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  1. Ah ok. So your saying just use the keys and you will see the SL/TP and you can then drag them to where you want them to be. Thank you, that may work then. Is there anyway though to put the same type of order in for just a specific amount of shares without the risk $ value? (Seems DA brokers like Cobra, CenterPoint, SpeedTrader are focused heavily on DAS so that's the reason for my comment. I may have been saying it wrong. )
  2. Thanks for sharing this Peter. That stinks and will not work for me personally. My stop loss & target are specific levels and can't be defined by R/R from current price. Seems like in some things DAS is great but others it's way behind (maybe cause they have a monopoly on the DA broker arena). I've traded with many different platforms (non DA) and OCO attached to limit's is almost always available no matter what the platform. Mike
  3. Hello all, I currently have the Equalized risk keys and also OCO hotkeys. These are great but both require me to first enter a trade before the OCO is placed. I would like to Put in a limit order and an OCO order that only gets triggered when the limit order gets triggered. Is this possible? At times I just want to be able to set it and forget it. If price comes down to here then buy and instantly enter an OCO to give me stop & target. Like TradingView: If the 1000 Buy limit does not get hit then the OCO order does nothing. Thanks! Mike
  4. Thanks Peter B. My parents were tight savers / coupon clippers and never wasteful even though they both made great money. Probably rubbed off on me.
  5. So my broker Cobra offers several rebate routes if your a Liquidity Maker (best paying even .0025) (Even one that pays you .002 to be a taker) STOP orders cannot utilize any of the rebate routes and are the most expensive option (Charging .0035). So no OCO's either. Anyone found a way around this? I know my on demand Sell orders are simply LIMIT orders at BID-0.05 when I click the button. Is there some type of hotkey you could create that will cause a LIMIT orders at BID-0.05 to be entered once the stock reaches a certain price? I am new with all this routing stuff so thank you in advance Mike
  6. Thanks. I guess I was thinking that if you have say 2000 shares on a low float and need to sell and say the bid is at 18.49 and your hotkey puts in a sell limit order for 2000 shares at 18.49 but there are only 1000 shares available at that price then you would not get filled. But if you could define tolerable slippage in your hotkey then you could get filled. I'm just getting into pre/post market trading so I may be completely off
  7. So I found that you can use this hotkey to cover say 25% of the position: Route=LIMIT; Share=Pos*.25; Price=Bid-.05; NoRR=N; TIF=DAY; SELL=Send That works fine. but then if you use it again it covers 25 % of the postion you now currently hold after covering 25%. You hit it again and now it covers 25% of the existing postion and so on. How can you make a key where your original position was 100 shares. You cover 25% (25 shares) putting you at 75 shares. and then you hit the hotkey again and cover 25 shares leaving you at 50 shares, and then again 25 shares leaving at 25, and then again closed? This is what you would want. As it stands you cover 25 shares of 100 then have 75 share position. Then you cover 25% and then you are covering 18.75 shares, then have 56.25, then cover 25% and have 42.2 shares and so on. Is there a solution to this? Thanks all. Mike
  8. The existing Panic key will put a Market order to close all positions. Of course this will not work if you are trading Post/Pre Market. Is there a hotkey which can do the same for Post/Pre Market? Example: If you are long at $20 for 1000 shares and price is going against you and is at 19.50. You then hit the Post/Pre Market panic button and it puts a limit order in for 1000 shares at 'Price - x' So this way you can define x as .05 and the panic button will place a short limit at 19.45 for 1000 shares. Your not guaranteed to be filled but if the spread is tight you most likely will be. I may be missing something but I think this would be helpful as the only way to exit currently is to drag your Short Limit for 1000 shares to some place around 19.45 to exit the trade. Thanks, Mike
  9. First post here. Thanks for all your contribution to trading community! Amazing helpful tools to keep us in the game longterm! So I have found all the keys I need for Market Hours where I can include a stop loss with or without target with predefined Risk. Also I know I can create a an order without stop loss for Pre/Post market hours. Now the only way I see to exit a trade during pre/post market is to have a target limit order set and then drag it below / above the current price to exit the trade. So what I have not found yet is a hotkey where I can enter Long / Short with predefined risk and attach only a Target limit? This way your immediately have that target limit on your chart that you can drag below the price if it's going against you and you need to get out. Is this key available? I may have just missed it. Thanks again all! Mike
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