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  1. The best and most customizable trading platform is called Sierra Chart.
  2. I have a question, maybe someone here could help me. Currently use Kyle's 1:1 Hotkey to partial out. I would like to know if someone has tried making it so when 1R profit is reached, you partial x% but you also trigger a trailing stop of 0.5R. THat way once i get 1R of x% of my position, the rest of the position will stop out automatically.
  3. You can use % of ATR. So if the ATR of a stock is $2.00 and it has already moved $2 in that trade, you should start scaling out. This together with RVOL can help you know when the trend might end or slow down. When RVOL starts going closer to its average, momentum is being lost. Aside from this i can also say use whole numbers.
  4. This is not what I am asking. Level 2 is not only an indicator. Level 2 also measures liquidity and helps specially for less liquid stocks. Knowing the liquidity is important consideration when taking a tread, not just the spread. Of course there are iceberg orders that you can't see but knowing liquidity helps manager risk better.
  5. Thanks for your feedback. I just want to compare their L2 or Market Depth with DAS as I just asked DAS and they don't have some of the books like TWS has and I think TWS platform sucks
  6. I asked DAS what Depth of Books they provide: NasdaqTotal View Arca Book IEX Deep But they do not provide: Nyse Openbook BATS Book These last two are not included in DAS. Most people think that if you are trading nasdaq stock you only need nasdaq total view. This is not true. Most of the L2 liquidity will be from Nasdaq total view but there is also liquidity in the rest of the books. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if someone subscribed to all of them that is using TWS in IB sees a difference with DAS.
  7. When earnings season comes in, this feature will be worth it. Stocks that report in the afteroon, normally move after hours and can make after hours highs and lows which are different from premarket high and lows. Then during premarket, if it is not able to break that after hours price, it sells off or squeezes up depending on the direction. This is what happened to MU today, it went up in after hours after earnings were reported, and during premarket it made a premarket high that was lower than the after hours high, then at the open the stock sold off after it found suport in levels of previous 2 days. Anyone else noticed this??? I
  8. its not cluttered, try to memorize what horizontal lines mean per color. The graph is wide but not long. Making it long will help you have better sense of move up or down
  9. I bought one of those and returned it, it was kind of cool but for a scalper, nothing beats the keyboard. Anyone had a similar experience?
  10. Thanks, I noticed it only works if you have everything as an MDI Child. If it pops out, it only works for 1 Thanks
  11. Hi all, Day trading is a game of statistics and probabilities so as this community grows, there must be a way to gather data that helps us improve as traders. I was thinking of creating some sort of software that is hosted in the cloud and could connect to das trader platform of those members interested. Of course, there would be an option to keep account # anonymous, etc. In other words, a compiled trade log of the community. How could this help? 1. Know Risk rewards take by members 2. Know probability of success of different strategies 3. Understand how much BBT member volume relative to market volume at a 1 min or 5 min candle 4. See what stocks everyone is trading 5. Better understand success probability I don't know if this makes sense. I am just throwing the idea out there as I think it could help a lot.
  12. I want to be able to change all my charts anchored to different montages to the same time frame with just a hotkey. The first 5 minutes of market open I will use the 1 minute and after that I want to look at the 5 minute chart. I would like to just press a hotkey that will change them all. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Kurt, What is your definition of momentum trading vs trend trading. I'm a bit confused as it seems they are both trading with the trend. Thanks
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