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  1. for drawing support and resistance should we only look and draw it on the daily chart?
  2. Ok so I have trouble with my hot keys on the Montage. I am pretty new and in simulator. I have one button with Andrew's script at the top. When I click this sometimes it puts the stop order sometimes it doesn't and it only puts in the order. Also if I click on SELL 100% button which has the following script: CXL ALLSYMB; ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Bid-0.10;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; Nothing happens! I truly appreciate any help or if you can guide me with a link/document etc. Thank you!
  3. Hello! This is Leili From California. Started reading Andrew's book a couple of month ago and just started exploring DAS and the chat room. I am a business analytics University Professor and have been thinking of getting into day trading for a while! My plan is to trade in the simulator for about 4-5 months and then go live. My goal: becoming a successful day trader in 3 years Still getting familiar with DAS platform so still a long way to go!
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