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  1. That sounds like a great plan, looking forward to the results!
  2. Hey Mark, I can relate but don't really have an answer for it. I did basically ask this question for the podcast with Dr. Steenbarger next Friday. One interesting thing that I saw during the interview that William did with Jerremy on Youtube was to have a pain or consequence for breaking your rules. Jerremy would take away something that he enjoyed as a consequence to breaking his rules. They mentioned to start small and progress to greater consequences for rule breaking so I was thinking that it's worth a try. For example, Jerremy used to take away milkshakes for 2 weeks when he broke a rule since he loved milkshakes. I actually tried something similar which was to cut myself off from live trading for the rest of the day when I broke my rules and it was working out well because the next day I knew I wouldn't be able to take any more trades if I broke my rules. The frustration from having to watch a good setup go by when your montage is locked because you already broke your rules that day is quite painful. William mentioned something in that Youtube video which was to work on discipline outside of trading to influence trading by starting out small. Setting a task that you have to complete everyday and build it up as you accomplish completing that task. Here's a link to the video if you haven't already watch it.
  3. There was something that came up in the trade reviews session and I’ll quote William’s question to the chatroom. - “There’s other reasons why we are not following our rules or setups that has nothing to do with the actual chart. Someone had a bad trade from yesterday, someone lost money earlier today on a trade. How does this happen to all of us when we know that this is the last thing we need to do in trading to be successful?” - Why do traders have good trades where they follow their rules and stick to their setups in their trading plan but on other days they fall into bad trading, rule breaking and take mediocre setups or no setup at all. How do we take steps to overcome these issues? - I find myself hesitating in the morning and pass on good setups after 5 to 15 minutes into the open then end up taking setups that aren’t as good later on in the morning after about 1 or 2 hours from the open. Most of the time I am really patient but sometimes I feel like I am too patient. What are some steps I can implement to overcome this?
  4. JD


    Thanks for the monthly link @mrsemilla I checked and you can setup the Stream Deck to work with TradingSim. All you need to do is edit the Hotkeys tab in TradingSim to match your hotkey key stroke in the Steam Deck setup and it will work like it does in Das or you can create new hotkeys in the Steam Deck to match the ones they have programmed in TradingSim.
  5. Hi Everyone, I was discussing a Tampa meetup with Atom to see if we can get any traders in the surrounding area to join us for a meetup. Is anyone up for a meetup in either August or September?
  6. JD

    Reverse ABCD ?

    That screenshot of FB looks like a lot of chop or the price is just stuck trading in a range. I saw this reverse ABCD pattern on INTC today that I saved to my playbook. There was a nice drop followed by small white candles that pulled back to the 9 EMA then another nice drop on heavy volume when the stock made a new 5 minute low. Here's a good video explanation by Robert.
  7. I really like this idea, maybe if Andrew can replay some of his live trades and provide commentary on what he is looking at in the price action, level 2 and T&S while looking for the setup.
  8. JD

    Position sizing

    I took Onosendi's table and added in formulas to base the share size on account size and dollar risk per trade. You just have to update the yellow and orange fields once you download the file to excel and it will give you how many shares to take. It's based on a table so it doesn't have every single stop loss amount. I recommend using Kyle K's hotkey for entering positions based on your dollar risk. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fn8E2fX-2NXLpZZaeK8M_qxEepPqzdGf/view?usp=sharing
  9. Hi All, I found a classic chart patterns graphic after seeing that Michelle and Carlos have this up on their wall and really liked the idea of having it as a reference. It also coincides with Robert's video on wedges and triangle patterns. Here's a link to high quality sections of the chart examples: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27641581/Classic-Chart-Patterns-Print
  10. Here's a way to add new rows quickly.
  11. I've been part of the BBT community since the end of 2017. I did the trial membership at first because I was skeptical of day trading but after watching Andrew's classes and Youtube videos I saw how transparent and honest he is about day trading and the risks involved. I signed up for the yearly membership and then the lifetime membership when it became available. The chatroom and resources available in the education center have been really valuable, there's so much that I learn everyday from all the great resources that the community has available.
  12. JD

    Journal Templates

    I was looking for the daily score card that Brett Steenbarger suggests but couldn't find anything to incorporate in my journal so I came up with my own custom journal. I borrowed a lot of what Robert has in his journal template and made an excel file that is formula driven when the trade log is exported and pasted into it. I copy the day tab that is currently labeled "04.25" and pull in my trade log from Das in there, then update the Summary sheet tab using the existing Hlookup formulas. Here's a copy of the file if anyone is interested. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1t9O5ueAswAIop-PBbWGIxW48Urtg8nc6
  13. I had the exact same thing happen to me a few weeks ago, it was really strange and annoying. I was testing out a trigger order in my sim account and double checked that I had the sim account selected and shown on the montage but somehow it went through in my live account. I'll try switching my other montages to the sim account the next time I test out using a trigger order.
  14. Hey Rob C, I've noticed that when you switch your global templates between live and sim accounts, if you already traded live for that day and click on a ticker in the closed positions window it will revert back to the live account that you traded with and you can see it change in the montage. Not sure if it's your issue but I have to click on the market viewer symbols to make sure I accidentally don't trade live when I switch to my sim account.
  15. Thanks Robert, your Youtube recaps have been really helpful. So far this strategy has been working out really well, I just have to keep working on my execution.

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