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  1. Hey Everyone, I've been trying to configure my montage so I can highlight lots as Thor explains in his webinar. However, I can't seem to find how to highlight it on the level 2 config. Also, mine looks like this. Thor's config screen looks totally different I am on the latest version of DAStrader Pro. Thanks for the help.
  2. Good morning All Traded 2 stocks today: UAL, CCL UAL 5 min ORB. Used the previous candle close for stop loss. Once I made profit, I moved my hard stop and was eventually stopped. Not the greatest trade I think, but I am practicing my stop loss. CCL First I took the 5 min ORB. Didn't have time to put hard stop as it went up right away. Took profits and once 9 MA went above entry, I put my stop loss there. I then thought it was going to make an ABCD pattern but it didn't and I was stopped out below the 9 MA. I then noticed lower lows, lower highs. I also noticed the 9 & 20 MA were about to cross on the downside. Figure I'd take it short to the VWAP. Went past the VWAP and rode it all the way down. (I was getting confused on putting in a hard stop when going short so I was fiddling with that, as I wanted to get into UBER). However, I had a mental stop loss every time it went below a resistance level. Eventually figured it out and put hard stop above the 9 MA. Made my target and that's that. Thanks all and have a wonderful Monday!
  3. Hello all Took a couple trades today: AMD, PTON, NIO AMD Tried a 2 min ORB but was stopped out as I had such a tight stop loss. Attempted a 5 min ORB and was watching something else and missed my stop loss. At this time I remembered that I do much better with stop orders. Which I used moving forward. 2 A little later in the morning, I noticed that AMD had bounced of the low of the day, which I missed so I looked for the next opportunity. I then noticed the 9 and 20 crossing, no resistance levels above the VWAP. I told myself, that if the stock goes above the VWAP, that I would take it long. As soon as that happened, I took it long with stop loss just below the VWAP. Rode the stock up with moving my stop orders as the stock rose. Once I was happy with stopping out just below the 9 MA on the 1 min chart, I put my stop loss there. Not sure why I went with the 1 min chart, I should've used the 2 min chart's 9 MA. PTON Was having FOMO with PTON but kept my cool and waited for an opportunity. Saw an ABCD pattern forming and took it. However I got out prematurely, as I was in the red at the time and this would put me to break even; bad thinking. I know I said that I like to use the 2 min chart's 9 MA as a stop loss, but only if its profitable. If not, I like to use the 1 min chart's 9 MA. Therefore, for this stock I did have the 9 MA as a stop order but got nervous and took the remaining stock when I saw it slightly dip. NIO 5 min ORB. Stop loss below that 50 MA on 1 min. Scaled up and took profits. I cant remember why I got out. Either to make profit or hitting stop loss as that buy arrow on the red candle is screwing me up. I think I had a stop order left in there after pulling all my shares and panicked as I wasn't sure what had happened at the time Overall, it is a green day and a wonderful way to end the week! What really helped was reading my journaling yesterday and reminding myself on what worked best for me. Have a wonderful weekend and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  4. I am finally back. This was supposed to be a 2 month pause but ended up being way more than that. Traded in sim. Good that at I did, as I forgot how to use my hot keys and almost had no idea what I was doing. I'll just have to get back into the groove.
  5. Almost forgot to journal again. I forgot too yesterday. It was a roller coaster yesterday. I was down, then up, then down, then up and then down at the end. I knew were I screwed up. Especially at the end. I thought I was looking at a 2 min chart but in fact, I was looking at a 5 min chart. Ah well. Today was much better. Took 2 trades UAA, MU UAA Rising devil trade. Did get a little nervous as it wasn't going down as fast as I was hoping but made 1%. MU Saw MU perform a engulfing pattern on the 1 min chart and it went over the VWAP. The previous candle was also a hammer doji. The 2 min chart showed a hammer doji above the VWAP and the candle that was forming was also a hammer doji above the VWAP. So I went long. Got stopped out at my moving stop loss. Made 2% total today. Pretty happy. I could have made more with FB as I saw all the signs but was afraid of over trading. But it was such a perfect set up that I should have just taken it. Whatever, no FOMO allowed. I am at a point where I am debating on going live. However, my job is asking me to do 8am - 4pm shifts for 2 months. I am probably going to stay in sim and do live trading when I get back. We''ll see. See you all Friday morning as I'm back on 2 day shifts starting tomorrow! Thanks!
  6. Good morning! Another one and done for my Friday. Wasn't planning on trading but I came home at 845 from work. Figured I'd try a little. Told myself that I would only trade 5 min ORB this AM. If I didn't see anything I'll just go to sleep. Took one trade GILD GILD 5 min ORB at the VWAP. It couldn't be any better. Watched it come down a little, formed its wick, went towards the previous candle close and I took it long. Waited to partial out this time and was stopped out at my moving stop loss below the 9 MA on the 2 min chart. Made 1.5% and I am good. Plus I need to sleep However, I do wish that I had flipped my position after being stopped out. I did see the candle going below the VWAP and it was almost an engulfing pattern. I also watched the next candle open and make wick and come back down. I should have taken it short then. Ah well, shoulda, woulda, coulda. I'll be on the look out for those from now on as well. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful weekend!
  7. Good morning! Finally able to trade this week as I was at my other job. Took trades today TWTR and TVIX TWTR 5 min ORB. Lost all its juice by now. Started to partial out but got stopped out just a little above my BE. I did have a hard stop order and forgot to change it after I started to partial out. Therefore, it automatically went short a couple shares. No big deal. Rode it short for a bit and then stopped out. Didn't loose anything so it's still a win in my books. TVIX 5 min ORB. Started to partial out way too early as I was a little distracted by TWTR. Oh well. Road it up until it started to pull back. I didn't like what I saw and pulled all my shares before it even hit my moving stop. I hit my daily goal and that's it for me today. I'm going in for nights tonight so I may not trade tomorrow, depends how the shift goes. Going to hang out with my family and then take a nap before night shift. Thank you for all for looking, especially to Mike B and Rob C for the constant feedback and support!
  8. Goodmorning! Good end to the week and I'm actually up! Took one trade today WWE WWE 5 min ORB, took it long and the rest was history. Hit my goal and some more for today! Was going to trade some more for practice but my favourite set ups weren't popping up so I will call it a day. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all the support!
  9. Came off a night shift yesterday and tried trading but I wasn't my self. I wasn't patient and didn't really care for any of the moves. Probably won't trade after a night shift. Anyway, today was good. Traded 2 stocks: AMD, FB AMD 5 min ORB, took it long and was stopped out at the BE. Tried to take it long again as I thought it was a pull back but I was stopped out. I did make a mistake and didn't change my original stop loss order and ended going short a couple shares. Got out once a realized....3 min later FB 5 min ORB. Took it long. I didn't like what I was seeing on the 1 min chart so I got out before the BE. Glad I did. Then I took it long again after I noticed that the 9, 20 and 50 MAs all crossed over a little earlier. Noticed the stock was consolidating and once I saw it pop up I went long until I got stopped out at my moving stop loss just below the 9 MA on the 2 min chart. Have a good day everyone and thanks for looking!
  10. Good morning Good day today. Took 2 trades: INTC and LK INTC 5 min ORB but I should have known that it was not a good idea as it was really wicki. Ah well LK 5 min ORB. Took it long and rode it all the way up until I was stopped out at my moving stop loss. Good day and I did see a lot of 9,20 and 50 MA crossing. I just watched it happen as I had already hit my 1% target for the day. Again, more confirmation of findings, which also feels pretty good. Thanks and have a good day!
  11. Good morning. Decent day today. Took a bunch of trades: AMD, PCG, INTC, ADPT AMD 5 min ORB. The 1 min charts shows a hammer doji and then a doji above the VWAP. Went long on the 5 min ORB but it didn't work out my way. Good trade management so I'm happy. PCG LOL Andrew was cursing at this stock and I felt the frustration as well. If only I kept a cool head, there would have been a great entry right after I was stopped out with 2 hammer dojis forming. I got into the 5 min ORB a little early but when looking at the 1 min chart, there was definitely an opportunity go long when those 2 hammer dojies formed. I then saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA crossing for a long position. I definitely could have had a bigger stop loss, but I am not sure what I was thinking. Should've, would've, could've. INTC Saw an ABCD pattern and took it long and was stopped out when the stock started to turn over. I noticed the 9, 20, and 50 crossing in a downward trend. However, as per my rule, I did not take it short as it was really close to the VWAP. It would most likely bounce back from it. I went long and hit the wrong hot key and got it by accident. I went long again and after some consolidation it did jump up. I was stopped out again as it hit my stop loss. But I did immediately go long again as I saw the 9, 20 and 50 MA cross in an upward trend. Stayed with it until I got stopped out. ADPT This stock was consolidating for quite some time but the 9, 20 and 50 were about to cross. Took it short as I was far enough from VWAP for it to bounce off. I did see the 50 on the 2 min chart and the 100 on the 1 min chart coming in but also far enough to make a decent profit. One thing I regret is not taking enough profit when it did hit 3R or even 4R. Ah well. You live and you learn. Again, learned a couple things and also confirmed some of my findings when it comes to the MAs crossing. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!
  12. Totally forgot to journal yesterday as I had to leave again after trading. ROKU chopped me up yesterday. I did have some good trades but ROKU was brutal to me. I didn't watch the spread of the stock and I was too far stretched from any MA. This morning I made sure to watch the spread on the stocks and be patient when to take a position. Today, was good overall. Only trade one stock today - LK LK Used Aiman's strategy on ABCD patterns. I was a little early on one of the entries. On the second try, I had a good entry but my stop loss was too tight. I didn't change it from my previous attempt. If I had allowed the 2nd attempt a little more room for the stop loss it would have been perfect. Ah well. I knew it was going to go long so I took it long again and it paid off. Not sure what I was doing afterwards but I did miss some of my favourite set ups. I think I was in the chat. A bunch of 9, 20 and 50 MAs crossing did exactly what they were supposed to do. I took a bunch of screenshots and I am thinking to make a separate thread on specifically that. I'll have to get more examples and data before I make such a post. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day! So I didn't hit my 1% target for the day. So I decided to trade some more. It was good at first and I actually hit my target. But of course I had to trade some more. And now I'm down to .01%....... BYND Noticed a double top and saw the 9 and 20 crossing on a downward trend. Wanted to go short but was hesitant as due to that 100 MA. But once it dropped below both the 100 and 50 MA I took it short and hit my target for the day. I then noticed the the 50 crossing the 9 and 20 on the 2 min chart and decided to take it short. However, I didn't notice how close I was to VWAP and I got stopped out. LK Now I am a little annoyed as I lost more than what I gained on BYND. Was looking for another set and found LK. Watched the 50 cross on an upward 9 and 20 MA crossing. Went long - too early. The 50 touched the 20 but the candle was still forming. It went the other way. Now I'm annoyed, impatient and long bias. Lost most of it... Perfect example of why not to over trade. I just need a week of an overall gain. Have not have had one of those....ahh
  13. Hello Everyone Was meaning to post earlier but was pretty busy after some trading today. UBER, JD, LK JD Waited for a 5 min . Took it long and road it all the way up until I got stopped out once it went below the 9 MA on the 2 min chart. Roku also had a nice 5 min ORB (better movement) but unfortunately I was looking at JD at the time. UBER Tried trading UBER as a 2 min ORB but didn't go so well. But I had a really tight stop loss so my risk management was good. I then saw my new favourite set up on the 1 min chart and I took it long. I could have gone long soon when the 9 and 20 crossed over but I was waiting for the 50 to cross the 20 MA (one of my rules) for even better confirmation. LK I learned something important about the MA cross over with LK today. Even though, the MAs cross, it didn't go my way. After this happened I watched a couple other stocks with the same pattern and it seems to be the same. Even though the candle is forming below/above the VWAP it does not mean it will go short/long. It seems as if the MA's are close to and are either above or below the VWAP, it will bounce off the VWAP. Now, if we a really stretched from the VWAP, this is not a concern as it has a while to go to the VWAP and bounce off or continue. Good day. Will not trade in the first 5 min tomorrow. Will wait for a 5 min ORB, look for ABCD patterns and will look for MA's crossing. Thanks for the support and feedback!
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