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  1. as i see the problem is that you say that you make 35-50k each year but your net worth is lower. that's not logical I mean the net worth is all the real estate you may have the investments etc. those logically can not be lower than your annual income
  2. So i am trying to open an account with IB EU and there is a topic that says you must have 40k annual income and 20k of liquid net worth do i check that even if i don't ?cause i mean how many people has this. i mean from all videos i have seen they all check much higher earnings
  3. PETERB thank you deeply i just got rejected by CMEG because the don't serve residents of Greece and i didn't knew what to do thank you so much
  4. peterb please let me know ,is there any rule that come from IB not the PDT rule that says that you can not take as many trades as you wish having less than 10k or 25k in the account in a day? there is not something like that right? i know that the minimum deposit is 2k
  5. Hi . i am trying to contact IB EU through telephone live chat etc. . and I cant . I have a really important question .Guys i want to open a margin account with IB Europe and i want to deposit 6000$ in order to day trade. The problem is that i cant find any answer because everyone says different thinks. can i day trade with IB Europe with 6000$ am i submitted to the PDT rule is there any rule that Interactive brokers Europe that says you can not take as many trades as you wish ?
  6. Hi guys, My name is Stavros and i am paper trading for the past 7 months and 1 month in DAS .So through hard work and many hours of study, strategy tracking (statistics etc..) i am profitable and doing good. But i have a serious problem and this is the management of the winning trades.I keep having those 3 4 5 R winners but in the end i earn only 2R or little bit more or even less, even thought i take partials in higher that 2Rs .So i am really working to find a way to win more in my winning trades because i doesn't see a point of break even instead of sell earlier.I really dont know what i missing but if i go in a trade and risk 1 R is right to take partials and then wait to break even if the stock comes back or its better to sell earlier because in the end i will take 1 or less Rs. When i start taking partials in 1 R 2R? when i take partials every R every half R every quarter of R etc.. I am really disappointed of how i manage my winning trades, and i cant find a specific answers on this topic is there any strategy of how to manage the winning trades?I really appreciate your help!
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