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  1. Howdy friends, Question: I apologize ahead of time if this question is covered somewhere else... So what's the point when we can say yes that is the point in which I shall calculate the ATR swing of this stock today? For example as of this writing MSFT is at 9.72 ATR on Finviz. In the chart below the light blue is AH day the day before AND the gray area is premarket for the day. The Pre market bottom is 308 and high of day is 315. So that's clearly in the ATR range. A great trade would have been me getting in at 309 right? But this is of course after we have already seen the high of day in this chart. In pre market at 309 I don't know if it is going lower. So I can use the Cam Pivots, right? for 1 more indication (don't have CAMs in Tradingview so not in shot below) if I am at bottom and this is a good entry for a long. Is this the best way to use ATR? Thanks for feedback Michael
  2. Hi friends, At times I see this ACB route and as it has the biggest lots of shares I wonder if it is just a false bid to influence traders directional bias. I can't find any info online search for ACB. Thoughts? Thanks BBTFam
  3. Howdy friends and thank you for looking at my question. I am on IB now and find they have the most Routes I have ever seen available in Das. I understand they are the different exchanges that trades are routed through, however I have heard better traders than myself mention that they prefer to send their trades to specific routes. Thoughts? Thanks friends. MRod I
  4. Howdy, Every so often when I am not actively trading Das Trader produces a beep sound randomly, at least to me. Anyone know what this from? Thanks!
  5. @RawTradez1 Actually, I should answer your question. TD Ameritrade and Das work together very well, it's just that this feature to AutoStop you out of a losing trade is not supported. That's why I am moving all my money to Interactive Brokers. I feel like I cannot take a chance on not having this feature until I can control my monkey mind.
  6. @RawTradez1. Abiel's video explains it better than I can @peterB. Thanks Pete. I definitely need to honor those words. Cut losses, let winners ride and I'll make it back in time. Happy holidays!
  7. @Bailey Nevener And your comment "Yes it was instrumental to my success. " Convinced me of making the switch to IB. New Question sir. Perhaps you can give some specifics Bailey on your experiences getting autostopped. For you, when the autostop clicked in, what actually happens. For example, are you doing MaxLoss, Positional Total Loss, or Maybe Position Unreal? I would think the ultimate protection would be Position Unreal as that should theoretically stop you out at $300. Where Max Loss $300, where I have it below, would also I guess just kick you out of trading for the day BUT also your loss could be any $ amount of $300 as you haven't hit realized yet until you sell. Thanks MRod
  8. Sorry I was not specific. TD Ameritrade was not allowing the Auto STop feature per my discussion with Das and they said Interactive Brokers will allow the Das feature an execute an auto stop. Which is why I am switching.
  9. I am switching to Interactive Brokers for this specific reason = auto stopping me out of trades. The main point of this feature is to protect me from my bad emotional choices which IMO is the main feature behind the Risk Controls page.
  10. Howdy BBT family, Just learned the hard way that (although Das Trader told me this) TD Ameritrade does not allow the Auto Stop in Das Trader Risk controls to auto liquidate you if you get into HULK or a bad trade. It did lock me out as I wanted if I went over my max loss (das told me this) but not Auto stop (see snapshot below of Das Risk Control screen) feature. Although I have $300 in max loss and was closed out after hitting that, The trade still went on (das told me this would happen) and I'm out $1,400. I must learn my lesson this way it seems. I have enjoyed green trading over last few weeks on TD and appreciate the no commissions on my trades. However no commissions is a BS reason to pick TD IMO. Interactive Brokers does allow Auto Stop and I liked them in the past therefore I will move back to IB FYI - screen shot Risk Controls Trade well community, MRod
  11. Howdy Olivier, did you get a accountability partner? I am game if you're still looking for one. I joined BBT finally last month after 1 year trading on my own, then 7 months rebuilding my account. I have a lot of the same concerns about share size and stop discipline. Hit me up at [email protected] Ciao Michael Rodriguez
  12. Anyone use these hot keys, especially the ultimate hot key that puts in order, the market stop and the limit, With Cobra Trading and Das? Runs fine on Cobra/Das training account on this edition but once switch to live orders the limit and stop don’t work. Just creates a range order that never places a market or limit sell. Thanks for feedback. Mike, the Real Estate Investor and Day Trader https://youtu.be/0hw59cB60os
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