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  1. GreenGene

    NYC Meetup with Thor


    Count me in. I just booked my hotel - gonna be a blast I'm sure. Also, I'm coming up with my amazing wife so +1 Thanks, Gene
  2. Hello BBT Community,

    I'm really excited to be joining this community. You folks seem to be down to earth and treat career day trading with the respect it deserves. I want to learn your ways! I want to commit all the time I can to go from beginner to intermediate and hopefully continue forward from there. 

    A little about me: I'm a 32 year old US resident and leaving my 9-5 soon (I work as a Systems Analyst in the IT field. Though the pay is good and is a good career for a lot of people, it doesn't excite me and probably never will) I have enough money saved to be non-profitable for a year to a year+ (if that's how long it takes). I'm going to try a career change. I'm taking the leap with the support of my loving wife. Day trading is something I've always been interested (not as a get rich quick scheme, but as a career) but was never able to find the time and resources to give myself a fair chance at making it work (I respect the dedication, practice, and risk management it takes). Now that the stars have aligned and I have an opportunity to join this community, do 3 months of SIM (more if necessary), use DAS pro with CMEG and go live with small amounts to start, I can make a go of it.

    I hope I can get some mentorship going because having read Andrews How to Day Trade For A Living and a few more, I'm still fully aware of my ignorance. At least the ground work has been lain and I know what I'm getting into (sort of). I'm going to set up my DAS SIM asap and devote as much time to it as possible as I exit my job in the next month or two.

    I'm going to start going through the community now and getting to know you fine people.

    Looking forward to getting involved,



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