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  1. 4-23-20 AIS 0820, 7 hours, 7.5/10 PAT: Over-trading. Need to find shorter (time) trades as I am not able to spend a lot of time in front of my screens, or something I can set with a trailing stop.
  2. 4-22-20 AIS 0800, 7.5 hours, 7/10 PAT: Over-trading, Need to find shorter (time) trades as I am not able to spend a lot of time in front of my screens, or something I can set with a trailing stop. Still not much time to dedicate Traded SNAP all day and made my goal hjere was the morning trade Rs:+3.5
  3. 4-21-20 AIS 0750, 7 hours, 6/10 PAT: Over-trading Hopefully I will have time for the journal tonight Still no time, I did not take too many trades One I did not have a hard stop for and missed my stop on accident. 2 setups did not work again Rs: -3
  4. 4-20-20 AIS 0800, 5 hours, 7/10 PAT: over-trading Well I did not over-trade but due to the continued increase in our online business I have been unable to keep up with most of my trading and scattered while trading Traded pretty good I feel. Two setups did not work out and one technical mistake that took me out way too early with a full R loss. Rs: -2.5
  5. Weekly We have been crazy with our fabric business and did not have any time. I will get on this tonight
  6. 4-17-20 AIS 0800, 6 hours, 7/10 PAT: Over-trading, Taking full size trades ROKU Chopped up today. Tried to scalp too much Cons: way too many trades / Over-trading Pros: Kept myself from pre 5min trading Rs: -3 Max Loss
  7. 4-16-20 AIS 0800, 7.5 hours, 8/10 Feeling good but very busy with online business. PAT: Over-trading, Back to no early trades ROKU My nemesis paid me today. I walk on eggshells when in this stock. +3.5R Cons: Didnt take enough size Pros: Took this trade even though it has been a thorn. PB Trade: ROKU Rs: +3.5R
  8. 4-15-20 AIS 0800, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: Over-trading, Allow myself a early trade only if it is planned PM Ill mark up the charts later tonight. BAC PB#1 JBLU PB#3 ROKU PB#3 Cons: I should know better than to trade ORBs, they are not my thing Pros: knew I needed to step away after the mistake in JBLU. Came back to ROKU (which is a foe of mine lol) with a clear head and made back most of my loss Rs: -0.5
  9. 4-14-20 AIS 0755, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: Over-trading. Taking correct position size Note: I will trade the open only if I have a PM plan for that ticker ROKU PB#1 0.0R JNJ PB#1 -0.5R AMD PB#3 +3R Cons: Chassed the two ROKU trades (lucky to get out ot BE) Pros: Stayed in control even though I told myself I am allowed to trade the first few minutes. Did take profits faster than normal. Rs: +2.6
  10. My Stream Deck has hard push clear mechanical buttons with a led screen behind each one. I have to push the key like a mechanical keyboard. I did not know they made them with soft push buttons (touch buttons). I could see that if that was the case.
  11. 4-13-20 AIS 0800, 7.5 hours, 7/10 PAT: Over-trading outside of PB# 1,3 or 7. Trade with size on A+ MGM PB#3 Beginning of a trend. Did not make it through VWAP and the SPY looked like it was not gonna make it to VWAP also helping me out. I did take off 50% to reduce risk since this was not going fast enough for my expectations. My stop was just above VWAP. I took off 25% at 1R and moved my stop to BE and stopped out. 0.0 R AMD PB#3 +3R Cons: Distractions from other business is keeping me from good focus Pros: Took trades when called out and did a little more scalping as my attention was split PB Trade: AMD Rs: +3
  12. @JasonH Did you try returning the Streamdeck. Sounds like there may be a problem with it. I have been using mine since Christmas and the only mistakes it makes is from operator error Maybe yours got tossed around a little too much in shipping.
  13. 4-6 to 4-9-20 What I did bad this week: Technical Errors: Hotkey error a couple times but caught them fast Trade management: Took too little Risk in A+ setups Over-trading: 3 out of 4 days. Convincing myself that it is part of my PB but when reviewed it is not. What I did good this week: Respected my in trade and daily stop. Kept my losers small by taking off risk when the trade does not go my way in the time expected. Changing a Bad Rule that I implemented on Wed. after discussion with Ted Visualization with my meditation seems to work well for me Changes to be made this upcoming week: None, stay with same risk until my goal is reached Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: 1. After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day in SIM unless it is an A+ setup then only give back what is in my plan 2. In-Trade and Daily Stops 3. Do Not chase or revenge trade 4. PB#s 1, 3 and 7 are only to be taken Live unless Rule#1 5. Only A or better setups at time of Live trade 6. After a losing Bad (poorly executed, out of PB Ect.) trade before 1100 I must wait till after 1100 to resume trading Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: On mic trades only with my small group if available Take a planned break at 1100 or 1200 for other Bus. @ 0850 do some exercise and then meditate to calm myself Notes: Rules are not to be broken, these will cost money every time My Challenges are almost as important as my Rules, Pay attention to them Goals and Rewards: +6R or more for the week to increase size. +2.9R for the week
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