then hear Andrew complaining about the same issue. But the way I have my platform set up you can’t quickly restart. When DAS was back up I see I missed my entry on INTC. But not by much so I went long. The price immediately stopped moving as soon as I enetered and I was feeling uneasy about the trade. Then I heard Brian say he took INTC. The price then popped up a little and I took a partial and set my auto stop at B/E. My stop was triggered in a few seconds. Then looking at the setup it looked good for a long again, so I got back in. This is usually difficult for me to do. Then I heard Andrew say he went long INTC. My target was $68 with 67 as my stop. I took a quick partial out of nerves than a second one at the 1min high. Then as the 5min mark approached it looked like a great 5min ORB or ABCD. But it’s usually a disaster when I add into a trade. But I could feel it was the right thing to do. Then luckily a L2 bullish signal hit and I added in. The L2 signal when I added: Then I took a partial quickly due to nerves of adding. But then my partialing got better after that. Then all out when the price broke through the 9MA and created a reverse hammer. What did I do good today? Got back into a trade and added into a trade. I usually have issues with both of those. What I am grateful from today? Recovered quickly from IT issues. What I should improve on: I am happy with my trade today.
  10. Thanks Mike. Sorry about the multiple questions. And congrats on becoming a moderator. I just noticed you are on the right side of the chat now.
  11. Mike, Any particular time frame (1min chart?) you look for the resistance/support touches?
  12. Swing trade journal 1/23/2020 Long KNL at 24.46 and 25.03. Stop at B/E. First partial at 25.15. Second partial at 25.42. Next target 25.67. Almost stop me out at the open. Flat for the day, though made a nice hammer on the daily cart. Long KO at 56.04. Stop at 55.40. First partial at 56.93. Second partial at 57.48. Next target 58. Stop moved to 56.50. Finished the day with lots of strength. Stopped out on GRMN today at B/E per plan. First partial at 100.71. The price spiked down at the open and filled my stop order. I just wish my fill wasn’t the low of the day. Long WBA at 52.95 today. First partial at 53.45. This was from Brian’s watchlist. It made a nice double bottom and I went long. Finished the day with weakness. Almost bailed on the trade at the close. But since it was still above VWAP I held. I hope I don’t regret it. Stop at B/E. Long GILD at 63.25 today. First partial at 63.63. Second partial at 63.97. This was from Brian’s watchlist as well. Went long when it broke above VWAP and held. Stop moved to B/E. Finished the day with strength. Stop at B/E.
  13. Mike, thanks for the explanation. Let me know if this is correct: 1) 9/20 cross on the 1min 2) 5/15min low/high in the wrong direction vetoes trade 3) 9/20 sloping towards 50MA on higher time frames 4) Watch/wait for support/resistance levels. 5) Entry on L2 signal beyond the support/resistance levels. So which longer time frames do you need for step 3? I know the more the merrier. But is 2min enough or you need it on 2/5/15min? Do you look for the min of 3 touches of the support/resistance like Thor? Do you need to see a ascending/descending triangle? How large of a Bid/Ask do you need to see to call it a signal? Thanks again. Due to my recent start in swing trading and looking for a good entry, I inadvertently started taking trend trades. Which I now better learn fast before the bull market disappears.
  14. Thursday 1/23/2020 Internet outages in my area. No intraday trading this morning. I managed my swing trades by smart phone. I hope everyone is having a green day!
  15. Hi Mike, great MU trade. I have noticed you seem to be entering trades just before the MA cross over. Which is a great advantage if you can predict it. Is this planned? How do you do it? Do you enter the trade when the fastest time frame has the cross so it preempts the MA cross on the longer time frames?
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