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  2. Good afternoon New York BBT community, My name is Andrew, and I'm from Morris County, New Jersey. I am still fairly new to trading, and am currently continuing my education through books, online videos, and now by joining a chatroom. I also trade PaperMoney through my thinkorswim mobile app, for additional training. I am currently saving up enough money to purchase a worthwhile desktop computer that I can use to trade seriously, as trading from a smart phone is not conducive. I am looking forward to continuing my education with BBT, and especially getting to know everyone. Cent'anni, Andrew aka Tracksuit Trader
  3. I am new at this, although i can not bring to much to the table ( for now)i would be interested joining (time permitting) small/large/between group.
  4. Hey Guys, This Michael Young Cho from Forest Hills, Queens, NY. I'm looking for a few more trading buddies in the Queens area. I want to compare notes & see if we are compatible traders or complimentary traders. Would like to see what platform you use, what kind of hotkeys you have assigned, etc... Send me a message if it sounds interesting
  5. Hey Carlos and NYC members, I just joined BBT last week! Proposing a casual NYC meetup in the coming 3 weeks! Jan 21-23. Jan 28-30 (all Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, under the assumption that that works best for most)
  6. Hey guys... I’m new to the group and to BBT in general, but I see the thread for meetups has fallen by the wayside the last six months. Maybe we can try to get that going again... Thanks!
  7. Hey Carlos, my accountants have been really good about getting me converted to a full-time trading business. Feel free to give me a call or txt msg at 203-770-3995 to discuss further.
  8. I did a minor in accounting back in the day, in Germany, so probably limited use, but then again you never know. Can you tell me what - roughly - this is about?
  9. Hi, hope you are all doing well, Could somebody recommend me a good accountant for a consultation? My accountant is not very experienced in day trading and I need some advice. Thank you, Carlos
  10. hi all- apologies for not getting back sooner. My bad. I need to make it a habit to come here regularly. Thanks for the good ideas, especially convenient seems Whatsapp, but I dont know how this would work. It would be something where you have to share your trades, including the stupid ones, which I still have a lot, to be accountable and motivated to work on yourself. Really no clue. Carlos, you mentioned it was beneficial, do you have a Whatsapp group, system... you are using?
  11. Not exactly from NY metro, but I am from Long Island, NY
  12. Welcome Dirk! I am still mulling over how I want to best use some type of buddy system for my own trading. We can all of course reach out to any BBT member and share/discuss trades. What I was thinking here was a way to garner the full potential of the benefits of accountability. From the trading psychology books I have been reading, being accountable to someone else can limit the typical mistakes made while trading and help build better long term habits. Would love to hear how Carlos thinks his morning show has affected his trading, my bet is that while its challenging, he is performing better because he has the whole BBT family watching him. For my part I want to team up with others trading the open with the ticker profiles I like, namely $40-$200 prices and floats above 50M. At the moment, I am still working on my own consistency.
  13. Yes, definitely time to get together again. I am out of the country until March 8th, a Friday so probably wouldn't be available Saturday the 9th, but anytime after that I am good.
  14. Welcome to club Dirk! Yes buddy system is beneficial. Does not have to be one on one it can also be a team, I have found that messaging app like What'sApp is really convenient. What does everyone else think?
  15. Hey Everyone! We should starting putting some possible dates together. Maybe March/April? What do you guys think? Looking forward to seen familiar faces and new ones!
  16. I just joined the NY area group, and I would like to join in a buddy system. Doesnt actually have to be from this group, but would have the added benefit of being able to do it in person sometimes.
  17. Would love to know your thoughts about trying to coordinate trading buddies for anyone who needs a second set of eyes when reviewing trading plans, strategies or performance in general. Do we, as a club, want to get an active mentor-ship community going locally, or since we are not really limited by location using email, phone or messaging, leave it to the overall BBT community. Your thoughts?
  18. I am sure we will still post in the main forum for future meetups but we can use this topic as a place to post smaller interim gatherings as well when any of us feel like getting together.

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