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  1. Yes, you can. Here are some examples of ones that I use. Sell 25% position at limit Bid-.05: CXL ALLSYMB ;ROUTE=LIMIT;Share=Pos*0.25;Price=Bid-0.05;TIF=DAY;Send=Reverse -0.06 STOPLOSS Sell: CXL ALLSYMB;ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost-0.06;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;SELL=Send I am not too sure about MARKET though I would think it just gives you the potential for a lot of slippage So i do not use it, unless I are wanting out of the trade no matter what. Someone else might have a better explanation for market orders. Otis
  2. PTamang, I just found out that you can also use STOP and MARKET too. Stay safe,, Otis
  3. Anytime, I use LIMIT, CMEG does not recognize SMRTL. That is used by IB on their DAS platform. You will need to change it in all of your hotkeys too. Otis
  4. PTamang, If you are using any hotkey scripts in DAS for CMEG, you need to make sure that it says TIF=DAY . If you have copied and pasted it directly from somewhere, it usually says" TIF=DAY+..... you need to take off the "+". Example: Thors B/E hotkey : CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse For CMEG: CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY;Send=Reverse Take care and stay safe, Otis
  5. Hello Vamp10988, Have you seen this post on CMEG? It has all the info to get you to use the lower commission structure. You just have to email them and use the code to get it. Hope that helps. Trade safe, Otis
  6. Hello All, My name is Otis. I joined BBT about two months ago and am enjoying the learning experience (at the cost of my ego, of course). The community here is very open, helpful and honest. So thank you all for that. I am in the chat room in the morning before I go to work so I hope to continue seeing you there. Thank you, Otis
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