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  1. Fernando Samora

    How do I short during SSR?

    I have a hotkey for covering shorts on the ask +.05 cents, so fat I have not yet encountered any problems with CMEG. Andrew commented on a post recently that CMEG is aware of the issues and are looking to fix it asap (in the upcomming weeks).
  2. I´m interested in the b4 and after. lol
  3. Fernando Samora

    Brokers and PDTR for european traders

    Hey Isaac, you might want to try CMEG, i´ve ben using them and so far so good. Since they are outside of the USA they are not bound by the rule. Hope it helps, there is a lot of info on the forums about them.
  4. Fernando Samora

    CME Group - Review After 3 Months

    Good to know for future references....Maybe ill just avoid SSR stocks until further notice. Or just on very small size?
  5. Fernando Samora

    DAS and IB

    So i just left it blank (whilst using CMEG) and the orders would not go through. So i had to place a "LIMIT" order type on montage. Since the hotkey is set to the limit order it wouldn´t allow me to place any other routing. What ill do is just place the LIMIT route on my setup > order config, and have all my montages use that.
  6. Im using CMEG, so ill try it out on sim before anything, don´t know if it´s the same. @Robert H
  7. Thanks Rob! It took me a while but i figured it out lol, can i leave the rest of the options blank? like "Share" "Route" and "AON/ANY" will it affect my hotkeys since i have them configured for Buying power %? Thanks!
  8. Jumping on this post to ask a couple of questions. If i select on the default setting my account will my montage(s) reflect the account I selected there? If I read everything correctly, by leaving the account part blank in montage I will be trading on the account selected on the default order template, correct? Ill share a screenshot when i´m back home.
  9. Fernando Samora

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Love it!! Thanks @KyleK29
  10. Fernando Samora

    Transfering Positions from IB to CMEG

    Emailed CMEG directly, they don´t accept position transfers. Only wire transfers....cold hard cash.
  11. Fernando Samora

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Thanks for the answer Kc, I'm more confident now on suing CMEG. I'll use their demo as soon as my account activates and get familiarized with them.
  12. Fernando Samora

    CME Group - ECN Fees

    Thanks Andrew! helps clear the air.
  13. Hey guys, Im opening an account with CMEG (to avoid PDT while increasing my account) my question is: does anyone know if i can transfer curent positions from IB to CMEG? They are in ETF´s.
  14. Fernando Samora

    Any new feedback on CME Group?

    Hey everyone, so im ready to,start the sim and eventually start taking real positions, my question is if someone has been actively been using CMEG as their daily broker. Im thinkinh that maybe once my account reaches 25k or more ill switch to IB, but for the time being I want to acoid the PDT rule since in Mexico IB applies the rule to us. so any further feedback is greatly appreciated, ive seen most of reviews and forum posts but just wondering on further development. thanks!!
  15. Fernando Samora

    CME Group - Review After 3 Months

    Hey guys just read the review and some forums posts. Any new developments concerning SSR? Seems to be a good choice to avoid PDT Rule, since IB enforces it on Mexican residents. Would love some feedback from anyone currently using it

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