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  1. Hey Everyone, Not sure if this is even a thing but does anyone know how or where someone could setup a scanner to look for stocks hitting certain Pivot points (R6, S3 for example)? I have found a good consistent strategy that works for me using these indicators but other than just good ole fashioned looking intraday at charts, I am unable to find a software like tradingview.com that I could setup some type of screener. I have found 1 month timeframes but I am looking for much shorter time periods. Or if maybe anyone out there has a thought on a way to scan for R5, R6, S5, S6 price action using another indicator to track down I would be greatly appreciative.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have never posted in a forum before so ill be brief. I have CMEG and am trading in SIM.I have free accts. w/ tradervue and chartlog but have had to go through lots of work to enter each trade manually in both setups. Have been unable to do any of the imports without having to change it in excel, then try to import it and I can only automatically download my live acct. Does anyone have a good system or resource to be able to semi-easily get your trades entered into a system and be able to pull statistical data? I have a strategy that I am successful with as far as win rate goes but I would like to see how to critique more and also get data from other strategies that I am still trying. Right now I am only recording and watching later while taking notes on what I visually see. If you have any suggestions then thank you in advance.
  3. Hey Everyone! I am new to BBT and happy to be here. I have been reading for over a year now and lightly trading but have decided to work hard and pursue a more diligent, structured approach to Day Trading. I am a member of CMEG so if there is any questions I can answer about them I am happy to do so. 

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