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  1. This is strictly for trading (don’t play video games often).I was looking at building or pre-built office computers. Is 64gb of RAM necessary? I thought 16 was a lot, hah! At any rate, thanks for the information.
  2. Pretty basic question, do day traders simply pay the ~30% tax rate on gains? Is there ways to pay less?
  3. So all I have currently is my work laptop, but as I read Andrew's book and start watching videos and gaining more knowledge on this site, that doesn't come close to cutting it! My question is, do y'all have a setup you recommend? I'm not looking to spend a ton, but I assume a desktop with 8gb+ of RAM and a good SSD is probably needed? Four monitors seems to be the norm, no problem there. Do you build, or buy a Dell/HP or something more catered towards gaming (only because they usually have better RAM/SSD, etc)? I appreciate any input! Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, My story is probably like many. I was a military guy for 10 years, now I'm in the family Dry Cleaning business. I like the challenge of owning a business and running it (Covid was a real test!), however, I would like to leave my area of the country but...thats difficult. This isn't the type of business to be an absentee owner. Its very labor heavy and machinery heavy, which I'd like to get away from with rapidly rising costs. I have always dabbled in stocks, but had no strategy, little knowledge, got lucky here, unlucky there but it was fascinating. Like many others, I searched for some reading material to gain knowledge, Andrew's book came up so I purchased and read it. It really got my mind turning that this lifestyle could fit what I want to accomplish and do. I'm no stranger to hard work and steep learning curves, and this seems to be no exception! I look forward to learning and growing with this community.
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