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Glenn Budde

Budde (Booty) Trading Journal

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Slept 6 hours up at 7:45.... SSS and a Bucci..... Fell rested and ready....

PAT: Follow my Sticky Notes........... Pay more attention to Volume........ Share sizes are getting better but still need a little work......... Follow my Plans........... Only try the first 5min if I can control the stop and it shows strength for the move........

+LOW ORB two trades..... Trying to take a trade after the first min was stupid, second candle broke the first and I got stopped out.... second ORB was another mistake as it was heading into resistance and the 5min candle was all lower lows and lower highs........ both of these trades I took way too much share size and my lost was huge (which I didn't know till now).....

-310.00 WOW share size....


- LOW Peters VWAP (lightning bolt), I took small share size for my uncertainty and added too much so I partialed out 1/2 right away to get my share size to what I wanted it to be...... took profits on the way down and all out on a new high...



+TRGT ORB two trades.... first on on 1min ORB, got stopped out below 9 and 20..... second one I waited for the 5min ORB to break the high of prev. candle at 9.60 stop below the 9 and 20 at 9.40 and target of break HOD at 100.20 and took partials and all out with lots of red on the time and sales and a price action change....



+AMD ABCD took 1/2 share size and added to it for a full share size... I took almost all of it out and set a stop limit to BE while I looked for other trades...........



Cons: Took way too much sahre size on the pre 5min ORBs.......... I still did not pay much attention to the Volume until after I was in the Trade.............

Pros: I did ease into the LOW short, took too much on the add on and took some of it back out to make shares correct.......

Profit Target +50.00: (10.38)

I will continue to try trading in SIM of SIM for the rest of the day...

+TGT End of Day... wanted in at the 1535 candle but was scared to enter.... Took this long because of how strong it was all day and it seemed to have the momentum to break the HOD..... Also on the 1min it was usinfg the 9 as support............ ended up getting in with some FOMO and want to see if I can make some profit on End of Day.... (this is something else I am working on when I am home) Any end of day traders please let me know if you have any comments....


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6 hours sleep but feel very fatigued .... SSS and a Cappuccino  

PAT: After Williams Trade Review I should slow down and stop with the pre 5min trades..... Pay more attention to Volume when looking for reversals, ABCD ect........... After last nights review with William I do need to watch partialing out too early, read the charts...... Try moving away from the 1min for reading charts and use for R/R only...........

Well another terrible day... Made more mistakes today than I have in the last week.... I got terrible entries with the spread..... I was not on montage when I tried to enter a couple of trades and when I realized it I took the trade anyways out of frustration.....I was taking trades without clear patterns........ I did not respect the price action that I was reading and turned small losers into very bad losers.....  Overall when I felt the way I did when the market opened I should have walked away.... Here are a few of the trades I took.. I will forgo the explanation as it is explained here.... Maybe Ill come back after a couple hours when I am in a different frame of mind....


8-22-19 BJ.png

8-22-19 DKS.png

8-22-19 MU.png


back after a nice long break..... Looked at a bunch of misses but was determined to not take a trade unless it made total sense to me...

This trade got me from a ridiculous Red day to a 1R Red day...

+KEYS Revesal on a strong stock breaking the 9 and 20, stop at 99.60 break below the 9 target HOD 100.00....... took profits due to the even 100.00 mark and more at each R and at the .50, all out at new low.... Maybe I should have held on to it for break of the 9ma instead, I was starting  to think about P&L instead of the trade



Cons:I got terrible entries with the spread..... I was not on montage when I tried to enter a couple of trades and when I realized it I took the trade anyways out of frustration.....I was taking trades without clear patterns........ I did not respect the price action that I was reading and turned small losers into very bad losers.....  Overall when I felt the way I did when the market opened I should have walked away.... Here are a few of the trades I took.. I will forgo the explanation as it is explained here....

Pros: None.... Maybe the ability to walk away but too late.... Came back with a fresh look and found one I liked....

Profit Target (R Value) 50.00:    (262.40) WOW....  / (45.65) after a long break


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7 hours sleep and feel much better this morning.... SSS and a Bucci

PAT: Watch the spreads....... Make sure Im in Montage....... Sticky Notes!!! .......... 

From morning show I will be cautious and take small share sizes and either add in or take the small loss....


AMD first trade ORB Stopped out below the 9MA ...... took very small share size...

       second trade VWAP reversal.... very tight stop with a target of the 50 and 200 on 5min..... took small size to start then added in on confirm.... took out 50% at target and all out at BE........



MU first trade IDK pattern (I Dont Know) I am not even sure what this was but I did take very small size and got stopped out

      second trade VWAP, break of VWAP on the 2, 5, 15min with small share size.... kept stop tight below VWAP on 5min, target 50 MA.... added in on confirm. took 50% off at target and all out  on a small pullback, This is a big mistake I have been making, I should have stuck with BE and I would never have needed the last two trades........

       third trade was frustration from getting out early so I stopped myself out...............

         fourth trade Trend Trade, entered again with small size and added at confirm.... stop at .43 and target .78 red to green.... took two 25% partials and added in on more trend confirm...... didn't count on Trumps tweet so I ended up getting out at BE.....



TGT first trade entered at break of MAs got stopped at below the 20 again very small size..... I should have waited for more confirm or even held onto it with the 9 and 20 crossing  on the 5min.....

         second trade reentered when I had more confirm and addedto it a little late..... took 50% off at 200 and rest at BE.... I have been adjusting my partials depending on the strength of the stock and I felt like it did not have much more steam.....



I have traded enough for the day... If I take any more It will be SIM of SIM.... If I am home I may try some end of day again.....


Cons: I did take one trade without a strategy and another out of revenge of myself.........

Pros: I listened to Carlos and Norm and took small share sizes and added in with confirmation keeping my losses to a very minimum...... Found my first trend trade thanks to Kurt's explanation in the Lifetime Webinar with success and would have been great if Trump kept his mouth shut.......

R=50.00:      +74.75


Week Total 250.00 target:          +254.62

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Slept 4 hours, Feel fine not too tired.... SSS and a Bucci in the making....

PATWatch the spreads....... Make sure Im in Montage....... Sticky Notes!!! .......... 

Sooooo... today was terrible for me....

I went to my max loss of 3R on AMD with nothing but  Hot Key Mistakes.... I went for a short 5min ORB, when it went to VWAP I hit my hotkey to sell my position as if I was long so it added to it not once but I did it three times before my [email protected]# realized what I was doing then I covered with my 25% cover hotkey multiple times before I again realized I was hitting the wrong key all the while cussing at DAS LOL...... then on the second trade I went long for a small amount then added to it to make sure I wasnt getting on a revenge ... Added to it again when I seen the price action going strong in my favor, covered 25% at 30.70 and now I am starting to feel better and whamo when I went to get out with a profit I somehow did get out but also shorted it which I had to get out of again.....




+BMY 5min ORB ... two min into the 5min ORB it went above the prev candle and what I though was a pull back I entered there to get stopped out at a daily level that I had marked.




Cons: Once I made a couple of Hotkey mistkes I could not recover and kept making the same type of mistakes out of frustration for myself...... 

Pros: I do feel good about both ORBs even after I come back to review them, they were on the right side of VWAP for the break out and if it wasnt for all the Hotkey mistakes I could have kept trading and on the VWAP reversal on AMD it did go my way but with more Hotkey mistakes.....

R = 50.00:      (164.50)

I need to go back to, leave to journal when I make two bad trades or mistakes.... That seemed to work for me.

If I come back to trade later it will be SIM of SIM

I just got back from watching the interview by William with Joe (Average Joe) and am now going to work on my DAS.... Seems like I do make Hotkey mistakes so I will add Hot Buttons in Montage and also I am taking off my position window from my main trading screen.....


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4 1/2 hours sleep.... feel pretty well rested... SSS and a coffee.....

After watching the interview by William with Joe (Average Joe) yesterday I added Hot Buttons in Montage and took off my view of my position from my main trading screen.....

PAT: Get back to the basics.... ORB and ABCD early and ABCD,  VWAP, Trend in late morn. afternoon..... STICKY NOTES..... If I do something stupid or take a bad trade after brief review take a break to Journal....


+AMD ORB two trades both got stopped out for 1R each.... I did use the 1 and 2 for an ABCD also... Just didnt work out...

What I did wrong is I went in with full share sizes so my stops were a full R..... Will start using smaller size and scaling in instead..



+JNJ ABCD.... Went in with small share size and added upon confirm..... First partial for 25% and the others at 10%... I added when it pulled back to the 9, took 50% off with price action change and then all out for a little over 2.5R

I am feeling much better with small share sizes and adding in and waiting long enough to to start partialing and using smaller partials after the first....



I plan on coming back after lunch if I can find a setup....

I did not find any clear patterns so as I tuned into PLAN I found a big breakup and as Peter was announcing it I was getting in.... went in for small share size and added and partialed all the way through..... I added when my T&S was running green and partialed when Red scaling all the way... I was also watching the LVL2 when I entered and it also had a bunch of decent orders on the Ask...... 58.38 was a daily level I had marked (learning from Carlos in the morning) and right about there it was rejected...



Cons: I went in with full share sizes for 5min ORB when I should have managed better and taken smaller size.

Pros: I felt good with a playbook and was able to stay more focused.... I also feel like I learned from "Average Joe" with hiding the P&L (which I know this room talks about all the time also) and making hot buttons on my montage (as of now I did not make any mistakes)

R=50.00:    +2R    +107.30

Edited by Glenn Budde
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Just now, Glenn Budde said:

After watching the interview by William with Joe (Average Joe) yesterday I added Hot Buttons in Montage and took off my view of my position from my main trading screen.....

nice! This was a great interview. Hope this works well for you as well!

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1 hour ago, Carlos M. said:

Hope this works well for you as well!

Yes it did... I feel like a little light went off in my head.... 

Doesn't take much.... LOL

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About 4 hours sleep, a little groggy this morning.... SSS and a coffee

Didnt get on here to do my PAT:

I will be brief as I need to get to work early... And now I do not need to be to work early.... LOL... I am back....

AMD two trades got stopped out on both for small share size...




UBER three trades two winnner one loser



FOXA from Turbo Scanner... two trades both losers



TOPS Small winner and got out as I realized it didn't have enough vol. 



ADSK This is the only trade I took today that I was happy with... I had FOMO from Kurt and Norm talking about it but contained myself and waited till I found an entry. This is from my New playbook with the help of William (pullback to the 9ema on 2min without a new low on 5 or 15 and after a clear direction)......

I was able to get in and out in a small amount of time and because I felt very comfortable with this setup I took just a little less than a full position. I did have to go to work so I exited very early.... I am so glad this is SIM as I would have gave a ton of money away......



After I got ready for work I find out I do not need to get ready early...... So I'm Back.....

Took a couple more trades on ADSK.... I have been scalping it rather than Trend trading it .... Even though I hid my P&L  I am still Partialing out and taking scalps when I should be holding on to more shares....

first one entered 1/5 share size and I stopped myself out.....

second one I entered small and added to it. When it pulled back on the final add on (I almost stoped out here) the T&S was turning total green with lots of 300 to 600 share orders..... As of this pic. I still have 51 shares left which I will let run till I need to go to work with a loose stop limit just in case....

total for all ADSK +448.91




CONS: I took way too many trades and some of them I didn't have a clear path for, either a firm R/R or good setup..... Even though I hid my P&L  I am still Partialing out and taking scalps when I should be holding on to more shares

PROS: After walking away for just a bit I was able to clear my head and come back fresh.

R=50.00:       +405.41


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4 hours sleep. This is my most groggy day of the week as it is the 4th day with about 4 hours sleep. Depending on how this day goes I may start joining late on Thursdays. SSS and a coffee.

PAT: Do Not over trade and Do Not take trades without a clear path. Stick to the Playbook...... Do Not get out of a position without good cause on the 5min at least......

I do have an appointment today that I will have to leave for earlier than usual.....

ANF ORB on pullback on 5min with ABCD on 2min, Stopped out at VWAP but ended up spiking so my stop was not as bad.......



NTNX  3 trades..... Too many trades and ended up getting pretty much chopped up...... Got out with a profit only with luck and no skill......

first was ABCD Small share size and added to it ......  I got stopped out on (Happy with this trade)

second was the same ABCD same small size but with harder evidence, partial at the top added at a pullback but let it run into a looser instead of getting out at BE (Happy with the entry but not with my trade management)....

third was more revenge... the only thing I did that I liked was put a limit order on it and walked away from the trade.... AND I got LUCKY.....



BOX Took this from my Playbook #3 thanks to @WilliamH (pullback to 9ema on 2min without a new low on the 15min after a clear direction) My continued problem with my trading is that I feel like I mismanage the partials and my stop... The first partial was too big so I went ahead and scaled back in (mistake #1), I feel like I should have never scaled back in as it just raised my avg. and it was no longer showing buying power costing me about 37.50 ..... I then on a big pullback on the 2min and a new 5min low I partialed 50% then all out right after that (I am not sure if this is mistake #2)......

Overall I am happy with this trade.



ConsDid some Revenge trading on NTNX.... Still unsure of my partials and exits on the BOX

ProsI followed all my rules up until the one revenge trade..... Made sure I had good setups  and respected my stop loss.....

R = 50.00:         +192.48

I do need to start posting this here also before I go into SIM of SIM mode and do stupid things.... LOL

Any future trades will be SIM of SIM


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Slept 7 hours and feel OK..... SSS and a coffee, no sugar  (not a very good one today)

PAT: Use my Playbook for trades........ make sure I read and follow all my Sticky Rules...... Walk away before I take a revenge trade........

CPB 5min ORB, confirmed with ABCD on 1min.... Gotta terrible fill with a bad spread, I thought I took a small size until it got filled so when I got stopped out is was for a full position......



MRVL 2 trades

   first .... 15min ORB with confirmation on 2min ABCD... small share size and scaled in, took profits at 25% each and all out at BE..........

    second...... ABCD continued.... took small share size and added small as I did not feel as good about this one and this is why I am here right now..... took profit of 50% at 1R and all out at BE.....



Done for the Day..... open pos. and any future is maybe a SIM of SIM but I don't think Ill be back home before the close



Cons: On CPB The spread was worse than it was when I looked at it earlier, I need to look at the spread right before the trade.....

Pros: I did follow my Playbook, took small share sizes and added with confirmation... I did respect my stop losses.........

R= 50.00:       +23.59

Week end goal 5 R :          +564.28


This of course was SIM of SIM

I took NUGT for VWAP Lightning..... entered on the bounce of the 9ma on 1 and 2min, along with an ABCD, above 50 on 5min... no new low on 5 or 15min ....

my avg cast 40.56 and my stop was the ABCD pattern at 40.47 and target was several bounces off 40.79 on the 5min intraday.... partialed out 50% - 25% - 10% then all out for a profit of 54.85 (risk 36.00)


Edited by Glenn Budde
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three day weekend, feel OK with 4 hours sleep, SSS and a coffee (no sugar today)

PAT: I missed the spread when entering last trading day, Be Careful...... Follow my playbook only..... refer back to it and my sticky notes frequently.....


Starting out bad with first two trades....  and here to journal.....

+MU 5min ORB with a ABCD on 1 min, Small share size...... Idea was sound and if I did not chase the action with a bad entry I would have been able to profit 50% then BE but instead I got stopped out..... -18.00




first trade .......10min ORB with ABCD on 1min, Small share size..... Again I feel ok with this trade except I added in instead of waiting for confirmation.... Bad trade management...... -30.00

second trade........ VWAP false breakout fail..... again I like the trade but it did not work out, I will take SNAP out of my watch list today........ -7.00



MDCO  .... all small share size

first trade ......... reverse to VWAP, stop below the 9 target VWAP +28.00

second trade........... VWAP rejection short....... got impatient and missed the move....... -4.00

third trade........ short trend pullback to 9ema from playbook #3.... I did get in late and used it more for a scalp with lot of red on the ticker and a few good bids on  lvl2........... +21.00





first trade......... Opportunity trade, SPY dropped on news so I jumped over here to take a quick scalp long........... This is not in my playbook but will be added, I am sure there is a name for this but I will call it "Opportunity Trade".......... +51.36

second trade........ Same ........... it was just a hard pull back on SPY, kept my stop tight and honored my stop..... -18.00




fourth trade....... MDCO Playbook #3..... only took 100 shares so I will hold onto it for a bit unless I get another opportunity to add..... I did have an opportunity to add at 1158 on the 2min but chickened out...... I only took 10% partial then all out .....on a new 15min low along with 3 new 5min lows.....  and it went through the 20 and past my 47.51 HOD..... I am happy with this trade except that I did want to take it upon break of VWAP (Chickened out again) so I did leave about 100 bucks on the table .....




Cons: I will continue to try the ORBs with ABCD confirm. for awhile longer but I feel like I am not trading well in the early morning........ I did chicken out a couple times and cost money, I have improved on this but still need to work on it....

Pros: I felt good about all of my setups.... I did hold onto my shares longer waiting for more confirmation on longer time frames before a partial or exits....

Info: I did take very small share sizes with the intention to add in upon confirm. but never had the opportunity with the exception of the last MDCO

R = 50.00:        +130.66




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4 hours sleep, feel OK, SSS and a coffee (no sugar)

PAT: Work on self trust for adding to position and entering making sure to have good levels to trade from......... Stick to my playbook and read all sticky notes very often.......

Will be trying out for a few days..... Not partialing as much and holding on to my Target before first partial.... not sure how I am gonna feel about this.... 



first......  small pos. .....was a mistake, I took it long instead of short so i exited within three seconds (2.00)... I took a step back for a few seconds and it ran without me.....

second...... small pos. .....9ma trade #3, this time I did take the trade when I seen it (trusting myself) but then I exited from not trusting my setup and myself which led to another good third trade which got stopped out but as of now if I would have kept this trade I still would have position...... +9.00

third......... small pos. (100) ..... 9ma trade #3, added in first 100 then two 50s moving my stop to a new 5min high.... stopped out..... (32.00)... should have stuck with what I know a partialed out on the last two small entries....




first Trade #3 5min ORB....... start small and added in.... out 25% twice then stopped at BE..... +17.89

second, Trade #3 ...... happy with entry R/R but just got stopped out.... (22.00)




TVIX ..... Opportunity Trade Playbook #4........ Spy dumped so I jumped for a long on TVIX.... it did go for a few seconds then dumped as I exited at 9ma I got lucky and it had a spike that reduced my loss.....



TSN ..... Trade #3....... took very small share size here as I didnt like this as much.... got stopped out.... if I would have went with my old plan (partials)  I would have made at least 1R on this and maybe 1.5R......



SBUX  I will try to do a play by play here as I may have a little more time between the price action

fourth ....... Trade #3 ....... small share size again..... should have added to it about 1120 on 2min but hesitated too long....... I will continue to hold to my 95.50 level before my first partial..... lets see how this goes... lol .... 25% out at 95.49....  1148 retesting the 9ma here, this 2min candle has a lot of selling volume.... 1151 missed another add but I was not happy with the 2min volume on the 1150 candle...... the selling pressure on the 1202 candle has a lot of volume.... I added at the retest of the 9ma, hope I didn't just blow it..... there was a very brief new 5min low and pulled back (no new 15min Low as of now)......  this moved my avg price to 95.20.... if it gets to this point I feel like it may do a reversal and I will get all out at BE......, my new target is 96.00....... this consolidation is killing me.....  1220 think if I can get back to the 95.70 level I will partial out 25% .... and stopped myself out at 95.40 as this was a third 5 min low and a new 15 min low..... probably should flip my pos. but I think I am done for today...... I do feel like I let myself down here as I said I was gonna let it go to 95.20 for BE......



Cons: a couple of my setups could have had better confirm. ...... I did exit out of my last trade even as I was real time journaling which would have led to a larger win....

Pros: took trades out of my playbook and did a little better holding on to them, just not sure this is the best for me but I will continue to try for the rest of the week

R + 50.00:      +2.64




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4.5 hours sleep, just a tad groggy..... SSS and some coffee and toast....

PAT: My continued problem is that I continue to get out too early...... Use playbook on all trades and refer to sticky notes frequently.....

I am not going to have much time today for the market


first trade... Playbook #1 .........  5min ORB small size and added on the pull back.... 2/1 RR .... Out 50% twice then all out on Price action change.....

second ......... Playbook #2....... VWAP false breakout, small size added at break of VWAP and stopped out below VWAP..... a hopeful 12/1 RR.........



first and second....Playbook #1........  10min ORB with ABCD....... both with bad RR of 1/1..... Stopped out on first with reentry for the second.... listened too much to others and got out unplanned and it ran without me... I will come back to look for a trend on this one....


CIEN   Playbook #1 ..... 10 min ORB without good confirmation and bad RR at 1.5/1 ...... stopped out below my stop because of very fast action and a very bad spread.....



MU  Playbook #3   .......... entered with 1/2 size on the pull back to the 9ma on 1min without a new low on the 5 and or 15 ..... will look for a possible add if it stays consolidated but stays above the 9ma on the 5min here or take some small profits if it runs.....1045 looking a little bit like I am gonna get stopped out again for a final red day...... stopped out....




Cons: took trades without good confirmation and not so good RR , #1 out of my Playbook (ORB with confirmation of ABCD on 1 or 2 min)..........  I have been trying to hold onto the stocks without partialing so much but it has been working against me for the last 5 trading days or so, I will go back to what was working for me with more smaller partials and taking full or close to full share sizes upon entry......

Pros: stopped trading when I felt like I was max loss which I was within 30.00......

R = 50.00     first big loss in a couple weeks of ..... (120.00)

Be back to finish this tonight or tomorrow.....

Discovered something about DAS SIM...... I can not bring up previous days trades or P&L......

Edited by Glenn Budde
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up at 0745 with about 6.5 hours sleep feel OK.... SSS and making a coffee now..... 

PAT: Any ORB plays I should make double sure of as they have not been working out of me lately due to either me or just going against me... Go back to my normal 1R 25% partial with closer to correct share size entry..... Make sure I use my playbook with confirmation


first....... PB#1....... 5min ORB .... Bad 1/1 RR using 54.76 (daily lvl) and C....... I did have an ABCD pattern on the 1min but I should have waited to break the previous candle for confirmation..... got stopped out at C...... This was also a strong stock which is another reason for me to wait on even more confirmation next time... (34.00)

second.... PB#2......  VWAP reverse...... 3/1 RR using Low of PM and HOD..... took it at break of VWAP on 1 and 2min with lots of green on the T&S and nice size ask orders on the LVL2 within range........ going back to my 25% partials and all out at break of 9 and 20 on 1min and a new low on 5min......

third...... PB#2..... continuation of prev. trade when it turned back to favor a long trade breaking the 9 and 20ma on 2min..... took  25% partials and all out at BE...... combined +43.55



WMS...... PB#1..... ABCD with confirmation of the bounce off the 9ma on 2min....... 2.5/1 RR using C and HOD...... took my 25% partials (2) and a 10% then all out when it broke the 9ma with lots of selling pressure on T&S and LVL2......



AMD...... PB#3...... Trend..... took a bad trade and got out as soon as I realized my mistake.....



WMS.... PB#3....  2/1 RR using 32.12 intraday support and HOD...... took very small size and will look for another entry if possible..... 1048 looking for reentry here but did not like the shooting star on the 2min.... 1053 same reentry prob but this time it looks like the Bears might be exhausted for now...... if the  Bulls show up I will add in.....1059 All out as the 9 and 20 were broke on the 2min and the 9 was broke on the 5min..... looking at it after a knee jerk reaction to it the 5min looks like it was the trend here and I should have held it for my original Stop.....



GWRE.... PB#3 ...... Trend found on scanner and looked for news.... The spread on this is a litle large so I will try to be very careful... 1126 looking for GWRE to pull back to the 9 on 2min for an entry...... In at 1137 1138 two small size..... took 25% at 111.00 and all out at BE.... Will still look for entry from the good news for the long..... in again at 1146 very small size....1150 out 25% at 111.00 if it holds 111.00 as support I will add in....  1152 out  25% at 111.50, partials at even dollars and .50s ........  1154 the 9ma has moved to 111.00 so I will add if it pulls back to the 9ma.... Out another 25% at 112.00.... 1200 added in which moved my avg to 111.40 which will also be my loose BE stop.... stopped out below BE.....




Cons: Did take a trade without good confirmation.... I do not like trying to scale in as I feel like I am leaving money on the table, I will go back to proper size positions next week. This cost me big on my winning trades as in GWRE (I would have never tried to reenter and lose somewhere in the neighborhood of 150.00) and my losers would have been only about double bringing my daily profit way up......

Pros: I felt good about my trade management.... Took only trades out of PB..... 

R =50.00:       +63.72


Weekly Goal 4R (only 4 days this week):  77.02


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Hi Glenn, be careful with those ORBs after that inverted hammer. I used to take those ORBDs like the one on DOCU right after that 2min inverted hammer until Vikram pointed out its actually a reversal signal. Thor took the opposite side of that trade today because of the hammer. 

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