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  1. Happy Holidays! Instead of clicking on the chart to get a stoploss price, can you help advise a hotkey to buy or sell with a 20 cents stoploss relatively to the entry price? The fixed $risk amount will be $20/entry, and ideal targets would be 50%position at 3R and all out at 5R. Thank you so much for your help.
  2. That works perfect for both Long and Short. Thank you so much for your help. Just curious: what is "DefShare=BP*0.5" mean on the code. Does it mean the execution only take 50% the buying power to get the share size?
  3. Thank you for the amazing work @Day-Meister Can I use the scripts to enter a long or short with a fixed dollar risk $50/trade?
  4. Hi, Does DAS report P/L for each complete trade, i.e. all positions are existed, for example $AAPL entered at Long $310, 50 shares, and partial 10 shares at $315 and all out at $310. I inherit an excel spreadsheet to journal and record trades, and it requires the P/L for each trade. I usually export DAS trade window to csv and going thru manual calculate step for P/L. Thank you for your advice.
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