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  1. That's a generous offer Spiderman. Thank you. Pushing the meetup back an hour will help.
  2. How about the El Torito in marina Del rey. Irvine is a 2 hour drive for me at 9:30 in the morning. Friday night Is worse. The L.A. people want L.A. we'll hit the 2 worst freeways in the country. Thanks for all the hard work spiderman! Thanks for understanding.
  3. Wow. That is really interesting. That makes perfect sense. This is another piece of the puzzle. I think I know what I need to do. I have been circling around trying to find that one thing I am missing when I have been neglecting the fundamentals of every trade. That is what I should focus on everyday. There is work to be done. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Here it is again. This is great information. See that Christmas tree looking thing? I call that Persistence not over trading.
  5. Here are some trades I took Today. I took an ORB on MU then a couple of Vwap reversals. Here is the 5 Minute Chart. Today I decided to use my Toolbar that changes Time Frames very quickly for when I review trades. I had never checked the longer time frames like the 30 minute and 60 minute. I found something very interesting and wanted to share. The first trade was an acceptable Opening Range breakdown. Good consolidation to vwap before the break. But it went against me. I have have a much better understand for why. I am curious, do institutions use 30 and 60 minute time frames to trade off of? Today was a choppy day. Now I'm thinking, how many failed trades have I had going short into strong supports like these. What do you guys think? I think I really need to keep an eye on this. But What I would hate is if I get too much information in my head that I never find a trade after all. Do you guys Have any trades that chopped you up similar to this and then it turned out to be a 30 or 60 minute ma? Thanks for reading. Let me know if the pictures came through well. Recap for the Day Dec 28
  6. I'll make time for it at any time. I look forward to it!
  7. Maybe my adjusted break-even could be my stop loss for the whole thing. Since the parameters of the trade have changed drastically within the last 15 minutes. A stop loss at the double top level could be irrelevant. And what are your strategies for adding to pullbacks. I really like Douglas's idea from his Trading in the Zone, where he said that when the price action goes against you, it doesn't have to be threatening. That it may potential be a place to add to your position and extra confirmation. I'll watch Andrew video in the Education center again. What are your strategies? Thanks, Nick
  8. Hi everyone, I have been thinking about trying to make the most of my winning trades. I want to maybe try and add to a winning position if I see another signal for another strategy if I am already in the trade. I'm not sure how it would work and I want to know your opinion's on it. Just today I had this scenario. I caught a good double top reversal on AAPL I had distance between my entry and the current price. Then the price action met with the 1 minute 50MA. And I watched to see how how everything would play out. Well it turned into a very nice Robert H reversal that would have been nice to take. I would take it , but of course, there is potential that it will not work. I had the thought that maybe this is added confirmation for the reversal trend likely to VWAP, I could add to my position. But then I was stumped, How would I do that? I could put my stop loss be as if I was trading the 15 minute reversal, independent of my initial trade. I could set the stop and my Percentage of risk Calculator at the double top level, now about a dollar away, or at the 50 ma where I would normally set it when I trade a 15 minute reversal. So there is a tradeoff here. With the new shares added, my break-even would be brought much lower. Deciding on where I set my Percentage of Risk calculator would determine how much lower my break even would come. I don't want to get too wordy here. I hope I explained a common situation I have when trading reversals. Do you guys add to a winning trade when you see another setup forming? I like this idea because It may even keep me in the moment with the stock and price action. I want to know how you guys would implement it and if it's even a good idea. Thanks for reading. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Brendon. I haven't been looking at the INDU$ charts enough! That will be great going forward. There's a lot to know.
  10. Several people in the chat today pointed out that several stocks in play had price action that were very similar to the price action of the Market. Correct me if I'm wrong, Robert H. responded with an explanation of "the stocks were trading with the Market". What is the best course of action for when this happens? Can you trade like normal or can you even use it to my advantage? Like Short when the market is weak? What kind of strategies do you guys have under these circumstances? Are there any interesting behaviors stock's have when under these conditions? There's a lot to learn. Any input in appreciated. Thanks.
  11. @tiredandsleepy Interesting. Thanks for the reply. I have trouble seeing the moves before its too late. This seemed like it preempted even some moves. But I don't want to go against the flow too much maybe. I'm glad to hear others trade this way though. That confirmation on reversal would be best. What setups do you use the MA for confirmation for? Do you notice any interesting behavior that MA's have that you wouldn't mind sharing with me? More than anything, I am trying to learn these indications so I know what I'm looking at. Thanks.
  12. Wow and now that i look further, I see on a 5 minute how the 9 and 20 cross again for a major move towards vwap. That is around 13:40ish. This is interesting. Does anyone trade like this? How would you guys take the trade. Thanks for the input.
  13. This was my missed opportunity on a 3 percent move. VKTX 9/18/2018 at 10:21 This is the moment the 9 and 20 ema meet on a 5 Minute chart. The 9 and 20 do not meet on the 1 minute however. This is so interesting. And I am seeing it more often in my trading now that i see the Indication. Like Mark Douglas said, the candlesticks are just lines and block on the screen until we learn and give them context. Wow. I feel like I'm learning. I want to know what you guys think. Is this a valuable indication for major moves in price. All the credit goes to Robert H for pointing out the how one of the parameters of his 15 minute reversal is that "the 9 and 20 cross the 50". I started looking for that and found this. Any idea's and further insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks. And the second picture is the final outcome of the move.
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