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  1. Is there a way to receive alerts when there are new posts on the Forum?
  2. I am beginning to build my first TradeBook and wondering where I can find examples to learn from. Watched one of the Advanced Training Classes and it was mentioned "I go this from X" and used it to work up my own TradeBook. Seems pretty smart to me. I went to all the download sites on BBT and didn't find any examples there. Cursory look through the training classes and didn't find anything there. Can any of you point me in the right direction or assist? Thanks in advance, BeachTrader
  3. Searching the site with no luck . . . How can I find member e mail addresses? Someone made comment in chat about a trading tool they had and I would like to ask a question of that person. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi Julimoosa, I would like to network with you. Would you be willing to talk on the phone or meet virtually to discuss your experiences?
  5. Thanks Bailey for your response. When I chose the word competent it assumes that I have put in the work to become a good trader (defined as on balance making money) and then shifting to doing what I want to do in life which is Day Trade as a part of my life and not a full time occupation. I understand from reading, researching, conversing that the journey is different for all of us and I am prepared for it to be years and not months to competency.
  6. I have read through many forum threads and picked up different points of view on the number of screens a competent Day Trader should have. From reading the threads it feels like the recommendation is 4 screens to allow you to keep up with chats and data and charts and orders. The predominance of sizes seems to be 24", so for the sake of this question we are talking 4 - 24" external screens. I will be Day Trading from a desktop. For those of you with years of experience Day Trading, how many screens do you run and what is your reasoning for the number of screens? Thanks in advance.
  7. My vision in Retirement is to Day Trade 2 to 3 days per week and take vacations whenever I want to. Once I am a competent (lets just define that as on balance making money) Day Trader is that a reasonable Vision and doable/achievable?
  8. Thanks zulkafil. If I train on the simulator both off and on market hours will I be able to see level 1 and level 2 depending on the time of day I am in the simulator?
  9. I am working full time and considering Day Trading in retirement. I suspect like most that have transitioned from full time to Day Trading there is a period of time where you are juggling your full time job and learning/deciding to become a Day Trader. I have read several books, attended virtual trade sessions and feel my next step is an Elite Annual Membership where I can use a simulator and benefit from all the other things Elite Annual offers. How much of the Elite Annual offerings are doable on my own time as opposed to fixed days and times? For those of you who have made the leap and taken the journey could you comment on what went well, and what did not go so well? Thanks in advance.
  10. I am about to begin Simulator Training and do expect to move on to Day Trading. What Hardware is required for Simulator Training? Is it the same level of hardware needed for Day Trading? I do not mind taking risk (meaning if I fail to move on to Day Trading I will not be sorry I bought a new computer, need a new one anyway). I am also assuming a Windows and not an Apple computer is the best choice. I currently run both in my home. Thanks in advance.
  11. I need to do most of my simulator training after hours and weekends. I can do some of it during normal hours. I do understand that the simulator is capable of accommodating that, but is the training experience and quality the same for after hours and weekends? Thanks in advance.
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