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  1. Last night, I got an email from BBT reading: "Your membership at Bear Bull Traders has ended. Thank you for your support. View our current membership offerings here: https://dev.bearbulltraders.com/membership-account/membership-levels/ Log in to manage your account here: https://dev.bearbulltraders.com/login/" At first I couldn't believe this could be real. But it was. As it turned out, yesterday was one year since I first signed up. Admittedly, it's my responsibility to keep track of my subscription status and renewal date, but literally *every* other subscription I have (such as Trade Ideas and Benzinga Pro, Office365 etc etc etc) send out a reminder when the renewal term is approaching. It is disappointing and frustrating that BBT does not do this. Quite frankly, its rude. It comes across as if BBT just doesn't care. The occasion of having been a member for 1 year, went from a potentially fun mark of achievement, to a frustrating and irritating thing.
  2. I hear you, but disagree on a couple of points....... The "ultimate" implementation of this, would see me having (for example) 3 different hotkeys to buy 100, 200 or 300 shares (Or, short them). My trading strategy also does prescribe different levels of risk in various increments. The, in my opinion, very important distinction is that the stop loss risk level is *NOT* the only, nor primary, exit signal in the trading strategy I am using currently. I look at the price action to tell me when it's time to get out. So far, those "exit signals" have caught far more trades than the "max loss per trade" level / stop loss Today might be a good day to noodle on some DAS scripts and test in replay..... Hmmm.... need more coffee for this......
  3. Hi everyone, I've been searching the forum for a while today, and am a bit overwhelmed by how much content there is, regarding hotkeys. I'm not sure if I have used the best search terms, but so far I have not been able to find what I was hoping to find. Here's what I'd like to be able to do: Double click on the chart in DAS, to select the appropriate stop loss level Press a hotkey to enter (long or short) with a fixed number of shares The hotkey will place the long / short order and the stop loss order I believe this (in theory) is pretty similar to hotkeys I've used before, where I specify a stop loss level to lock in a fixed technical risk, and adjust my position size accordingly, except I want this to use a fixed number of shares and a user specified stop loss level. Does such a script already exist?
  4. That would be *really* useful. I don't know how much hope to hold out for the following but: I did submit a feature request to DAS, to have them create a study which would draw daily pivots on a daily chart, as far back as a year. I'd encourage anyone who sees this message, and believes this study would be useful, to reach out to DAS and file a similar feature request. Without significant pressure from their users, I do not believe DAS will do anything. -I'm not saying this to beat up on them, but the reality of most software development organizations, is that they *must* prioritize their efforts (this is completely normal) and that they most likely only will be able to address requests that are highly visible to them. So: If you believe there would be value to you in having a DAS study to draw daily pivots, please reach out to DAS and request it.
  5. You are right, I need to get better at this Onwards and upwards!
  6. Mmm, I don't believe I do. When I started this thread, I believed my success rate (at just a hair above 50%) was not good enough. Based on what I've learned by participating in this discussion, I now believe that it's more a matter of making my wins (much) larger than my losses, while staying around the same success rate. Thank you for the suggestion of TI's stock race. It's a relatively new feature which I never could understand what was, or how I could use it. -That statement, BTW, applies so SO many things in TI as far as I'm concerned but that's a whole separate discussion LOL
  7. @peterB -thank you. How do you select stocks to trade using the strategy you have adapted?
  8. Hi everyone, I thought I'd give the forum a shot since the question I have on my mind, seems to be pertinent to many..... I've been trading the 5M ORB strategy for 1.5 - 2 months now. My results are not great, I'm barely at 50% win / 50% loss. I've reviewed my trades and keep coming back to the same thought: I wonder if I could do something different to select the stocks I trade. I'm using a combination of Trade Ideas and Benzinga Pro (I'll abbreviate them TI and BZP below) The TI scanner I use, is configured as follows: Stocks with a price between $20 and $250 Daily volume at least 150000 shares / day Today's volume: At least 50000 shares Average True Range at least 0.5$ Gapped up or down by at least 1$ Float size between 50 million shares and 500 million shares. Here is my current stock selection process: During pre market: Review TI and select the tickers presented - select "copy" Paste the tickers into BZP and determine if there are earnings or analyst ratings changes for any of the tickers Strong preference for earnings - I believe this catalyst is the strongest of them all Review the stock's daily chart and draw price levels (horizontal lines) on every daily pivot for the past year A daily pivot is the high or low of the day where the stock changed direction Look for areas with at least 2$ worth of room between daily pivots. The best opportunity, is the one where such a window / gap / space is right next to the pre market high / low of the stock. If there are no catalyst events, look for gappers with solid volume, and a window of opportunity near the pre market high or low In all its simplicity, that's my stock selection process. What do you all think? Am I missing something? How do you select stocks for a 5M ORB strategy?
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