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  1. Hey all there is finally some alright snow on Mt. Charleston. If you are in the Vegas area and wanna buddy to hit the slopes with feel free to message me or post here. I'm always looking for people to meet and make some runs with! I'll be going 1-2 times per week from here on out till the end of the season. Starting tomorrow!!! Let's make it a thing Cheers, Mitch The Duck
  2. Right now just trying to focus on remembering that calls and puts are a potential tradebook option when I get pretty committed to the idea that a move is coming or a trend is going to continue throughout the day . . . normally I get to the journaling stage of the day and look at the plays i made and go "d'oh, i could have just bought some calls lol
  3. ive been a hodling for a while now. I'm longterm very bullish on BTC. When it dips, "stack the sats"
  4. Hey all I've been getting into this as well. When looking for a quick scalp what DTE are you normally looking at @nadersajj ? The same week or farther out/ I'm finding what is really playing into my decision process lately are the spreads on the contracts, man they get wide at times and if you're not careful a good looking trade can either break even or turn bad pretty quick just cause of the spread. MiTCh
  5. Hi Everyone, My name is Mitch. Husband, father, circus alum, rigger, adventurer and world traveler. The duck reference has to do with the equanimity mindset that was talked about in a recent webinar Currently I live in las Vegas. Anyone else? Very happy to be here. Been trading on my own and learning slowly for about 5 years now. Very interested in options and finding out what type of day trader I am. Looking for a trading buddy to bounce ideas off of, review things, and KEEP EACH OTHER HONEST! Feel free to get in touch with me and say hi in the chats or forums! Cheers, MiTCh
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