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  1. Darwin Rubio

    Diet and trading

    Nice I've been doing Keto for a 3 weeks now I haven't noticed anything mentally but surely I've feel better phsyically. But great read
  2. Darwin Rubio

    Trading Buddies

    Not exactly from NY metro, but I am from Long Island, NY
  3. Great video! I've found a bit of success with looking for setups on the long term chart usually a 20-15 minute, and entering based on on the 2-3 minute. I usually also have a "medium" term chart usually thats a 5 minute I just use that as confirmation. I love it because even though I don't find as many trades the R:R is amazing usually 3-4
  4. Darwin Rubio

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello, I'm Darwin, I'm 19 and I'm from Long Island, NY. I have been trading since I was 17 (used parents name) and I used to be trapped with penny stocks for about a year but then decided to transition into mid caps and a little large caps and I have been finding it a lot easier. I currently have an amazon fba business and doing stocks and I do a little uber driving on the side. I just love working for myself.

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