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  1. Just checked and it's raining. Any ideas of it's going to be inside or outside?
  2. @Abiel how did you make your UerNotes show ATR? Mine displays the RVOL and I couldn't figure out how to change it. Thank you!
  3. Yes, I was watching his recent success webinar and heard him mention that. It's hard but it definitely gives you more confidence in trading.
  4. @hailchaser2 wow congratulation on changing around your trading. looks amazing. I do meditations here and there and I think I will add one before the trading as well. I made two changes today (based on Tiffany's recommendation) which I think helped me: 1- increase my risk to 20 2- hid my p&L I was down $60 today after 3 bad trades and then turned it around and ended the day green
  5. @peterB thanks Peter. It make me feel better that all this is normal and I am not alone. I read your post on journaling and will give it a try. The stats are very interesting and would be a great help. Thanks again
  6. Had my hulk day today. I am so embarrassed that I never though it could happen to me. I broke every rule. I went into trades with no stop loos and with big shares in hope of making up my loss. Here are some of the reasons that I think it happened to me: - My R is $10 and since I don't have the confidence to get in trades quick I tend to have a wide stop. So the most I get out of a trade is 2R - My daily max profit has been 2.5R compared to my SIM trades which were average of 5R. - I would get FOMO seeing everyone in chatroom hitting their daily goal in the first 10 minutes and I would be down R. (I know it's stupid but I am confessing here!) I will probably go back to SIM for a couple of days or not trade at all and just watch the stocks. I am a little discouraged and not sure what to you. Have a question from the experienced trades out there: How long did it take for your to become consistently profitable? @Brendon@peterB I know it's different for people but the reason that I am asking is I wan to give myself a timeline and be OK with the losses during this time. Also any ideas on how to analyze by trades to find my mistakes would be greatly appreciated. I journal everyday (except today because there was no point!)
  7. Thank you PeterB. I use IB for by borker. First week was really bad, I broke every rule in my playbook, over traded, revenge traded, etc. I think I got that out of my system. This week I am mainly focusing on my rules and only trading with there is a pattern and will not focus on my P&L. I am hoping that after a couple of days/week I will start getting more consistent winners. 5R daily would be amazing given my trading these days!!
  8. Hi BBT community, I am Leili and finished my first week of live trading. Ended the week red which is fine because live trading is nothing live simulator and I am learning new things every day. My R is $10 so the losers are not giving me heart attacks and the winners are not giving me much either! lol! so just working on my strategies I have a couple of questions that would appreciate if the BBT members could help me out. 1- I have Kyles' hot key buttons that would go into trade with a fixed risk. The problem is that when I decide to get into the trade it would take a couple of seconds and therefore I miss the good entry and the stop is not tight and I normally don't get to 2R reward. I was thinking of going in and then setting the stop loss after I am in the trade but going in without a hard stop freaks me out. Any suggestions? 2- What is a realistic daily goal? (based on R) I don't want to set a goal that is hard to achieve but I don't have any common sense! 3- Another thing that I am lacking is identifying my bias for a stock. How come one stock that has gaped up keeps loosing it from the open and another goes higher and higher?! Any resources and books that I can read to get a sense of the market? 4- I live in Stockton, CA. Any traders close by? Thank you and I appreciate you taking time and sharing your insight. Best, Leili
  9. Thanks Matthew! They are very useful. As a new trader I like to have a summary of all strategies in hand to review daily. These are perfect
  10. Any idea why the float is empty on my DAS? (I am in simulator) Thanks
  11. Hi all, The video is not available. Trying to learn how to add ATR to my DAS. Thanks!
  12. for drawing support and resistance should we only look and draw it on the daily chart?
  13. Ok so I have trouble with my hot keys on the Montage. I am pretty new and in simulator. I have one button with Andrew's script at the top. When I click this sometimes it puts the stop order sometimes it doesn't and it only puts in the order. Also if I click on SELL 100% button which has the following script: CXL ALLSYMB; ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Bid-0.10;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; Nothing happens! I truly appreciate any help or if you can guide me with a link/document etc. Thank you!
  14. Hello! This is Leili From California. Started reading Andrew's book a couple of month ago and just started exploring DAS and the chat room. I am a business analytics University Professor and have been thinking of getting into day trading for a while! My plan is to trade in the simulator for about 4-5 months and then go live. My goal: becoming a successful day trader in 3 years Still getting familiar with DAS platform so still a long way to go!
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