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  1. Unfortunately no, I also asked in the chatroom twice with no response so I just gave up. On volatile stocks it makes a massive difference for the first 20 minutes.
  2. I am sorry to start a new topic on this however I have been looking for an hour on the forums and can't find an answer. I was on Chartlog and realized that none of the charts in chartlog have VWAP in the same position as my real time das trader charts. I went into my settings and I realized that I have " Calculate VWAP for Pre/Post Market hours" checked ( Picture below). When unchecking this option the VWAP location changes by almost an entire dollar on my PTON trade from yesterday. My question is, is this suppose to be checked for trading? Does anyone know how the moderators configure their VWAP? A change in a dollar is a very large amount and it completely changed how I viewed my trades. In Chartlog I kept looking at trades and thinking why on earth would I take this trade, then in my Das trader screenshot it made more sense as VWAP was in an entirely different location. Does anyone know what Andrews configuration is?
  3. I have a question regarding journaling and stop-loss. In my current journal I screenshot the 5min/1min/15min chart of the stock I traded and then evaluate whether my setup was correct, if I took partials too early, If I broke rules etc. However in doing this I can never see where my stop-loss was as the screenshot is taken after the fact. Does anyone have a solution to this? Sometimes after evaluating my trades I realized that I was stopped out however my stop-loss may have been to close to entry.
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