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  1. Im trying to follow the tools on BBT and just getting a paper trader with an imac has been sucky...any help out there.  I guess i havent a clue what im doing, but I know what I want to SEE on my screen, just not figuring it out tonight...think or swim...etc...they all want too much information...I just want software that works w my imac and has data flowing..late is fine

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    2. silverrocket


      yeahhuup...I just got my windows laptop in the mail...I'll leave imac for audio recording and my PC for trading.  Thanks for the confirmation.  Seems like a great group here.

    3. zackattackoh5


      Did you join our Discord server? 

    4. silverrocket


      I have not!  Ive signed up for the elite plan here, and I'm still trying to learn to navigate THIS page...but I WILL.

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