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Glenn Budde

Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

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My Wife has been telling me that I have the head for Day Trading for Many years.

In the past we have worked hard on a small business in Key West and since have always had Jobs along with some kind of retail business weather it was the Art store in KW, a Donut business, an online retail business that we still operate and recently an Amazon PL business. This last adventure cost us a few bucks but fortunately I was able to get ride of most of the product and not fall too far in the red. I have recouped enough for a small Day Trading Account.

I talked to a few people at work about this and they all had the same thing to say "Its tough and no one makes money doing it" after talking with them a bit more I realized that they were willing to put the money in but not put the time in to educate themselves and of course they lost money. Most of them are still holding on to Bitcoin for the long haul.

I decided to start reading some books on this and I started with Stock Trading for Dummies and realized that was not the right book for me. I then found Andrews first book and was hooked. I should have listened to my Wife a long time ago.

It just so happens that I work nights Sunday - Wednesday as a Poker Manager from about 3:30pm to 3:30am  (home to home) eastern time, so I am able to get a few hours sleep before I wake at 7:30am to get ready for my Classes

I joined BBT as a Lifetime Member on the 4th of July. I was almost done with Andrews first book. I woke up in the AM to watch the premarket show and at the time I would follow along on Think or Swim. I did this till the 15th of July.

From the first day of practice I did keep a journal on paper until now (I think I will still write it as I feel like doing it twice cant hurt help me remember).


I showered last night right before bed. I woke today nice and fresh, brushed my teeth, made myself an espresso and ate a protein bar. I had plenty time to do some of my own research before Carlos came on at 8:30. The last 2 days I have been very happy with my premarket analysis as most of what I have is either on Carlos watch list or is a low float (which I can not seem to get the info from the Das Sim platform).

9:34 +MGM at 30.99 (should have been 30.90 but I was slow on the hot key) I partialed out at 31.13, 31.25 and 31.34 and got all out at 31.60. My stop was previous candle 30.89 and Target 31.61 from the daily charts

Realized +25.63

I took this Slower moving stock in play as I felt more comfortable with it.

10:02 +INTC 52.62 P - 52.69 and out at 52.56 (again I was slow on the trigger on both) My stop was prev. candle 52.55 and Target 53.00 on 5min VWAP

Realized +.50

My total day +26.13 This is at 100 shares of each. If starting with $5000 my 1% rule would have been 500 shares of each for a realized profit of +130.65


The last two days after I have decide I was done for the day I went back to just play around and try to learn more midday strategies 

I took -TWTR misread what I thought was a drop and lost out along with a reentry +TWTR and this time it fell, LOL   my mini Hulk....

I know myself and If I was in for real money I would have never even come back to the market for the day. but I will add this ticker also so maybe I can figure out what I misread.

MGM 7-26-19.png

TWTR 7-26-19.png

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Woke at 7:30 rested good. showered, SSS and a coffee before going through premarket.

9:32 -MYL 21.03 stopped out @ 21.19 (this was a mirror trade) "NO MORE MIRROR TRADES"

9:37 -YNDX 38.25 Stop of 38.30 Tgt 38.00 added pos 38.18 1/2 out 38.09, 38.02 all out @ BE 38.21

9:53 +LK 26.34 stopped out at 26.16 Thought I seen an ABC but after review it was not present 

9:59 +UBER 45.37 stop/VWAP Tgt/ 45.69 stopped at 45.21 just below VWAP. Looking for support of the MAs but instead failed all the way to VWAP

10:09 -TEVA 7.83 stopped at 7.86

10:42 +TEVA 7.72 Partialed 7.78 all out 7.72 Realized on TEVA there was not enough movement and it is a waist of time.

10:22 +CL 75.25 Stopped at 75.10

11:19 +SBUX (reversal) 97.85 stop/ 97.60 Tgt/ 98.20 Took all 25% partials at 98.04, 98.15, 98.19, 98.20, 98.33 and all out at 98.22 (kept moving my stop up almost like a trailing stop but manual)

11:38 +MYL (reversal) 20.15 stop/20.00 Tgt/VWAP 20.80 25% partials 20.32, 20.43, 20.61, 20.75, 20.81 all out 20.99 (kept moving my stop up almost like a trailing stop but manual)

YNDX 7-29-19.png

SBUX 7-29-19.png

MYL 7-29-19.png

lk 7-29-19.png

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Woke at 7:30 SSS & Coffee / rested good Plenty time to research and get ready for the morning

9:36 -PFE 39.71 ORB stopped out 39.60

9:40 -AMD 33.27 ORB stop of 33.33 tgt of 33.09 50% 33.18, 33.10 all out 33.19

9:53 +PFE 39.27 reversal on Doji as it tested a daily I had marked, stop 39.20 prev. candle, tgt 39.56 VWAP. Added +39.32, 25% partials 39.35, 39.45, 39.55, 39.59, all out 39.52

10:15 +MU reversal on hammer at a daily level, stop 46.70 last bear candle, tgt 46.86 VWAP to 47.10 two day low, 25% 46.82, 46.85, 46.87, 46.88, 46.94, 47.07, all out 47.00

11:00 +MRK 83.49 Late on the trigger reversal, s/83.39 prev candle t/ 83.69 MA, 25% 83.60, 83.73, 83.58, all out 83.53

13.02 +MRK 83.25 reversal fail, 50% 83.31 all out 83.24

13:50 +PFE 38.90 reversal, s/ 38.96 tgt/ 38.96-39.09, 25% 38.96, 38.98, added @ 39.04 all out 39.01

7-30-19 AMD.png

7-30-19 MRK.png

7-30-19 MU.png

7-30-19 PFE Mrng.png

7-30-19 PFE Noon.png

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18 hours ago, Mark D. said:

love that MU trade. that's right where i got stopped out of my short. 

Thanks Mark..... Learning in SIM for awhile..... 

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Late night at work did not rest good. Up @ 7:40 SSS & coffee, pretty tired and I also ate like crap last night

9:41 +ENPH 27.75 I entered late against my judgement listening to chat. I should have been in it for the ORB @ 9:33 for 26.94. Then after it continued to a path I wanted again I hesitated again *chat*.

my s/27.25 and tgt/28.50 BAD R/R, Partial out at 25% each time till just above BE. This should have been my first one and done day if I listened to my instinct and judgement. 

11:18 +MU 45.95 on reversal and I was late to the party (should have pulled the trigger at 45.87) s/45.84 2 day ago low t/46.23 VWAP. It was only a pull back and instead of getting all out at 46.00 I only went out for 50% and got stopped at 45.81

Even though I am Green and pretty dang close to my goal of the day I feel like I made bad trades by not pulling the trigger when I thought I should on entries and exits.

7-31-19 ENPH.png

7-31-19 MU.png

Edited by Glenn Budde
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Woke @ 8:00 very tired from last nights work. didnt eat well and had a lot of problems at work. SSS, coffee and a bar.

I feel like I am getting much better with the pre-market and gathering my watch list

I missed SPWR on ORB because of my past false reads within the first 5 min. I was having serious FOMO but I did not take it

9:45 +AMD ABCD on 1 and 5min, s/31.04 just below the 9, t/ 31.33 a daily that I have marked. I did take two trades because I wanted 500 shares and I only have hot keys for 400 and 100 (Ill fix that). This is the first day that I am now trying to work onj a fake $5K account (which is where I plan on starting). Took 50% Partials at 31.34 and 31.42, kept my stop trailing at under the 9 and got stopped out at 31.23 for a GP of 92.25 and 88.87 after fees


This is my first one and done (in SIM) 

8-1-19 AMD ABCD.png

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Rested good up at 7:30 SSS and coffee

Felt good lots of research (maybe felt too good)

Overall a Bad trading day due to lack of patience to wait for a setup that I am familiar with.

I will let my charts do most of the talking.

+AMD for ORB worked out OK...... second trade was a little FOMO as I was looking at the ABC after it happened and my R/R was not good,..... third trade was taken as a reversal but yet again I came back to the chart late and had FOMO again and got stopped out...... and yet again on a fourth trade I went long on a reversal that I was right about but instead of sticking with my plan and partialing out I added to my position and did not make much on it as I should have.

+MU thought it was bouncing off the prev. day close and going to the high of the day, got stopped out at just under prev. day close.....  second trade ABC breaking the 50 and 20 partialed out twice and closed at BE..... third trade Thought it wasgoing to prev. day close as it was crossing to 50 but got stopped out.

+SQ I was watching the 5min only and took the trade thinking that it broke VWAP and was heading to low of pre-market, but if I would have paid attention the the 1 min. I would have seen the DOJI along with no new Hi.

EDIT I took  -PINS at 34.62 (the spread was higher than I anticipated) at 12:01 s/34.74 above the 9 t/33.76 5min. VWAP, took 25% 33.99 to protect earnings, 25% at VWAP 33.78, 25% 33.25 hi of pre-market...... brought stop loss up all the way and final stop is a new high on 5min of 33.33

Overall I would have lost 180.00 which is above what I should allow. My R value is 50.00 after my walk away and return to trade I found this reversal and end up with a $300 Green Day..... This makes my weekend much better...



8-2-19 AMD.png

8-2-19 MU.png

8-2-19 SQ VWAP breakout.png


Edited by Glenn Budde
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Up at 7:30 felt rested. SSS and coffee

TSN took it long twice and short once. Pretty disgusted that I did not realize the spread was 28 cents. 1st took it long and thought I took some profit should have stopped at BE since IO did take profit but let a winning trade lose money. 2nd I did see the bounce off VWAP and took my eyes off of it for too long and missed my profit. I got pissed and then took it short for a mini Hulk and got stopped out again.


8-5-19 TSN Hulk.png

+SBUX 94.27 got stopped out 94.14 which was below the 20MA


8-5-19 SBUX FOMO Chat.png

+NUGT 37.11 partialed at 37.25, 37.38 and stopped at 37.08 (This was my only focused trade I took)


8-5-19 NUGT.png

+TVIX I misread a reversal on the 1min and stopped myself early from fear of previous trades. If I would have stuck with my plan of a stop below VWAP I at least would not have lost money on this one


8-5-19 TVIX misread reversal.png


Came back after a rest and I found NUGT doing a reversal (a little bit late) which I did not think was too late but only cuts down on my profit.... +NUGT 37.04 S/ below 9 36.84 T/ 37.44 Partialed out at 37.30, 37.54, 37.74 and all out at 37.32 ..... I moved my stop to BE on the first partial then to 37.30 on second partial and my final stop was below the 9 .


8-5-19 +NUGT 2nd trade.png

I will start putting in my pros and cons of the day along with notes to myself when needed


Overall: this was a net loss day which was mostly due to my blowup early on TSN which ended up being -10R (WOW)


Pros: even though I hulked on TSN I did stick with my stop losses on all trades and had a R/R in my plan


Cons: after my second trade on TSN when I realized my mistake of the very large spread I let it get to me and was taking trades out of frustration.


Note to Self: pay attention to the spreads ........ if I feel frustrated leave and come back later or another day...... I also need to trust myself I did not take a couple trades as I was listening to the chat.... As the pros are always telling us to trade your own style..... I feel like I have been better at 10:30am and on, maybe due to feeling more awake from my 4 hour sleeps

Edited by Glenn Budde
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Overall I feel rested, 4.5 hrs sleep, woke at 7:30 SSS coffee and toast

Today I will try something, If I take a trade either with a very bad entry or false setup I will come here to log and then continue giving myself a few minutes to reflect and make improvements.

I will also attempt to keep up with a P&L


+AMD for a scalp, entry a little late then tried again on 1min but it was just a pull back. (8.00)




-TTWO  I did not have defined stop or profit targets and ended up out too early. (67.00)


8-6-19 TTWO early.png


-ACB 6.94 again late should have been in at 7.00 A hotkey mistake I thought I covered when I seen a change in the pattern at 6.85     +45.00





-ROKU 99.89 (I programmed the hot key wrong and instead of partialing out 25% I was adding 800 shares same as above) I did exit early on a pull back when I should have read the level 2 that Andrew called after my exit but would have ended up the same way after looking at the charts +87.00 / with my hotkey mistakes it did come out to a loss ...... my hotkey was a program error on my end..........





+MU 42.01 s/ 41.95 yesterday close t/42.18 MA, 50% out at 42.12 and stopped at BE      +27.50




+BABA took it as a pull back but ended up making a double bottom and then I scared myself into not trading the double bottom and thinking that I may be revenge trading. I did stop at my stop loss for minimal damage (32.00)




Pros: I did obey my stop losses and took a break in between my trades that I did not feel good with

Cons: Did what I said I would not do, I took trades for early scalps and did not have any good patterns that I recognized early on. I also did not have clear R/R targets on a couple of the trades

Note to Self: Stop trading in the first 5 min......... make sure I have clear stops and profit targets .........

P&L Target 50.00              +52.50

Edited by Glenn Budde
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Overall I feel a little tired as of now, woke at 7:40 (hitting snooze) only about 3.5 hours of sleep.  Work went a little late last night. SSS and a Bucci

Pay Attention to: Do not trade in the first five..... make sure I have clear R/R .......... Pay attention to the spreads.........


I made sure to sit on my hands for 5 min. plus


+AMD ABC a little late but just tightened up my R/R took 25% x 3 then all out at a little above BE when I seen the price action changing      +54.74



+CVS on what I thought was a pull back on an ABC but was a reversal  Also took a bit more shares than I should have my stop should have been 1R ($50) but was instead Also I did pay attention to the spread but it was also a little high for my likening    (70.00)



+MU looking at ABC on 1min. again did not like the price action after I entered so I partialed out early and moved my stop to a profit   +29.98



-AMD went with a reversal without good confirmation. The bear candles did not cover the late Bull candle. I did realize it and took only 100 shares and got out for a very min. profit   +3.00





Pros: Obeyed my stops and did pay attention to the spreads...... I also took a break between trades that I needed to review myself........ I did have clear R/R levels

Cons: I am entering trades a little late because I still do not trust myself....... After I took a couple of the trades I then looked over at the LVL2

Note to Self: Continue to watch the spreads.......... Make sure I have clear R/R...........     Take less trades with a more clear pattern...... Pay attention to LVL2 before I take the trade......

P&L Target 50.00:     +17.72

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