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  1. Howdy friends Can someone tell me if the ATR average true range should be marked to the daily range price during active trading or pre market high low? BABA ATR (14) is roughly $4.5 For example today BABA hit a pre market low of 97.8 And then went down to $96.98 at the open. Then raged to HOD of $104 (still going as of this writing). Let’s forget for a minute that China opening is causing a yesr in china stocks. just trying to judge where I should mark my stop and then potential profit taking levels. I got out at 99.90 from 97 entry. But obviously I could have trailed longer. Thanks and Happy new year! MRod
  2. Howdy @cjames05, @DollarBill @Austin D Let's do a zoom, yall want to do a first Google Meet (I've got an account so no timelimit). DollarBill I think is saying is out until Jan 5th. How's Jan 6th Fri evening? Or Sat Jan 7th AM? Hit me up via email at [email protected] as you get this and I'll start a group email if ok? I am not always in forum. Thanks Michael (Thornton, CO)
  3. Howdy @Bailey Nevener We texted earlier this year about your extreme risk control measures, which I did not adhere to when we spoke, but do now (my daughter holds the passwords to IBKR and DasTrader risk control email changes, and DT app). And it's working excellently. First off, how are you doing man? Please do tell I really want to know. Secondly, what do you know, I am trying to reduce my IBKR commissions, search BBT forum and what do you know. A convo of you explaining to me adding liquidity pops up. I obviously didn't understand your explanation (all me) earlier this year. Well after examining the IBKR commission report I know understand Marketable vs Non-Marketable means.. And with your response above I understand that I probably need to direct my trades to specific ROUTES and change my hot keys " "Sell on Ask" / "Cover on Bid" I'll be searching on BBT more on how to do the "Sell on Ask" / "Cover on Bid" changes effectively. Thanks again man! MRod
  4. Thanks for the response @Angela Kuzeva Follow up question. On this 2 minute chart do I change the value in the study to ? I'm probably missing something - thanks for your mentorship.
  5. Howdy fellow BBT Family, I am not sure of the tech term for this but I want to see if there is a metric for each stock's trading range (again not sure what to call this). Not the ATR for the day, month or year but minute to minute. I'd like to get this to know how much I should move out my stop typically on a trade. For example, NVDA or TSLA will move it seems up and down $1 min by minute. Thanks for help MRod
  6. @Day-Meister Howdy Day Meister, Just sim-trading with your code for placing multiple range orders L and S. Love the idea. After using the code for a bit, running an order and closing them on the range, I am seeing sort of ghost displays of range order on the chart as I move up say the stop to close out the position. I assume this is because DAS is getting loaded with all of these trigger orders or something. Not affecting the trade, just an observation. What's your experience been using this over the last few months? Is it your goto or no longer using?
  7. Howdy friends, Question: I apologize ahead of time if this question is covered somewhere else... So what's the point when we can say yes that is the point in which I shall calculate the ATR swing of this stock today? For example as of this writing MSFT is at 9.72 ATR on Finviz. In the chart below the light blue is AH day the day before AND the gray area is premarket for the day. The Pre market bottom is 308 and high of day is 315. So that's clearly in the ATR range. A great trade would have been me getting in at 309 right? But this is of course after we have already seen the high of day in this chart. In pre market at 309 I don't know if it is going lower. So I can use the Cam Pivots, right? for 1 more indication (don't have CAMs in Tradingview so not in shot below) if I am at bottom and this is a good entry for a long. Is this the best way to use ATR? Thanks for feedback Michael
  8. Hi friends, At times I see this ACB route and as it has the biggest lots of shares I wonder if it is just a false bid to influence traders directional bias. I can't find any info online search for ACB. Thoughts? Thanks BBTFam
  9. Howdy friends and thank you for looking at my question. I am on IB now and find they have the most Routes I have ever seen available in Das. I understand they are the different exchanges that trades are routed through, however I have heard better traders than myself mention that they prefer to send their trades to specific routes. Thoughts? Thanks friends. MRod I
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