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  1. Hello Everyone...I seem to have the same problem above...I've looked through the forum and couldn't find the answer. the Hotkey I'm using doesn't stop the loss and I keep bleeding after hitting the Stop Loss value I configured. Can someone please help?
  2. Hello Everyone....This is Mohamed (Moe) Nada from Egypt.. I'm 37 years old, married, have 3 kids, and have no experience whatsoever in trading!! So what got me into trading now? Well, let me give a little background about myself... I'm an Electronics Engineer, but never really worked as an engineer...My 15 years of corporate experience is mainly in Operations and Sales...currently I work for GE as Commercial Operations Manager (well, I know the GE stock is not really popular among some of you here in BBT, especially Norm, but trust it's not my fault ). I've always thought that investing and trading were very dangerous endeavors after hearing all those horrible stories about people who went broke...I always chose the "safe" way which is depositing my savings in the bank for interest and maybe enrolling into some of the bank's "Investment and Insurance" policies that guarantees a fixed return after x number of years... What really struck me was that one of those policies I enrolled back in 2011 got the bank deducting a small portion of my salary on monthly basis...I actually forgot about this one (the amount was really small to be noticed, plus it was an "investment" plan anyway so I wasn't expecting anything in the short term), but when I asked about it's due date (which should be in 2021) and the amount that I should be receiving, they told me that I made some additional 12,000 Egyptian Pounds....That's around 760 USD!!! Yes you got that right...760 USD was my total return AFTER 10 YEARS!!! Of course the amount that got deducted every month for this policy for the 10 years was so small, but still...I thought to myself, what if I was actually investing this small amount myself every month for 10 years? What would have been the outcome? Well, I think I could have done better than 760 USD. So when I started reading and learning about investing and trading, I came across Day Trading and Andrew's book... I finished the book in 3 days...And I just couldn't think of anything else...I took notes (haven't done that since my university days), researched the internet, re-read many parts of book over again...I just got hooked...and it's not because of the profits (of course it is still a factor), but I just fell in love with the process, the strategies, the psychological aspects and the challenge. I actually tried many side hustles in the past, but none of the things I tried really resonated with me and my personality like trading. I sometimes question myself now how come I never thought of getting into this field earlier...but I believe that everything happens for a reason...Probably if I got in any earlier, I would have been that reckless trader who would have blown his own account in the first couple of weeks/months and would stop trading for good... Now that I've become a little wiser (I hope!!) and not really going after the bucks (my current job pays the bills), I believe I'm better positioned to take on this challenge at this point in my life and take my time in learning, preparing and doing it the right way. Currently I'm reviewing the online classes, working on my TradeBook and strategy (currently VWAP reversal is my favorite...I have no idea why but it's the one that resonated with me the most, so I'm sticking with it for now) and planning to be on a simulator sometime this week for 3 months. Hopefully by July I will go live. Sorry for the long introduction guys. Can't wait to discuss with you all, and looking forward to seeing you in the Chatroom.
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