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    • Cyber monday update broke the bank. Most expensive rig on the site I'm sure. #If you know you know Banana- $150,000 Anker vertical mouse-$30 Steel series pad-$15 G910 fully customizable RGB and macro keyboard- $120 Fourth screen(27")- $180
    • Thanks RTrader for your reply I actually just signed up today with DAS at first I wanted to try out IB TWS, I tried their Paper account, I paid for full data a total of $65 (no options-futures). after a few minutes of sim-trade I realized that execution is delayed a good few minutes and is not accurate. customer support suggested its only in paper mode, but real account has no issues. but I lost fate in them, plus i needed sim-trading high speed so i decided to go over to DAS and pay the $150 a month. going back to your suggestion about TRADE-STATION, i see they work together with Trading-View charts which is great. on the other side they only have 24 reviews on https://www.tradingview.com/brokers/  ANYONE ELSE HAD EXPERIENCE WITH TradeStation?     PLEASE SHARE
    • Weekly summary for week starting 02-Dec-19. When I went live initially, I started trading based on candle sticks (hammer, shooting star, hanging man etc.,) and then moved to chart patterns (3Bar play, Double bottom/top, ABCD, MA bounce, Reversals etc.,). I had a time constraint which meant, I could trade only an hour after the open. Starting this month, I am able to spend more time at the open. I am trying out some new strategies, which will give more RRs. I am also looking to take setups that run longer (Today, I close positions within few mins most of the time). If this doesn't fit my personality, I go back to my old setups, with all the key lessons learnt. The first year of Trading should be all about learning and that is what I am trying to do (incremental learning after more experience). I hope it builds a system that can withstand all market conditions. Red week. -6r. I could spend only few hours last week trading and was not able to post my journal. Hence posting a weekly summary sharing couple of key trades from last week. Trade1: $APA. Long after a resistence turned into a support. Entry after hammer on 2min. Price didn't move as expected got out BE.   Trade2: $ROKU. 3 Bar play on 2min.   Trade 3: $AMD. Losing trade due to my Confirmation Bias on $AMD. There was no catlyst for $AMD that day (7Dec19).    Trade4: $ACAD. HOD breakout trade. I predicted the setup and entered instead of waiting for confirmation (breakout, pullback, retest, strongly claim the level). I watched the trade film after that and added more comments.   Trade5: $ESTC. Very interesting trade. Why is it important to watch the trade recording. The setup was perfect for short, but L2 had a Held Bid and stocked popped up to stop me out. This I noted after watching the Film of this trade later.     Trade6: $ESTC. This time, there was a Held Ask, but it lifted and the price jumed 50c immediately.    Good: Many of my trades had moved atleast 1.5-2r before stopping me out, this is because I am looking for larger moves. I have also watched L2 and prints closely. I want to be in a position to give a trade commentary as the price action unfolds.  Improvement: Predicting the setup instead of waiting and Additions (when confirmation is not there). Overall happy with my week, despite down by -6r for the week, due to all the learnings. I am sure I will eventually turn profitable this month too. 
    • Unfortunately the most pictures are missing 😞 have anybody the complete Sheet Please? Would be awesome! Thanks
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