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  1. Hi Scott, First of all I don't have any of the two online journals but from watching others trade online I can tell you that right clicking the P&L window in DAS gives you the option to export the data and then you can go into tradervue and import the file exported. Although there are a couple of steps there, its much better than manually entering everything. I wish I could validate the information I'm giving you but I'm to early in the process and haven't opened DAS yet. Wish you the best
  2. Hello Traders, My name is Luis. I'm an IT consultant out of Puerto Rico. I discovered Andrew through his first book about 4 years ago. I was so impressed with the community that I joined for several months just to get a feel for the group. Unfortunately, my focus at the moment was to solidify my business, capitalize and get ready to officially jump in. So I'm here now to officially begin my day trading journey. I don't have any rush and would like to learn first of all. I have a background in financial advising having being licensed for about 9 years and hated the business part of it. Would love to setup a simple system where I can begin getting small accomplishments and go from there. I'm open to buddy with anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation as me and would like to openly and humbly share their goals and learning journey. Thanks for reading and happy learning. Luis
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