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  1. Ok, thanks, but I do know how to Google
  2. Seems that you are not allowed by default to trade the SPY etf with Interactive Brokers if you are an EU citizen. Anyone in a similar situation who found a workaround to this issue?
  3. Thanks for the advice. However, I do not trade futures, but I do use the e-mini futures to gauge the overall short term direction of the overall market when trading individual stocks. In any event, the e-mini futures are now back to a real-time feed in DAS, so that’s great!
  4. Have you guys noticed that the #ES and #NQ data feed is now delayed by 10 mins in DAS? This means that this data is now completely useless for day trading. Has anyone else complained to DAS about this?
  5. Anyone read “One good trade” by Mike Bellafiore, and in particular the chapter on ‘reading the tape’? Seems to be of major importance for day trading, but I’m a bit confused about this. Not described very well/in depth in this book. Any thoughts on the subject?
  6. I had an issue with a huge difference between the VWAP lines on the 1- and 5-min charts for a trade I did yesterday (9-Aug-18) on SQ. Completely screwed me over since I thought from looking at the 1-min chart that the price action was close to the VWAP, but when I looked more closely afterwards at the 5-min chart, the price action was actually somewhat about the VWAP! See example of VWAP difference at 9:35am in the below screen capture: Usually I do not see this great a difference between the VWAP lines on the 1- and 5-min charts. And which VWAP line should I trust?! Perhaps it was just the big drop of the first 5-min candle after the open that scewed the 5-min VWAP? Have seen these types of candles before, but never noticed such a big difference in the VWAP lines.
  7. I had a similar issue with DAS and hotkeys, but the culprit was a faulty keyboard. Bought a new one, and all is well.
  8. Well, I have wall-mounted 3 of my 6 monitors, and I probably drilled around 50 holes in the wall before I got it right (whereas 6 would have been sufficient, if I had done it right in the first place...). Probably why we have decided to give the stock market a go, eh?
  9. That’s awesome (in a strange kind of way - seeing how you lost your job at first). Unfortunately, I’m still stuck in my day job, so my progress is a bit slower. On the upside though, I live in Denmark and have very flexible working hours, so I can be home by the time trading starts in the US. Spending my weekends studying the art of trading (reading the books in Andrew’s list and working on my trading diary - have it set up in Excel at the moment, but will make the switch to Access soon). Can’t wait to ditch my day job and go full time trading. And also, I do have a patient wife :)
  10. That’s nice. Are you trading full time, or do you still have a ‘daytime’ job?
  11. Thanks Robert, I'll try this out in the sim on Monday after I'm done with my real trading session.
  12. Yes, but it annoys me that you are not able to set a hard stop marketable limit order at e.g. 10 c below the stop price where you want to exit for a long trade, as you do with a mental stop loss order (i.e. when you press the predefined hotkey to cover). I don’t think it’s possible in DAS, but it really should be an option.
  13. A sudden spike in price below the stop order. Since it is a stop market order the loss could be significant if the sudden price spike means a brief momentaneous drop of say 1 USD. I believe Andrew has mentioned this as the reason why he is not using hard stops for trading?
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