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  1. I just noticed this thread, but I've been with BBT since July 2021. I'm 30 and taking a break from the IT industry to learn trading. I bought my first stock when I was 9 and have always had a fascination with the markets. Covid created a great opportunity to invest further in the market, which led me to give day trading a shot this year. After some early beginner's luck, I began to take losses and moved into DAS Sim. Through meticulous journaling and performance review, I'm starting to see the couple strategies I'm good at...and the several I'm bad at. I'm thankful for this community as it often provides the encouragement I need to get back on the saddle the next day and reminds me that I'm early on in the process. I love to talk trading so if you'd like to review trades together virtually, let me know! My focus strategies are the 5-min ORB and 5-min ABCD. I'm preparing to go live with these strategies in the coming days so wish me luck!
  2. Welcome Jena! Since you've been here a while, you probably know about the messaging group Tiffany runs for the women of BBT. Are you part of that? I'm sorry to hear about the discrimination you've faced in other communities and hope you feel welcome here. I haven't tried recording my trading sessions, but that is an interesting idea that I may try out. Thank you for sharing some of your process and insights on your journey so far. I wish you the best!
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