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  1. Mark, Below are my additional rules to trading the ORBs. 1. Do not trade against the trend/gap 2. Do not trade doji ORBs 3. No trades after huge 5min candles 4. Best trades are after price pulls back before breaking the OR 5. No trades in front of big levels (daily, MAs, VVAP etc) 6. No trades on slow movers 7. No trades in the directions of big wicks 8. No trades on choppy stocks 9. Be very selective. Remember it is okay not to take any trades. I used to take trades whenever there was any break of the ORB and had some big winners but also a lot of losers. So I was close to break even. Now with these rules everything has improved. I take way less trades and most of them are winners. I miss a lot of big moves but I am okay with that because I know that a lot of those "big moves setups" would end up being fake outs and at the end I would end up break even. What also changed is that I used to trade anything market threw at me and now I feel like I am in control of what I want to trade and that is very empowering. Hope that helps. Please continue posting it is a great source of knowledge. Thanks Simon
  2. Keep it up Mark. Days like this are necessary for your growth as a trader. You are right about the stops. You always have to obey them. You have to make it a habit by repeating obeying stops over and over so in the future it will be automatic. I decided to trade only ORBs and this is my third month of trading ORBs exclusively. One trader gave me some good advice two weeks ago and I had way better results past two weeks. I see you are making the same mistakes. Let me know if you want me to help you . Simon
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