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  1. Hey Kyle: I tested it out. This seems to be the configuration that works best for IB short. Shorting with 1% account risk with AUTO size based on selected stop price DefShare=BP*0.8; Share=DefShare*0.3* Price * 0.01; Price = Price - Bid + 0.02;SShare = Share / Price; Share = DefShare - SShare; DefShare = DefShare + SShare; SShare = Share; SShare = DefShare - SShare; Share = 0.5 * SShare; TogSShare; ROUTE =LIMIT; Price = Bid - 0.05; TIF=DAY+; SELL=Send; DefShare = 500; IB requires 30% equity as margin for short, and 25% equity as margin for long. Therefore, the discount on BP should be 0.25/0.3= 0.833333, so I just used 0.8 to be safe. For the same reason, I used 0.3 instead of 0.333333333333333. I just want to say Thank you again for figuring this out. Smart people like you are hard to find. If you ever need help with anything, pm me and let me know. BTW I just finished set up the new Genovation 48 key control pad. I highly recommend it. It's nicer than the 24.
  2. Yo finally got it set up. and I'm ready to retire the old 24 keys. If you gonna get a genovation control pad, get the one with 48 keys.
  3. OMG you are so smart. I'm gonna testing this one out right now. Thank you so much !!
  4. Jason W

    Introduce yourself!

    One day better be soon though, we not gonna be able to eat something fancy if I bust my account. I'm throwing a party at our one year trading anniversary, if we make it. Big if. And btw, why you didn't tell me AMD was going to jump off a cliff today when I said hi to you in the morning ? I went to bed to catch sleep while you guys making billions in the market..............
  5. I'm not even sure if DAS knows the difference. Because DAS does not separate long BP and short BP If DAS does not know the difference, then the value should still be 0.25 right ? If DAS knows the difference, then 0.3 is fine. There is no way to test this in the SIM, SIM has the same buying and shorting power I think. So I'm gonna have to take one for the team ..... Thanks again Kyle.
  6. Yo IB requires 25% for margin so it 4:1 on long, but 30% for margin on short, so that's 3.33333:1 on short ? So if we gonna do a short script with 1% risk , is this the correct script ? DefShare=BP*0.98; Share=DefShare*0.333333333333333* Price * 0.01; Price = Price - Bid + 0.02;SShare = Share / Price; Share = DefShare - SShare; DefShare = DefShare + SShare; SShare = Share; SShare = DefShare - SShare; Share = 0.5 * SShare; TogSShare; ROUTE =LIMIT; Price = Bid - 0.05; TIF=DAY+; SELL=Send; DefShare = 500; or is it Share=DefShare*0.3* Price * 0.01 ? Thanks again man !!
  7. Jason W

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello guys: I'm Jason W in the chat. I'm here to see how many times I can blow up my account. I like smoke crack while trading big and I also like to make fun of Andrew when he makes bad trades. My favorite person in the chat room is Lee W. He knows everything and he stops me from doing stupid shit sometimes. BTW this thread feels like the introduction at every AA meeting.
  8. Thank you so much Abiel !!! I bought a new 48 key Genovation. I will program it tonight. I love the new script that can auto calculate share size.
  9. Thanks again for this amazing script. I download this sheet as .xlsx on my computer, it needs to ENABLE EDITING to change the value. But after I enable editing, the spreadsheet stop working. Is there anyway to fix this ? Thank you
  10. Wow this is awesome. I'm sending you gift cards on thanksgiving.
  11. Yes I have this problem too. I used a different computer and it worked fine. But for some reason it does not work with my current computer anymore. Have you find a solution to this ????
  12. I'm switching to speedtrader after this earning season. I have a detail comparison of how IB vs Speedtrader base on your size. Long story short: if you trade more than 3000 share per entry. Speedtrader is a far better. If you trade 2000 shares per entry, its about the same, because when you scale out you end up making 4 trades anyways. Here is the catch, if you trade a lot of stock in the range of $5-$20 , you gonna have to trade a lot of shares and your per entry shares are way above 3000. Speedtrader is better. If you mainly trade mid price stocks like MU and AMD, and your position is about 50k-100k dollar wise, both broker are about the same. because after trading 300k shares, IB gives you a discount to 0.0020 per share. I was overtrading in Sep and hit that after the first week. So for the rest of the month, my commission was 0.0020 per share. And the total amount was about the same as if I used speedtrader. If you only trade high price stock like TSLA, AAPL, then IB is far better. but i dont know anyone who only trade those high price stocks. And as for speedtrade dont have much stock for short as IB, Most of the time, you dont short those stock anyways. Shorting low float stock is one of the best ways to blow up your account. So there you have it. I will report more after I switch.
  13. Sorry bud I just saw this notification today. Hope this reply is not too late. I use two fast key pad. I have a Razor one for buy and sell. it's programmed as +100 + 200 +500 +1000 +2000 shares, and -1/10 position, - 1/5 position , -1/3 , -1/2 and sell all. Then the opposites side of the trades. I use Genovation Control for setting stop loss -5c , -10c, -15c, -20c, all the way up to -50c. and the opposite side of the trades. This way I can get in a position and set a hard stop loss right the way. It's very useful when you manage multiple stocks.

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