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  1. Hi Glenn I have never been to the race track. Do you go?
  2. Coming from Naples, but looking forward to the meet up
  3. Great questions Thor; While I have looked at other communities, I like this community because they educate us all on a daily basis as a positive note. On the other side I like BBT bc they are not trying to sell us stuff all the time. Other communities are in the sales business and are constantly trying to sell members their stuff, programs and materials. I think Andrew is an authentic person, and his support staff is also genuine! The community is constantly growing, expanding and getting better on a daily basis. In my notes, I have a section labeled: what I learned today and most days I pick up at least one new tidbit from the community. Thank you!! I am in this community to LEARN! I want to learn and become a better trader every day and I believe this community (BBT) is the best place for me to be on a daily basis. Keep up the good work.
  4. Great work Brian, I am looking forward to reading your book. Do you also trade ETFs? I thought I saw you in TNA. Also looking forward to this discussion.
  5. I love that rule, the rule breaker does the chores! Brilliant and if that does not stop one from breaking the rules, what will. Very funny!!
  6. Hey Lana, My girl friend is just learning about finance and managing her portfolio. I am teaching her the basics but she has not ventured into the Day Trading arena yet but that would be cool if she did. Could you please document some of the good and not so good challenges you guys encounter so if it does happen we can learn from you both? That would be a great read if your willing to do the task. Keep me posted and I will touch back to see how it is going. Best wishes,
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