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  1. I may be mistaken but I was not aware that you can do that, including a corresponding stop loss at a price you choose, and automatic calculation of size depending on the difference, based on a risk unit. Is that so?
  2. Hotkeys are very good in DAS, better than e.g. TWS. That being said, there are still limitations that I would like to see improved, e.g. stop entries over the prior High. I am not aware that TradingView is sufficient for actual trading, that is more of a replay, analysis and documentation tool I thought. Isn't it web based? That would not be my choice. I am personally still on TWS which has its own limitations. I am interested to hear other comments.
  3. Interactive Brokers users: IB has been advertising (to me) their "IB Adaptive Algo". They claim that it can improve both speed and fill price. IB's marketing: "Since you place marketable orders, you may want to try using Urgent Adaptive Algo orders instead, as they have better price improvement on average." "Since you place non marketable orders, you may want to try using Patient Adaptive Algo orders instead, as they attempt to achieve the fastest fill at at the best all-in price." https://www.clientam.com/en/index.php?f=19091 So there is a setting for urgent and patient, depending on what you want to prioritize. I am a bit dubious because in fast moving markets this algo may miss out on entries. Has anyone any experience with this order algorithm?
  4. Its a personal choice, I prefer stop limit orders for entry to avoid big slippage. But my other point was set the limit on the stop limit as wide as you want, giving you a 100% chance of filling. E.g. set the limit for a $100 stop at $110 or whatever. I think the system will still take the order. Needing a limit is an intentional restriction by IB, they say by law. ( but also by their own risk management rules).
  5. PS - so I just did a small test in IB TWS. Turns out I was correct. Pretty much confirmed 4/18/22 by stopping in and stopping out of TWTR 9:18, 9:19 AM with stop limit and setting 'fill outside RTH'. Interestingly 'Allow pre-market' didn't work. Wide limit that would be used for stop out may cause a warning, TBD. But there are tons more settings in IB TWS that didn't even look at yet that may also help. This should then also work with delayed open. Let me know if that works in DAS too or any other findings.
  6. I had to go to my notes because I have kind of moved away from trading near the open (for other reasons). Indeed, there is a limitation which I had forgotten about: Stop and Market orders will not fill on IB during the 'premarket' (including delayed open which is also still 'premarket') , even if allowed per the setting, I think due to one of their conservative risk management principles. HOWEVER, there also should be a workaround. I know marketable limit orders work, so stop limit should work in theory. For stop out, you would simply choose a very conservative limit to make sure you are filled. Again, this is my theory, would have to test but I feel confident this would work. IF you do test it, could you please share the result here?
  7. The issue of delayed open in some stocks causes orders that are for the RTH (regular trading hours) not to go through. After a few calls to IB it turns out that even though it is after 930, for each stock the market maker has to officially open the stock for trading, and remarkably often that is delayed. (I always joke to myself that the market maker didn't have his coffee). The setting is to make the order fillable outside regular trading hours. and voila. Maybe a setting in DAS too?
  8. Thanks peterB. I am not on DAS but I know this issue. It is a setting in TWS that can prevent it from happening. Can you maybe elaborate more as to what you looked at to determine no difference?
  9. Can you have a hotkey that creates a stop-in order above the last candle hi and a stop loss under the last candle low ? Shares = Risk unit ($ amount eg $100) / Range of the last candle (risk)?
  10. Can we put this issue to bed with actual data? The general opinion is that when it comes to speed, DAS Trader Pro bests IB TWS (besides other usability issues) . Has anyone ever tested this to any level? What you need to know is that DAS with IB uses the same order pipeline as IB TWS, or so I am told by the DAS support. So speed gains, I speculate, would come from faster market data in DAS. In other words, you would see the price faster in DAS. But a real life test of IB TWS vs another platform (I dont have DAS) showed definitely an estimated 0.25 s lag of prices updating but I am not sure if that is enough for a competitive advantage/ make any difference in manual trading.
  11. I have built a client that automatically trades with IB's API. This API uses the same infrastructure as TWS. I had built the client for forex trading and it worked well, from a technical perspective. But not from a financial perspective. Now I am again considering an equity automation, or partial automation to be exact but to me a first question that needs to be answered is, is the DAS infrastructure for prices and orders faster than the IB/TWS infrastructure? It seems generally accepted that TWS is overall slower than DAS (for equities). Has anyone ever pitted DAS Pro and IB TWS head to head for equities from a performance (fill quality, speed) perspective? I would choose my API based on that.
  12. For all US- members who use Interactive Brokers for their stock day trading: Which margin setting to you use? I have a choice between "Margin" and "Portfolio Margin", the latter supposedly being more flexible but a minimum account balance of 100k More to the point: if you are using "Margin" accounts, what margin % do you see? I will give you a few examples: NNDM (very speculative) XPEV (pretty speculative) PG (very unspeculative) SPY (market)
  13. I did a minor in accounting back in the day, in Germany, so probably limited use, but then again you never know. Can you tell me what - roughly - this is about?
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