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  1. I have been looking for this feature for a while. Very helpful.....thanks!
  2. Hi, I got a pretty good handle on level 2 and how to use its information as an indicator to take a short or long position. However, I am still a bit confused on how to identify hidden orders and the reason(s) why hidden buyers / sellers act the way they do. if you know of any good article or youtube video (or if you would like to provide your own explanation) please post the link(s) here. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I figured that now that Black Friday is getting closer I may want to shop for a new laptop for day trading. If you see an good deal please post the link in here. In addition to a fast processor I would like to be able to connect this laptop to at least 2 big screens....3 or 4 would be better, even if that means buying a docking station. Thanks
  4. Great stuff! Today I submitted a post on a similar topic. You trading system is definitively more complete than the quantitative trading journal I drafted (see link below). Let me know what you think. I would be interested in exchanging ideas. Cheers.
  5. Hi, In one of his videos Andrew mentioned that for a STOP RANGE ORDER IN DAS the low range is a market order and the high range is a limit order. It is possible that if the limit order is triggered but not filled then one does not have a low range stop loss for protection in case the stock price drops. Do you know if this issue has been resolved? Thanks
  6. Thanks Abiel. It seems to me that I have to create all of my charts under one tab and then move them to different screens. As long as I save my configuration at the end of a trading day I should not have to repeat the same operation the next day. Cheers....
  7. Thanks Abiel. >1) DAS is working in a feature to simulate trades with past data. One avaliable option is https://tradingsim.com That helps and thanks for the tip. For now I am using tradingview (kind of works but it is free) >2) You need to save your desktop. Click file > save desktop and everytime you close DAS click yes to save it The solution most people describe in the forum seems cumbersome. I still do not quite understand if I can export ("pop out") an entire tab to a difference screen. >3) Seems like DAS implemented CMEG commision structure into simulator, I hope other mods can confirm this Re-watched William's road map to commission video....it clarified most of my questions. Thanks again, Drapoli
  8. Hi, I am starting to get familiar with DAS Trader Pro. I spent quite a lot of time messing around with the DEMO version (3-mo trial; $100/mo). Here are some questions I hope you can help me with. -Is it possible to simulate old trades? In other platforms you can go back in time and replay old trades and see how much $$$ you would have made/lost. Does DAS has this feature? -Is there a relatively easy way to display multiple charts of my stock in play (e.g., 1 min; 5 min; daily for each stock) on different screens? I can use the "pop out" option for each chart, but it seems to me that this way I need to re-arrange every chart on different screens every trading day -Is the fee structure in a DEMO DAS account realistic? It seems to me that the ENC fees are very high (see example below....not a real trade thank God) Sorry for the many questions and thanks in advance for your help! Drapoli
  9. Hi BBT community, I am considering moving to Europe (probably Italy) and was wondering if any of you if familiar with trading from the "bel paese" or any other major European Country. In Italy taxes on capital gains are now 26% (they used to be 12.5% a few years ago). However, trading commissions seems to be a lot higher than in the US (for IB they are 0.1% of trade value; min: EUR 4; max: EUR 29....much higher than in the US for high volumes). I am not familiar with European brokers but will try find out more. Meanwhile, I would appreciate if you could share your knowledge/experience on this matter. Thanks and ciao.
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