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  1. For all US- members who use Interactive Brokers for their stock day trading: Which margin setting to you use? I have a choice between "Margin" and "Portfolio Margin", the latter supposedly being more flexible but a minimum account balance of 100k More to the point: if you are using "Margin" accounts, what margin % do you see? I will give you a few examples: NNDM (very speculative) XPEV (pretty speculative) PG (very unspeculative) SPY (market)
  2. I did a minor in accounting back in the day, in Germany, so probably limited use, but then again you never know. Can you tell me what - roughly - this is about?
  3. 9. Professor (highest life expectancy!) 8. Actor 7. Fireman 6. Police Detective 5. Doctor 4. Bomb Disposal Technician (lowest life expectancy?) 3. Pro Athlete 2. Fighter Pilot 1.Trader
  4. https://www.interactivebrokers.com/en/index.php?f=1590&p=stocks2 Example 2: $5 each on US stocks. I hesitate to give a more specific answer, nor is it probably needed, it really depends on a few items like shares, monthly volume, price, but under normal conditions, you pay 0.005$/share, with their fixed schedule, which probably applies to most. On scaling of that size you will often hit the $1 minimum comm.
  5. hi all- apologies for not getting back sooner. My bad. I need to make it a habit to come here regularly. Thanks for the good ideas, especially convenient seems Whatsapp, but I dont know how this would work. It would be something where you have to share your trades, including the stupid ones, which I still have a lot, to be accountable and motivated to work on yourself. Really no clue. Carlos, you mentioned it was beneficial, do you have a Whatsapp group, system... you are using?
  6. I just joined the NY area group, and I would like to join in a buddy system. Doesnt actually have to be from this group, but would have the added benefit of being able to do it in person sometimes.
  7. Great post Carlos! I was coming to this realization just now too, good to hear it from someone who already understood and successfully uses this. Price action, statistical expectancy of how much a stock could move - the ATR has been a great addition to my toolset for this. The levels are important for planning the trade too. This should really help me from pushing the Take Profit button too early. I still need to practice it though Easier said than done. Thanks! Dirk Another great concept is the guerrilla trading idea that Andrew talks about - dont stick in the trade too long.
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