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  1. That's exactly what I need. To see what my P&L would have been using different exit strategies. I'm sure alot of people would pay good money for such a thing. It would actually change the trading landscape, if alot of traders realized that getting out at R3 was the best option for example. The only option I have right now is to try different exit points for two months and compare, but I'm not going to do that if what I am doing right now already works.
  2. nmarnson

    CME Group Problem

    Overall they are a decent broker to work with. They just have their thing with SSR, so if you stay away from SSR you should be fine. It is definitely an inconvenience, but for me it's worth the lower commission rates.
  3. Do I need to create a new hotkey whenever my account equity changes?
  4. So, I'm trying to test different strategies, and I'm wondering if there are backtesting softwares that can do this. I want to upload my past trades, and then move my general exit points up or down 20% to different spots to see if I could have gotten a higher return with one or the other. For example, maybe taking profit at 2:1 risk/reward would have less big gains, but a better winrate. Or maybe holding longer would have had a lower winrate, but would make more money overall. Are the programs that can do this?
  5. It actually works, amazing. No more big losses because the stock had a higher movement range than I realized.
  6. Just to clarify, the default shares really doesn't matter right? Since it will change depending on the stop loss.
  7. Hey dudes. So I wanted to open a discussion about taking profit. Obviously, having a mature system of letting your trades run and not taking profit too early is crucial for success. I have gone through a few different mindsets as I've progressed, and I personally do this: Based on the range that the stock is moving that day, I set a target for what would be a full move. Not a small, nor a huge move, but a full mature move for that stock. Then I take 1/4 when it's halfway there, another 1/4 at 75% of the way, and get out the rest at the profit target if it hits. Some may ask why I don't let it run until it shows weakness? The reason I don't do that is because many times the stock just plummets down after a full move, without warning. And I lose 40% of my profits. So this is the best middle ground for me. I always hold for it to make a full move, but get out completely as soon as it hits my target. What are your thoughts and strategies? Curious to see and compare.
  8. nmarnson

    CME Group Problem

    This just happened to me today. Turned a $100 stop loss into a $350 loss, and totally wrecked my mindset for the day. Trading is hard enough, now I have to deal with not being in control of when I can exit a trade?? Overall CME has been fine, but I won't be trading any SSR stocks anymore until I can switch to a US broker. I'm happy to know about this, and not be in the dark anymore.
  9. nmarnson

    New broker: CenterPoint Securities

    We've had people show that the IB commission of .0035 per share was actually closer to .007 . Do we know if Centerpoint is actually .0035, even over 2000 shares?

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