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  1. Hey Brandi Did you solve this? I am currently trying to figure this out. I’ll try to scale out of a position and am not able to. Is this because I have a stoploss set as well?
  2. What is the most updated hotkey script? I see Kyles from a few years ago but has an updated version been created? Thanks!!!
  3. @ecadaret thank you for your responses. That helps a lot and confirms they are legit. Others have given me similar feedback. thanks
  4. Hi BBT community! I was wondering if any members have done any SMB Capital trading courses and what your experience was like. Has anyone had negative experiences? Has anyone significantly improved their Skills through them? Outside of BBT I find it hard to know what is valuable vs what is scammy. Thank you!
  5. I updated the latest version of DAS and followed the steps above. I have no idea why but it takes me to the bookmark bar...? If anyone reading this has found a solution to this situation I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.
  6. Tash

    Thanks for this help

  7. Hi! Im new to day trading and live in the Bay Area. Would love to be a part of a meet up if you guys are planning anything this spring!
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