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  1. I've arrived in San Diego from Santa Fe, NM today. SD Weather is awesome. I just left 28 degrees in Santa Fe. Attending TradeIdeas conference and BBT Meetup. Look forward to meeting up.
  2. It is very rare I have a swing go that long. It just never dipped too much to not tolerate it, except for in early week of February, when I almost bailed when it got back down to 12.50 (.50 above my stop) but my share size on it was not that big and luckily it popped back up and showed good strength the rest of the way for the most part. I actually should have followed my plan to exit some at 4 pts up, but it went down at about 3 pts up, then showed good strength marching up and thru the 4pt possible exit. So I stayed with it. I'll leave some shares left to see if it can get to 200 MA @ 25.45. But it has mostly flattened out sideways the last few days.
  3. I already am a community member since November 2018 and I am setup with IB and Das with my own simulator and Live acct. That said can I still join the BBT Challenge 2?
  4. Still in UWT Swing since 1/18/19. It never hit my stop of 12. It is now at 21.55. But going to take half or more of position out this coming Monday morning April 15.
  5. OK, I believe Andrew, Brian, Carlos and possibly Norm are headed to New York this weekend.
  6. Is this meetup happening for sure on the 15th and 16th of March? Is Andrew attending and/or any other BBT staff attending? I need to book a flight from Albquerque, NM soon if so? Any more details?
  7. Two things: 1) I can help host a Santa Fe, NM meetup if anyone interested? I've lived here since 1999 (I formerly lived in Seattle and SF Bay Area). Santa Fe is a unique place to live and visit. High desert in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and 60 miles from Taos. About 75,000 population. Art (top 3 art market in nation), SW culture, hiking, skiing, biking, fly fishing, micro breweries and restaurants -- great food if you now where to go, Native American and Spanish culture, etc. Possible good months to meetup are May and early to mid September 2019. 2) Anyone out there near the land of enchantment? I'm a lifetime BBT member, wondering how close any members may be near me? Chime in at your leisure and advise on your interest and current locale, Cheers! Steve Burke
  8. I'd also be interested one day having a meet up in Santa Fe, NM. I live there since 1999, great place for a visit I feel for the culture, hiking, art, food etc as well. Any one interested in Santa Fe, NM down the road? I plan on coming down to Phoenix as is being planned here May or September would be a great months for Santa Fe. Just throwing that out there.
  9. Why having a daily profit target is important? Currently, I personally do not trade with a daily profit goal in mind, so to answer the question specifically, I do not find a daily profit target important or productive to my "trading happiness". So I will not list a slew of reasons to support that premise. As a relatively new trader, a daily profit target made me chase the goal, and at times miss opportunities staring me in the face. Therefore, I now focus completely on being daily in a "Trading Zone", of which most I learned at BBT, which includes: -Strict Risk management (thanks RobertH!), -Patience & Research (thanks BrianP!), -Discipline (thanks Carlos!) - and solid setups on a variety of strategies with at least 2-1 risk to reward that have multiple indicators pointing to going long or short, and developing "feel" (thanks Andrew). - I also rely on my own research and feeling-knowing about a trade prospect and reading the psych story present in the charts, as best as I can. Trading Zone VS Profit Target: For me rather then a profit target, I strive daily to trade with focus and discipline with what the market presents to me on any given day. It does not mean to me that I can't look at my P&L, but I can not give my P&L any say or power over getting me out of my trading zone. For me, this is a psych muscle that I must continue to build and support for it is not in my natural built-in nature. Over trading, FOMO, revenge trading that results in losses are feedback that something is taking me out of my trading zone. It could be a profit target not met, could be I made way over my target and now I'm taking unwarranted undisciplined risks, cuz I'm "getting high" on profits (lol). To me the "trading zone" is the sweaty gym where all the hard work is done, and the P&L is the mirror I can occasionally look at to see the results of the hard disciplined work. I don't want to let the mirror be in charge, the "P&L mirror" is the results of my daily actions, not the motivator. Be True Yourself (harder then it sounds): That being said, everyone has to be true to themselves and their unique trading style. There is no right or wrong answer to the question posed in my opinion. Having a daily profit target may work best for many people for many different reasons including one's life circumstances, risk tolerance, genetic makeup, current psychological tendencies, current trading skill level and trading style, an so on. It very well may be the most effective for most people, newbie's and pro's alike. Style of Trading and Daily Profit Target: I see that Andrew likes to trade for about an hour or two in the morning on ORB's or Engulfing Bearish Cracks in particular, and then he is done for the day. A daily profit target may work best for him because specifically of that style of trading. I can see where the tendency can creep in to over trade, or trade too quickly in that type of trading style. He is also performing transparently for himself and the community which adds another psychological dimension, ie. time and performance pressures. He is our beloved awesome "Sniper" trader in the mornings, as someone described him recently. So it appears from his comments that a daily profit target works best for his current style and personal psychology. Whereas, I know others are looking for opportunities to trade during the entire span of the day, and perhaps a Trading Zone method without looking at P&L works best for them, or a combo of both at times is likely as well. The Bottom Line Target: we all want to be happy being a day trader. Happiness and survival in this game does not come from losing more than you are making. So if a daily profit target proves to keep one happy and a winner in the game, awesome. If flowing with what the market represents on a daily basis without a specific profit target works best, then great. Maybe a combination of both suits an individual. This is a fluid game. I heavily lean toward a trading zone method as described, but that will likely change and evolve as my trading skill set and style evolves over time. The market is an ever changing river flow, we each will make adjustments and experiment over time. There is no stopping place in this synergy. Journey Well BBT's.
  10. 1/18/19 Swing Trade Idea. Today Trading UWT EFT 13.10 entry, Stop $12. Target 4 point plus. We'll see how it goes.
  11. Hey escadaret, I updated the chart for the roku trade to correctly list profit amount which I had wrong after reviewing my broker statement. The new chart is at the top of this thread. Can you delete the outdated chart you quoted when you get a moment. Thanks and best wishes in 2019!
  12. Interested. Those days can work for me, but I believe I can be flexible also. Thanks!
  13. I am all out as of this morning on SQ swing. It was a good run. I'm not that familiar with the pot stocks, just the product (LOL), I have alot to learn to expand my swing trade reach with ETF's etc. That will happen over this new year. Thanks for the heads up on sell of possibility around 10:30am, I'll be watching. Might take day off and just watch, I've been going like a freight train at this for the last week, in particular , need a breather to do more research. Right now my trading revenue is about 80% from swing trading and 20 from day trading. I'd like to balance that out more this year. But both disciplines are like separate entities, but they synergize with each other.
  14. I did fully exit ROKU at the end of the run, but boy I wish I could have shorted it yesterday, but Speedtrader did not have any shares to short. Have a great day, today looks like a Long day, money coming into the equities it looks like, but you never know until the day over. I still Swing Long on SQ, hoping it continues up, so far looks strong in premarket. Cheers.
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