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  1. Hi everyone, I want to ask if in Level 2 there is an alternative way to color the orders according to size, and not according to proximity to the bid-ask, which would help visually to instantly percieve when huge asks or bids appear, so that I can optimally take advantage of the momentum of the price action.
  2. Hi everyone, so i'm thinking of using TradingSim to practice trading in recent past, as a substitute to das trader real time simulator (my demo expires tomorrow). the reason is, apart from it being cheaper, I want to increase my exposure to a bigger amount of recent market data than what a real-time simulator can , and also can make my practice really time-flexible as I could do it whenever I want. I'm asking for opinions because they offer only a yearly package with one time payment, requiring bank card details when I try to join the 7 day trial, and I wouldn't like to pay for it if it is not worth it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys, my das trader simulator demo is about to expire, and for this month i can't afford to take the 3month das simulator discount yet, is there any other solution offered for free, not real-time and level 2 necessarily, so that i can continue to exercise until I get the das trader pro sim?
  4. Thanks again, I ll look it up further. I will only enroll in das simulator some time soon though, a broker and a real platform will take some time later, and my initial capital will be growing steadily for some time before a make an account.
  5. I mean, I constantly move my money around my accounts, and there may be some days that the specific account linked to the card may not have enough money in it. is there any chance that my membership will be immediately cancelled due to that? or will I be informed to update my account balance before that?
  6. thank you very much for the answer. so the next best choice I guess would be CMEG?
  7. Hi everyone, I opted for the Lifetime Monthly Membership. I wanted to ask if the subscription is taken automatically out of my bank card, and if yes, what happens if at the time of the required withdrawal, my card happens to not have the required sum yet.
  8. Hello everyone, can somebody tell me if I can open a Trading account for Day Trading in Interactive Brokers, with as low as 500$ for start? (I'm not in US so I'm not bound by the PDT rule).
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Kostas and I am from Greece. I am 26 years old, I'm a military doctor and I aspire to become an orthopaedic surgeon. I never had any contact with economics and markets (except for my father being an economist and I was learning some stuff here and there), until a few days before, when I came across Andrew's first book. Last few weeks I expressed some interest on cryptocurrencies. As I was browsing Amazon for cryptocurrency books, I saw How to Day Trade for a Living, with an astonishing number of positive reviews, and although I was inherently fearful of markets (I always considered them according to common opinion too manipulated, something that you needed to be an insider to get a profit) I decided to give it a try. I finished it in a sitting and went to Advanced Strategies in Day Trading, made a further reading list of psychology, technical analysis, etc, and at the same time scoured this site and youtube channel. I was finally attracted, first by the demanding nature of the business, that in order to succeed someone needs for example to balance his emotions and be in an optimal physical condition. And second, the time frame of taking decisions, based on many factors, in a matter of seconds and minutes intrigued me, it's not at all different from my profession of medicine after all. I actually believe the one can me make better at the other and vice versa. I'm also lucky I live in Europe, EST+7, so in normal days my working hours won't be a severe interference for NY stock market. I don't intend to ever leave medicine, it's something I love, but I don't intend to take day trading lightly either. I'm up for the challenge, and have great energy to unlock a new serious potential. I'm really happy to be here guys, and I'll be happy to get to know more of you better along the way. Thanks.
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