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  1. I don't pay 6.5% margin interest, if you do volume nobody beats LS you have to talk to them. Sterling merged with Lightspeed fyi
  2. Give Bob from Lightspeed a call, to scalp options and have the best L2 there is nothing better. Sterling and Lightspeed are the same company anyway.
  3. Mike, amazing analysis and keep up the good work in 2020.
  4. Hi guys, are we all setup for the meetup? Do I have to do something to get into the shard? Cheers
  5. Thank you for your posts over the last year and this evaluation. It is amazing how methodologically you work on this, I have not seen this very much over such a long period of time (13 months) Reading that your plan is 5 years really is amazing, one comment is that you must not forget to include your `missed opportunity cost`. Imagine if you would have a side job you enjoy but get paid $20 per hour, how much money would you have missed by being active in this venture? Since you approach this as a business this must be included imho. Good luck and thanks again.
  6. > I just don’t get it. Very simple, it's FOMC week, all big traders waited for Powell this week. Tomorrow will be better, you will see. Keep this in mind for the next FOMC.
  7. Well, then I'm the first, I trade extremely bad in Sim not caring about plans because it's fake money anyway, but when i have some money on the line I follow the plan better. Thanks! :-)
  8. I have been doing that for a while now. I don't start from zero. Simulation trading is a great thing, but it's absolutely not working for me. I have zero emotion when I know there is no money on the line. I would even say that if my positions are too small I don't feel anything at all. Simulation trading is teaching me bad habits, it's putting me in a wrong mindset. Did you ever read about people who are profitable on sim, and then they go live, blow up massively or are all of a sudden in a huge loss? This is exactly why I would say it's better to learn to trade with a small size with real $ on the line compared to sim with fake money. But that's just me.
  9. Hi there, I have a clean account with $50.000 at my broker and will start day trading the BBT strategies from Andrew his books live on Monday 6th of May 2019 for 1 month. This thread will be a log of my journey into preparation to it with struggles and hopefully, somebody can learn from my mistakes or help me to be successful. If anybody wants to help mentor a bit I'm willing to reward if needed or donate to charity. I will post broker statements every day and describe all my trades. Basic rules will be: 1. Only trades with strategies from the books from Andrew. 2. Maximum loss per trade $250 - (0,5% of account) so size will be positioned accordingly to this rule 3. Maximum loss per day $1000 - All trading of the day stops when I'm down $1000 4. Daily target will be $500 - Trading stops when hit. 5. I can only enter trades between 9.3am and 11.30am NYC time So maximum I'm willing to lose here is $20.000 in this experiment in 1 month. I'm not a beginner in trading and I have 100% free time to trade like this full time. I'm mentally prepared to lose 20k, I see this is a worst-case scenario and I accept this fate. I will do everything I can to prevent this from happening. Wish me luck and let's see how I will do! I'll appreciate all advice and comments! Cheers Vic
  10. Nice one, I too had a great day and looking back missed money, BUT That's not how things work of course. You can't pick tops and bottoms. You are just going to have to accept that. Just like I did Good luck and thanks for the daily writeup, very nice! Cheers
  11. Yeah sorry my other face didnt fit anymore Was nice seeying you all !!
  12. Im standing at the door Fyi thats not me in the profile pic lol
  13. Great! I will be there at 7.30h Looking forward to meeting you, Andrew. Cheers.
  14. Let me guess, elections next year?
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