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  1. Wanted to connect with my local traders in Portland, OR area and thought that creating a Facebook group would be a great way to connect and discuss meetups. Please join if you are a trader in the area. The group is called: bearbulltraders - Portland, OR Members. Hope it is okay with BBT that I created this Facebook page.
  2. TOS offers Nasdaq full book and EDGEX/BATS fullbook. So I can see the data for those two in depth. Is that enough for Level 2 or do you need more, like ARCA book, etc? They only show ALL the exchanges at the best bid and ask prices, but not beyond that. Also do you know why they would only offer those two? Are they the most popular that people watch?
  3. Ive been noticing more and more how important these daily charts are when day trading and looking for targets. They are very reliable. Work like Magic like Andrew says. Look at this example on MGM, I drew a level from 1 year ago and today it hit that level perfectly! MAGIC my friends! Use the daily charts to find confidence in the direction of your trade and how far it may go.
  4. I’m still learning, but instead of waiting for a 5 min candle to break up or down I thought it was better to wait for a price level to break instead, whether that is the first minute or takes 15minutes to break. Many times in pre market I see a strong consolidation area building up, it looks like it wants to break over a price level. I originally thought when a 5 min candle breaks above the previous 5min candle than I should enter, but what if in the pre market there is a price level that has not been broken yet and we are not actually breaking out, but just stuck in a range still.
  5. I want to record recap videos in the future and was wondering what app the team uses to have a video box of them on the trading window.
  6. I’m trying to get a better understating of how institutional traders play a role in our trading strategies. When we are trading our strategies, like the ABCD pattern or ORB, is it the buying and selling of the institutes that are creating the big price moves that we are riding up or down for profit? Or is it sometimes a mass amount of retail traders making the price move? It is to my understating that us retail traders don’t have enough power to move the prices. So I am assuming we are trying to anticipate the decisions of the institutes and ride their moves to take a share of profits? Is it the institutes actions that cause the pre market gaps? When we are trading a trend trade, is that trend up happening because institutes are continuing to buy it up or because there is no institutes interested in selling? I’m just trying to wrap my head around it because I think it will help me make better trading decisions once I clearly understand how our strategies are effected by the institutes. I try to research it, but still have a little confusion about it. Anything helps.
  7. After getting my CDL license I finally started making real money and my savings added up over the next four years. I wanted to use the savings to create an opportunity for myself to escape the average day job. Searching for ways to do this I came upon many ideas and heavily read about real estate investing. It didn’t feel like the right time for that, but a few times I heard about this day trading thing. Did some research and found Andrews book in the fall of 2018. Ever since then I’ve been hooked and doing everything I can to learn more. Fast forward to January and my wife wants me to quit my job so she can have a break from our new born son between work shifts. This also gives me a chance to practice day trading full time. So just this last week I have left my job for an estimated six months to help my wife with the kid and try to turn day trading into a career. I think Andrews style is the absolute best because I love how much he stresses risk management. Since January I am trading live with 100 to 500 shares. As expected, I have been going sideways with wins and losses. Studying my trades and making adjustments. I am in this for the long run and know that being a part of this community will help me reach success.
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