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  1. Could I have this trigger a market order instead of a range? In other words, one the selected price is hit, I'm fine getting in at any price.
  2. How would you script this? I have a hotkey for manual entry that does this, but I'd love to be able to pre-select my entry price.
  3. I *think* the answer to this question is "No", but figured I'd ask the community just in case. I'm currently using William's Equalized Risk + Range Order hotkey seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPSLj7W-KQA&t=6s&ab_channel=BearBullTraders My questions is: Is there any way to have the Target portion of a Range order trigger a Market order instead of a Limit order? I ask because my trades have an uncanny tendency to tick at or even above my target price, not fill me, and then reverse from there. I'm fine leaving a few pennies on the table if I'm not filled precisely at my target price.
  4. Hmmm. The current BBT special says it automatically includes ARCA book (https://www.learningdaytrading.com/partnership/bearbull), but I don't see the tab in my Montage.
  5. Has anybody here ever used automated backtesting software to test out their strategies? If so, do you have any you recommend? I know TradeIdeas has a feature like this, but that's obviously quite expensive. Other than that, the best alternative I've been able to find is using the Trade Replay feature in DAS.
  6. I did not know that. Thanks, Justin. I'll look into it. If anybody knows of any other options (preferably less expensive), please chime in. The free FinVIz has scanners for daily patterns, but not intraday.
  7. Obviously we all know about scanners that can screen for fundamental criteria like volume, float, etc. But does anybody know of a TECHNICAL scanner that allows you to input parameters to screen for particular chart patterns, like ascending triangles, on an intraday chart?
  8. Thanks. CCL usually has a 1-cent spread, but I took the trade near the open (on the 4th minute), so the opening volatility was likely to blame. Appreciate the feedback.
  9. I've noticed I'm frequently getting bad fills on my stop loss orders. In cases where my stop is tight, this can really screw me up. If I have a 5-cent stop and I get filled at 8 cents (as happened to me today in CCL), I just nearly doubled my expected loss. I am using ROUTE=MARKET for my stop loss orders. Is this what everyone else is using, or is there some other routing that gets better fills? I'm using ROUTE=SMRTL for my entries, and my fills from that are usually great. But my understanding is that SMRTL is for marketable limit orders, which aren't a good idea for stop-losses. Am I understanding routing correctly here, or am I confusing it with order types? It should be noted that I'm in SIM, so maybe once I go live with IB the fills will be better?
  10. What do you consider a "high" short interest percentage, when it comes to the potential for a short squeeze?
  11. I'll throw a couple more out there: -Placing an alert at 1R and 2R (with R being your entry price minus your stop price). -Partials as a percentage of original position, not remaining position.
  12. Hi Kyle! It would be great to have a hotkey for adjusting one's stop to reflect the new position size after taking a partial. So, say, if I have a 100 share position and take a 25% partial, my stop will adjust to my new position size of 75 shares.
  13. This exists now. In case anybody finds the above instructions confusing, here is the step-by-step on how to set up "click and add" price alerts. Steps: 1) Right click on a chart > Chart Area > Config Area. Check the box in the bottom-right that says "Enable placing alert on chart". 2) Next, you must create a hotkey (Setup > Hot Key > Add New Item). I have simple scripts for when price crosses above or below my alert price. I'll share them: Price crosses ABOVE alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;AddAlert Price crosses BELOW alert price: AlertName=newalert;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=<=;AddAlert 3) Open the Alerts window (Tools > Alert & Trigger). This window NEEDS to be open for the hotkeys to work, so I now just have it permanently fixed in my Desktop layout. 4) Now, when you press your hotkey, an arrow with an "A" next to it will show up on the chart, and you simply click the price where you'd like the alert to be placed. (NOTE: The first time you click, you'll get an error message that says "Placing alert failed". Just click again and it will work. This is a bug and I've reported it to DAS already.
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