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    • Wednesday June 19th, 2019 Sleep: 7.5 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. practicing emotional acceptance of real loss.  first trade of the day was an ORBU in $X. I'm finding that i'm frozen by fear when i'm seeing good positions to get in to. i wanted to take X long right at the start of the second 5min candle but i froze and couldn't pull the trigger. then i wanted to get in on a pullback but i couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on a full size so i did half size. then added the other half at the break of HOTD. This moved my entry to 15.38 and I needed to get to 15.68 for 3R. it came two cents from my target the first time and i held all for an hour until it hit my PT that was also the high of the day but i didn't get filled. then it made a shooting star on the 5min and i got out at 2.2R the candle after. i'm all for staying in my trades until my profit but i did not like at all how it broke the HOTD then ended lower. happy with my decision to get out.  GOOD: took a winning trade!  RFI: had i took my full position at the first two times i wanted to enter i would have had 3R without any trouble.  MOOD: good.  CONSISTENT: yes. though i should have got out right at $15.67 or $15.65 when i was i didn't get filled. no point in penny pinching.    What i did good today: took a good setup and actually took the trade even though i needed to scale in. What i did bad today: fear on my entries.  What can i do better tomorrow: take the dang trade. work on fear of entering trades. i'm not going to reduce share size yet but i might if it helps me get over my fear. 
    • Wednesday 6/19/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. My nerves were OK. Looking forward spending a day with my family today while everyone else is working J I took two live trades with FB. But, first an update on Centerpoint. I spoke to them and the BBT deal (.35min, .005 for com+ECN) limits the routes to CPGO. They said that it is not a fast route and is used for lower price. But, since I trade so close to the open it’s been difficult with the slow fills. Centerpoint said I will have to drop the BBT deal on my account if I want to use a faster route, it will cost me (0.95c min comm with 0.0032 ECN). Which makes IB look better. Both FB and AMD were both setting up for an 1min ORB but I didn’t take either. I even watch the video of my trade and not sure why I didn’t take one. Both dropped fast right at the break of the 1min candle so I might have felt like I was chasing. Instead I took the 2min ORB on FB but with a tight stop at $165. Even with the tight stop I exited early. I then went short on a 3min ORB on FB and I took a wider stop (VWAP) with a target of the 184.45 with a nice R/R~3. I took my first partial way too early from nerves since I was just stopped out a minute before on the same trade. I took two more parials the second one I got a bad fill. Then FB made a bullish hammer and I exited the rest of my shares on the new 1min high.   My score card for today:   What I did good today:  Was able to get back into a trade after a stop out. 50% win rate and still green. How did I challenge myself today?  Stuck to two trades today, though with the early S/O I was allowed to take a third. What I did bad today:  That first partial was terrible. What can I do better tomorrow:  Figure out what to do with Centerpoint.    
    • See you there! Lemongrass in Martinez, Friday, 6/21 at noon for lunch https://goo.gl/maps/ttPYLFrxZsREcyX48
    • IT'S ON!!! Got the gears for our picture on Friday! Thanks to @Ryan W Looking forward to see you all! Thanks! ----------------------------------------------------- Fin prêt pour vendredi! Merci à @Ryan W pour les chandails et casquettes. Au plaisir de finalement vous rencontrer! Karl
    • IT'S ON!!! Got the gears for our picture on Friday! Thanks to @Ryan W Looking forward to see you all! Thanks! Karl  

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