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  1. Abiel, Thanks for sharing this! I remember hearing about this in the chat last week. Super excited for these to come out!
  2. Hey Prakash, I have had a similar question recently because my wife is on a K1 fiance visa and waiting for her green card. I believe that the US is quite investment friendly and they see day trading as investing. I asked my immigration lawyer and she said that even with a K1 visa and no work permit it would still be permitted to day trade as long as the income isn't over millions of dollars. Regardless, I would advise consulting with an immigration lawyer before doing anything. Once you cross USCIS and make a mistake it can be up to their discretion to revoke your visa and essentially bar you from applying again. Because of this my wife and I have decided that shell just trade in sim until she gets her work permit...always better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Hey Everyone, Been doing the deep dive into VPA the past month and trying to get a grasp on the Low Volume Test. I read Anna Coulling's book, but so far I haven't really been able to identify the LVT in my own trading. Can anyone help explain what the LVT is and provide some examples? Thanks you!
  4. Hey, The strangest thing is happening and I cant figure it out. When I click a hot key (based on Kyle's Hot Keys) in my montage, for example SHORT $40, the short works perfect and my stop is automatically placed, but when I click the exact same hot key programmed into a custom keypad, in my case the x-keys 24, the trade goes through and immediately stops me out. It happens so quickly I cant exactly what is happening, but It seems that when I use the X-Keys it places my stop loss almost on top of my buy and immediately stops me out. Any idea why this would be occurring? I am using the exact same hot key script copied from my montage buttons and placed into the hotkey setup window. I have programmed a keystroke combo (in this case SHFT + 7 to execute SHORT $40) into the DAS hotkey setup window and then mapped that keystroke combo into the x-keys app. thanks, justin
  5. Hey Everyone, I am on a SIM account and I am trying to get a scanner set up in DAS that will show me if a stock suddenly has a bump in volume. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong here? It is only showing me stocks alphabetically starting with A...I can sort these stocks that start with A by volume, but it cant seem to search past "ABT". Thanks in advance! Justin
  6. Kyle this is absolutely incredible for someone like me who wants to practice even more after the close. Thank you!!
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