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  1. Hey everyone So I´ve been reviewing some stocks charts as part of my journaling and i've noticed that often (albeit not always) stocks that gap up/down tend to follow that initial push either up or down. Im wondering if you guys with more time watching charts can maybe corroborate this? I know it´s obviously not a rule tho but maybe it happens more often than not? Thanks!
  2. Anyone know if we can open an IB account as non-US citizens with IB Canada or IB UK and not be bound by PDT Rule?
  3. Hey guys! A bit of a while since I posted or been on the chat, just took some time away from trading and the studying (I was actually having dreams about charts and trades) so I decided to take some time away, rest my brain and come back reloaded, fresh and relaxed. I was stressing out over something that was and still is some months away. Since I decided I want to trade with IB (thus need at least 25k) since the withdrawal from CMEG was very slow and complicated. Anyway, i've missed you all and ill be seeing you on monday! Fernando S.
  4. Thanks Robert, thats my plan as for the rest of 2019 lol, 100 a day builds the account, and paves the way for jumping to full time.
  5. Thanks Norm. New rule for the time being is 2 trades MAX per day. 100 USD goal per day. Just realized its around 20k per year. So for my first year that would be amazing since im still holding on to my current job.
  6. Hey BBT, On my second live trading day I lost 1k. I just had to say it. I feel dirty, miserably, sad, annoyed, angry at everyone and everything, with me with the market but with me most of all. I overtraded, I did not respect stop loss, tried to revange trade to make my first (small loss) back. I messed up.. I was ok with my size but I kept adding to my commissions, kept adding more and more small lossing trades. I did not stopped trading, I was angry. What will i do now? STOP trading at max loss. STEP AWAY. I will respect stop loss and if im feeling emotional I will take a break. I don`t want to blow up (more) my account. I want to do this for a living. I know this is a massive hit. I feel so dissoriented. RESPECT MY RULES. BE OBJETIVE. KEEP THINKING POSITIVE. I will re-evaluate my daily goals and focus just on ONE main trade hit my goal and move on. My new goal is 100 bucks per day over the next 10 days. I will make my money back. I WILL rebuild this blow. I will be focused, disciplined and a good trader that respects the rules. Anyway, just had to blow some steam and get it out there. Cheers, Fernando Samora.
  7. I have a hotkey for covering shorts on the ask +.05 cents, so fat I have not yet encountered any problems with CMEG. Andrew commented on a post recently that CMEG is aware of the issues and are looking to fix it asap (in the upcomming weeks).
  8. Hey Isaac, you might want to try CMEG, i´ve ben using them and so far so good. Since they are outside of the USA they are not bound by the rule. Hope it helps, there is a lot of info on the forums about them.
  9. Good to know for future references....Maybe ill just avoid SSR stocks until further notice. Or just on very small size?
  10. So i just left it blank (whilst using CMEG) and the orders would not go through. So i had to place a "LIMIT" order type on montage. Since the hotkey is set to the limit order it wouldn´t allow me to place any other routing. What ill do is just place the LIMIT route on my setup > order config, and have all my montages use that.
  11. Im using CMEG, so ill try it out on sim before anything, don´t know if it´s the same. @Robert H
  12. Thanks Rob! It took me a while but i figured it out lol, can i leave the rest of the options blank? like "Share" "Route" and "AON/ANY" will it affect my hotkeys since i have them configured for Buying power %? Thanks!
  13. Jumping on this post to ask a couple of questions. If i select on the default setting my account will my montage(s) reflect the account I selected there? If I read everything correctly, by leaving the account part blank in montage I will be trading on the account selected on the default order template, correct? Ill share a screenshot when i´m back home.
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