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  1. Hi Kyle, Thanks for giving a webinar on this topic! If you could go over the basics, things we should know, etc, that would be great for beginners. I've been using your hotkeys for weeks, but am not sure if I am optimizing them or selecting the most useful ones. Aka in the realm of the "I don't know what I don't know." Looking forward to your session!
  2. Thanks so much, Rob! Finally got my Kyle hotkeys set up... Excited to trade with them hotkeys! Bobby, all good!
  3. Hi Rob, This is so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain thoroughly. Can you link me up to the Kyle hotkeys? When you calculated it manually, did you use an excel spreadsheet in the heat of the trade?
  4. Hi guys! Have a basic question...How do we start out and create a system in terms of managing risk? e.g. I had 5 winning trades out of 5 today, but only won $20 net because I didn't have a real system. 1. I was a bit random in determining # of shares to trade. general rule in my head is to not get rejected from the $25k sim money - expensive stocks like TSLA, just put 50 trades, cheap stocks, buy 100 trades. 2. once the stock won a bit, I sold... .I've studied class 5 on Risk Management, and read Andrew's book "How to Day Trade for a Living." Understood that the reward/risk ratio of 2:1 at least. QUESTION is: How do you manage risk once the rubber hits the road? What system do you use to manage risk? If it's a spreadsheet, can you share it? And how do you refer to the system when you're in the heat of the moment on a potential trade? Thanks guys...
  5. Makes sense - thanks, Justin!
  6. Haha thanks guys. Didn't mean it as a reference to being PSYCHIC! Haha Meant it like what you're saying, Justin: some stocks predictably trade choppy or trade like algos are trading them. So the question is... DO WE HAVE A LIST SOMEWHERE OF THOSE STOCKS THAT TRADE PREDICTABLY? Or, do we have some way to determine that by viewing the chart? Perhaps this is a rabbit hole, or super simple - I'm a newbie! Thanks...
  7. Hey guys, It was mentioned today in the chatroom that some stocks trade predictably. Could you share how you determine which stocks trade predictably? Thanks...
  8. Thanks for your input, Justin!
  9. Abiel, Rob, Peter: Your diverse responses help put it to perpective and form my own answer. Thank you!
  10. Hey guys, Do you have any recommendations on Trade Ideas onboarding? Signed up for the Trade Ideas Drive (the one ending 2/14) per the shout out at the BBT morning show. There are soooo many videos / tutorials on there , it's overwhelming... I see that BBT has a video on trade ideas below.Is there anything else you would recommend, to watch/read on Trade Ideas, to get up and running? https://www.bearbulltraders.com/lessons/how-to-create-a-new-scan-in-trade-idea/ Many thanks! Debbie
  11. Hey guys!! Been a member for a month now. Love the community and information! Just started using the simulator. Know everyone's different, but do you guys recommend leaving after meeting the daily $$ goal? Or keep practicing? Feeling 50/50.
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